Ladies, gentlemen, and children of all ages, I present to you my latest spark of insanity without due explanation (as I've said multiple times, I'm clearly insane), so here we go.

Summary: As the two incarnations clash for a final time, the Sage of Six Paths intervenes, sending Naruto and Kurama to a strange world where Chi is used to manipulate the elements instead of chakra is used for jutsu. What's more is that something strange has happened to Naruto, and neither he or Kurama can figure out why they were sent away in the first place. Can the pair return to their own world, or are they destined to remain in their new home with a feisty young woman that could roast, freeze, drown, or crush the blond if she lost her temper?

1: Republic City, Korra and Naruto's Recipe for Disaster pt.1

In his Tailed-Beast sage form, Naruto lept at the last Uchiha, two Rasenshuriken primed in his hands even as Sasuke came at him with an Amaterasu enhanced Chidori. Kurama's voice cautioned him, yet he couldn't hear the fox, as he was finally prepared to end it all between them. If hatred had been their beginning as Ashura and Indara, it would be their end as Naruto and Sasuke.

As the cloak faded away, leaving Naruto vulnerable, he was blinded by a massive white void appearing in front of him, and before he could stop himself, he was swallowed by it, as was Sasuke and everything around them.

Naruto landed on his feet, staggering slightly from exhaustion. Looking around him, he found himself still in the expanse of white. "What the hell?"

"Naruto?" A voice rumbled beside him.

The blond turned and found Kurama, much smaller than he usually was, about the size of a large dog, looking up at him in wonder, "Kurama? Where the heck did you come from?"

The fox shrugged his shoulders, "I haven't got a clue." He said truthfully, "The last thing I remember was being trapped in that blasted jutsu that bastard of an Uchiha used on the Tailed-Beasts. Then a bright flash of light, and here we are talking about it."

"Yeah," Naruto said nodding, "Same here. I was just about to clash with Sasuke, but that light swallowed me up...hang on, we're not dead, right?"

Kurama sighed with sweatdrop appearing on his head, "Don't be ridiculous. I'm a living entity of pure chakra. I can't die!"

Naruto stretched up and looked around once more, "Then how do you explain all this white? Kinda looks like that light at the end of the tunnel thing people always talk about, you know?"

"Sorta," Kurama nodded, slightly panicked, "But how did - "

Suddenly the white faded away, and the pair started to fall. Naruto yelled in panic, and clung to the fox, "Great, now what?!"

"How the hell should I know!?" Kurama yelled back, both screaming in fright as the plummeted, "Do something!"

"What do you want me to do?!" Naruto yelled, tears streaming from his eyes from the wind whipping by them, "I used up all the chakra Geezer Sage gave me!"

"Well then think of something!" Kurama howled, "I can't fly!"

Naruto thought for a moment as they fell, "I've got an idea!"

"Let's hear it!" Kurama said desperately.


"That's your plan?!" Kurama roared in frustration and started scratching at the blond's face, and suddenly the color returned to the world, and found themselves falling toward a lake surrounded by what looked like a park of some sort. Of course, to a falling person and animal, the last thing on their minds was the scenery.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh!" Both screamed as they splashed down into the lake, scaring bystanders, and lake dwelling...birds around them. Naruto came up sputtering, using his chakra to climb on top of the water while Kurama growled and swam towards the shore, shaking himself out, causing his fur to bush out, and giving him a rather fluffy appearance, though that effect was ruined by the snarl on his muzzle as he turned around to begin ringing out his nine tails.

"This has got to be the weirdest thing that's ever happened to us," Naruto grumbled as he stumbled onto the lake shore, plopping down on his rear. "What the hell's going on?"

"Hell if I know," Kurama snapped, finishing with his tails with a flick, "What I really want to know is why I'm fun-size instead of full-size!"

Naruto smirked at the irate fox, "Well, now that you mention that - "

"You start with any kind of cute and cuddly jokes," Kurama threatened with a snap of his teeth, "And so help me I'll bite off your fingers one by one!"

Naruto just snickered and fell flat on his back, still exhausted, "Take a joke once in a while, will ya?" He looked up at the sky. It was right around noon from the position of the sun. It was daybreak when Sasuke and I fought. He thought to himself. Wonder what happened to him? His thoughts were interrupted by a loud rumbling from both his, and Kurama's stomach.

"Man what I wouldn't give for some Ichiraku ramen right about now." Naruto sighed whistfully, clutching his stomach.

"I could eat a whole village right now," Kurama groaned, plopping down next to him.

For a while, silence reigned over them as they contemplated what to do. But both were having the same thoughts.



