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Author - Warlordess

Notes - I wanted to try something different so here's a little one-shot series. All contributions are roughly five hundred words. So far, my intentions are only to write about and through the holiday season (Christmas and New Years). If people respond well to the series though, I may try to find other topics to continue adding a Pokeshipping flare to.

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Title - "Close Contact"

Summary - Ash's PoV. A moment between him and Misty at the Ketchum Christmas party is derailed.


"What," she asks but pauses in order to gulp down an anxious breath of oxygen that otherwise won't be dispelled, then continues, "are you doing, Ash?"

Still you lean in as if you can't hear her, but definitely not because you take pleasure in her discomfort. Oh, no, definitely not. That would be so childish of you. But there's a piece of your subconscious that's drinking in the state of her cheeks blotched red, her mouth slightly agape, and her eyes darting from your face to the one hand you have stretching out purposefully in her direction.

Your reach isn't quite long enough so you have to lean in, something that causes her to shrink back against the wall behind her in the semi-darkness of the Ketchum living room. The Christmas party your mom is hosting is in full swing, everyone's mingling or dancing or else taking full advantage of the refreshments table that Brock and Cilan had helped put together a few hours ago.

You too had been doing your fair share of just that until Misty'd come along and started bugging you. At first it was annoying hearing her go on about your monstrous appetite and how you were worse than any Snorlax she'd ever seen. But then you'd gotten distracted by the flush red mini-skirt she'd somehow decided was appropriate for the family gathering, red fabric draped down to her mid-thigh before fluffy white frilling took over.

You look her up and down a couple of times and the sight makes you somehow hungrier so you shove another two or three of your mom's homemade cookies into your mouth with a loud, obnoxious crunch.

It's when you look her top to bottom that you realize her frivolousness doesn't stop at the skirt. Much like you'd expect from any of Misty's outfits, the dress features a sleeveless design, and the neckline plunges towards her chest provocatively, more white fluffy trim starting at the apex of her chest and fluttering softly down towards her bare midriff. Honestly, the only decent thing about her entire outfit is the santa hat. Heck, even the knee-high black boots aren't helping much!

A few years ago, you wouldn't have noticed. A few years ago, you wouldn't have cared. Now you have to stare in curiosity and wonder what she must be thinking. It's mightily cold out there, after all, what with it being the end of December.

All the noise, endless chatter and cheesy music and Pikachu and some of the other Pokemon chanting their names to the tunes blaring through the stereo, fades away and you lean in and in and…

"I asked what you're doing, Mr. Pokemon Master!" Misty reminds you, warily eyeing that hand of yours that refuses to stop its tantalizing game.

Well, neither does she, you scoff, thinking about the outfit again. But you clear your throat and immediately find an excuse to make physical contact.

"Uh, it's your… your hat, Myst," you tell her. She blinks and you remove the small clump of lint you happened to notice last minute hanging from the ball at the end of her festive cap. You hold it up for her to see. As you do so, the sounds and visuals of the room all filter back into existence around you, the world unchanged by the intimate yet minuscule moment you've just shared with your best friend.

"That's all it was."

You turn and walk away without another word, though the hunger isn't yet satiated.


Notes - The next addition to this series will be Misty's PoV of the same moment, more or less. Look forward to it!