Blake's Mistake

By wildstraydog

Chapter One: The First Mistake

Hey guys, I present to you the first chapter for a longer series I have planned for awhile that will feature the pairing of Jaune and Blake. Don't expect them to get together so soon however, I plan on making this in character as possible (even within the circumstances of the story I suppose).

Don't expect any crazy character developments that come out of left field or nonsense cliffhangers that don't make sense like in my last story. RWBY belongs to Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth. Please Read and Review!

Blake was excited. Not the type of excited like when Nora messes with explosives, or when Ruby finds a large batch of chocolate chip cookies. No she was still calm, but excited. Why, because she just bought a new book that was supposed to be fantastic. It was by the author of Ninjas of Love, and she was sure to expect the same wild adventures and smutty romance.

She had a problem though. Blake couldn't find a peaceful location to sit down and enjoy the new novel. Her room was not an option at the moment, because Yang and Ruby were yelling at the TV as they watched some fight between two famous hunters. Blake could usually take much of her teammate's antics, but she really wanted to enjoy this book in all its glory.

The cafeteria was her next stop. Blake could handle the chatter of students, but what she couldn't take was the tirade of Nora with Ren and Pyrrha. She only caught snippets of the story, but it somehow involved giraffes and surfboarding. She never understood how one girl could contain so much excess energy.

Her last stop was the library, the one place she should have gone in the first place. Why didn't she think of this before, Blake thought? She found a nice comfortable table next to the mystery and science fiction section and sat down. The silence was golden. The other students were busy studying, or like her enjoying some leisure reading.

Today was a perfect day to read as well. Her team was busy, Weiss enjoying the day out with Neptune, and she knew they all deserved some needed break time after the incident in Vale city with the Grim. Even though not all of the bad guys were caught, Roman Torchwick was behind bars, and that was the most important thing.

It had only been a few minutes, but Blake had already blazed through the first chapter. She was hooked by the main character's personality and ability to solve problems. Turning the next page almost felt like a small amount of adrenaline was being pumped through her veins. She had to know what would happen next.

As they say though, great things never last forever. Blake heard a familiar moan behind her, and she gave a quick glance to see Jaune get shot down by another girl. His shoulders slouched and he lowered his head in defeat. Jaune made his way over to one of the empty tables and sat down, laying his head on the table in shame.

Now Blake had seen this many times before, but it was irritating to see him try so hard with that fake confidence and poor attempt at pickup lines. There was no reason to go over and help, Jaune needed to learn his lesson. Yet she couldn't concentrate on her book now, and a small speck of curiosity began to overwhelm her. Why did Jaune try so hard after failing so many times?

The mere thought of getting up and walking over to Jaune to help him out of his wallows did not sound appeasing at all. However Blake did-she stood up and slammed her book shut with an annoyed grunt and gave a loud mental sigh. She turned around and made small slow steps over to his table and sat across from Jaune. He looked up with a surprised look and began to mumble incoherent words.

While Blake already regretted her actions, she was unaware how big of a mistake it would be to approach Jaune later down the line. For now she stared at Jaune with an obvious look of annoyance and dissatisfaction.

"Uh...hi Blake, I-I didn't see you here."

"I saw you from the table over there, including the rejection from your latest attempt at asking another girl out." Jaune gave a blush of embarrassment and began to scratch the back of his head.

"Oh you saw that...yeah, she said there was no way," Jaune chuckled. It was obvious to Blake that Jaune was trying to diffuse the awkward silence by making fun of the situation. Another trait she found of Jaune that was lacking.

"Can I ask you something Jaune?" Blake couldn't believe she was doing this, but there was no turning back now she thought.

"Yeah s-sure," Jaune stuttered.

"Why do you try so hard? Is there a reason you keep on asking girls to go out with you? I mean it's nice to see that you have gotten over Weiss, but why the half-hearted attempts?" Blake was a little surprised that she bombarded him with so many questions, but perhaps it was time he faced the truth.

"Well..." Jaune just sat there for a few seconds in silence. His face was downcast by the lights in the library, and Blake was beginning to think she went too hard on the emotional knight.

"To be honest, I just want a chance you know? I mean, why doesn't a girl see in me something special, or just say yes and give me a try? Maybe your right...maybe I should just stop huh?"

Great, Blake thought. Now she felt horrible. The first time she sits down and actually talks to Jaune it results in her crushing what little self-confidence he had. This is why Blake never tried to interfere in people's business, because it always ended in disaster for her. She rubbed her forehead and began to remedy the situation.

"Don't be so hard on yourself Jaune I never said you should stop. But I do believe you could work on some of your issues with the female population," Blake explained, Jaune noticed her black bow twitch a little, just noticing for the first time. Jaune was surprised that Blake of all people approached him, but he wasn't going to complain.

The table was covered in silence again, both thinking of what they should say next. Blake was beginning to see why she never tried to talk with Jaune before. There was nothing to discuss, and she barely knew anything about the boy, other than he had seven sisters and could dance.

"It-it probably wouldn't hurt, but I have no idea who to ask for help with that," Jaune said with a hint of embarrassment, not expecting to talk to Blake about girls and dating. "I mean there's always Ren, or Neptune and Sun, but I don't know." Blake could only imagine the asinine things Sun or Neptune would try and teach him, and Ren was much more reserved.

Whatever it was that made Blake offer Jaune any form of help in his love life was beyond her. Still to this day Blake contemplated how less complicated everything in her life would have been. But she did, she gave a large sigh and spoke before she could properly think about what she was about to do for Jaune.

"So there is no one you can talk to about this?" Blake asked again. Jaune tried his best to think of any possible people that could assist, but came up empty, and shook his head with a slow nod.

"Not that I...know of."

"..." Blake scrunched her eyes and looked up.

"I'll tell you what Jaune...I'll let you take me out on a date...just one." Jaune said nothing for a moment, but his mouth was agape as Blake gave off a small blush, not from his reaction, but for asking him of all people on such a preposterous engagement.

"Say what now?"

"You heard me, but there will be conditions, and no one is to ever know we had this conversation. And you will not I repeat not tell anyone about this arrangement. Do we have an understanding?" Jaune shut his mouth and nodded in fear, Blake gave off a fierce aura when she spoke.

"I just can't believe you're doing this."

"Me neither," Blake whispered. In fact she was screaming at herself in her mind, about how much of an idiot she was to even get involved. Why in all the hells would she even propose such nonsense, it was not like her at all. She couldn't turn back now, it wouldn't make any sense, and she didn't need any misunderstandings.

"On this 'practice date', I want you to be yourself, don't try anything fancy or any pathetic pickup lines, show me why you think a girl should take you out, and I'll be happy to point out what needs fixing." Jaune just nodded his head again, afraid to speak out of place.

"The second condition is that you will not interpret this as anything else then me helping you. No offense Jaune but I'm not interested in you. I am doing this as a favor, understand?"

"Y-yeah, no problem Blake, and thanks," Jaune answered. Before Blake laid down the last condition she averted her eyes and mumbled quick thanks.

"My last condition is that you don't pull anything surprising. I am not the biggest fan of surprises. Just come in formal clothes, I won't be dressing up, this is only practice after all." Blake felt good about the rules she had given Jaune, she had to make sure there were absolutely no fake signals being given off.

"I appreciate this Blake-you never had to do this."

Blake was a little surprised by how calm Jaune was acting about all of this. "Its fine, I rather see you improve then continue to sulk around Beacon Academy." Jaune gave off a small chuckle at this.

"To be honest Blake...I never thought you liked me."

"And what made you think this?"

"Well, this is really the first time you've ever really talked to me. It's kind of funny how our first conversation turned out huh?" It was true that she never attempted to talk with Jaune, but not because she disliked him, but there was no reason to do so.

Blake had nothing in common with Jaune, and she was always busy with team RWBY to really talk with the members of JNPR. She had occasions where Pyrrha and she held some conversations, one of them about Jaune. She also learned a thing or two about Ren and Nora on accident during another trip to the library. Maybe the library wasn't the best place to escape to after all, Blake began to think.

"I never hated you Jaune, I just didn't I guess."

"Well it makes me happy that you decided to come over."

"Thanks...I guess." Blake picked up her book and decided she had enough Jaune time for one day. She really wanted to get back to her book and be absorbed into a world where she wasn't fixing other people's problems.

"Uh wait Blake, when do you want to go out?"

"Today is Wednesday, so we'll go on Friday after lunch. I believe your classes end that time as well correct?" Blake wasn't for sure, but she spotted him a couple of times in the cafeteria after his last class, lounging around.

"What do I tell the others so they don' know suspect something is going on," Jaune whispered, in case anyone was nearby. At least he was trying to be somewhat discreet Blake thought.

"I already have an excuse. Just make sure you have a credible story. Don't let them suspect you Jaune, I mean it." Jaune just wince at Blake's sudden mood change and nodded his head.

Blake exited the library and decided to try the roof. She was sure no one would be up there and she could enjoy her book finally. The roof was indeed clear, and the sky was bluer than usual. She felt a soft breeze against her cheeks and sat down against one of the walls. It didn't matter that it was hard cool concrete she was leaning against, Blake was just glad she could find a peaceful place to read.

Damn it, Blake began to think. That talk with Jaune was now preoccupying her mind. It was a big mistake to have approached him. Why couldn't she have just left him alone to moan in pity? None of that matter, she was helping him plain and simple, she just hoped that Jaune would take her word and not let anyone find out. As well as not make a big misunderstanding on how she felt.

For some reason she felt much better, her mind more clear. Maybe just admitting that she made a strange decision to help someone she barely knew eased her guilt. Blake had never done anything like this. She still couldn't believe she came up with such a bogus idea. A fake date, who was she kidding? It was the dumbest idea ever.

The Faunus in disguise slapped her cheeks and shook her head back and forth, and opened her book back up. She was on page 12, and she needed to ratify that. For the next hour Blake would remain in solace, breezing through chapter after chapter. All while in the back of her mind she thought about what a huge mistake this could all be. She would find out later how right she was.