"I've got a really bad feeling about all this." Naruto sighed as he picked himself up, and started across the park in search of something for them to eat. Hopefully the currency they had would be good here. Where ever they were.

"You and me both," Kurama said and padded after him, drawing all eyes to the strange pair. Poodle-monkeys and pladapus-bears they were used to, and sometimes the odd wolf-bat, but a large fox with nine bushy tails? Unheard of.


"I've got a good feeling about this, Nagga," a young woman said to her mount, as she patted her side, "Get ready Republic City, the Avatar has arrived!"


Sometime later, after finding out that even his gold ryo coins were useless until he cashed them in for different currency, Naruto and Kurama were down on their luck and wandering around the city with empty bellies. Naruto eyed his fat frog wallet, saddened that none of the money was usable, "Man, we sure do have the worst luck, huh?"

"Maybe we can go back to that park and catch a few fish?" Kurama mumbled, though the tantalizing smells of food still made want run in and grab something. But stirring up trouble like that would most likely come back to bite them.

"Yeah, but we'd get in trouble if we did that," he'd noticed a lot of people dressed in what looked like metal armor sporting a badge over their left breast. Most likely the police force here. They didn't stand a chance against him, no, but he didn't want to cause unnecessary conflict. He was beginning to relive the vagabond days of his youth before the Third Hokage gave him his apartment.

"At least no one's staring at me," he mumbled remembering cold glares from the past.

Kurama huffed, "No surprise there, kid," he said watching as yet another odd creature passed them by, "With all the weird animals we've seen, a blond in rags and a fox shouldn't be all that interesting."

"Good point," Naruto said, watching the animal, what looked like a cross between an pig and a monkey, walk by with it's owner in tow. Another thing he noticed about this place was that no one seemed to be a ninja, or were even capable of using their chakra like he was. Sure, he could sense a certain Chi coming from some of them, but nothing like a ninja would have.

Suddenly, while he wasn't paying attention, a passerby knocked into him. Naruto was about to apologize to the man, but he felt his hand slip inside his jacket pocket. Naruto growled and gripped the offending appendage, glaring at the man. "Scram, or I'll break your arm!"

That did it, and the would-be thief turned tail and ran back down the street. Naruto sighed, "Not like it would have done any good. My money's no good here."

"We could always steal something?" Kurama suggested halfheartedly, though he knew the boy would never do so, "Or what if we go down to the docks and fish?"

"With what?" Naruto asked.

"You can still walk on water, right?"

Sighing resignation, he figured it was about the only chance for some food until he could do something about his situation. Like finding out where the hell he was!

"Come on, not again," grumbled an aged voice, "We've already paid you this month!"

Naruto, curious as to what was going on, turned the next corner and...well.

Three men were harassing an elder couple in front of a restaurant, each one in either red, blue or green clothing. The one in blue seemed to be the leader as he was strutting out in front, a cocky grin on his face, "Well, you see, the Triple Threats upped the rent as of this month, so you're a few thou short." He said, smirking as he held his hand out in a gimme-gimme gesture, "So we're gonna need you folks to fork it over."

The man he was talking to, just crossed his arms defiantly, "Well, you can forget it, ya bunch of rats, you've cleaned us out! We barely have enough to get by as it is!"

Naruto could feel a fight coming on when the three apparent gang members started cracking their knuckles. Kurama could see it as well, and he could see his former vessel starting to bristle. "Naruto, don't," the fox chided, "We may need food, but starting trouble just for a stranger - "

"I can't just sit back, Kurama," Naruto growled, and started forward. Kurama sighed, but followed after him. If a fight was about to break out, then he'd at least sink his teeth into some flesh.

"Hold it!" Naruto stopped. That was what he was going to say! He turned his attention to the speaker...and his jaw practically hit the ground. What the hell was she riding?!

"What in the name of the sage-?!" Kurama snapped as he took in the beast.

"No idea," Naruto said, watching the strange animal, and the girl. Now the girl was...well...she was a beauty.

She jumped down from her mount, which looked like a massive dog, and glared at the three. "I don't think you three should stick around here," she said with a smirk all her own, "You might get hurt."

The leader just smirked, "You obviously don't know who you're messin' with, girly!"

"Neither do you," the girl cracked her knuckles.

Naruto resigned himself to watch for a moment, then watched in surprise as the leader whipped out a blast of water.

"Was that a jutsu?" Naruto asked as he watched, "I didn't see any hand signs!"

"I couldn't sense any chakra!" Kurama growled as the girl twirled and sent the water right back at the man's face, turning it to ice, "What kind of place have we come to?!"

Naruto didn't answer as the man in red shot a bolt of flames at her.

"Okay, that's not so strange," Kurama said, "Even I can breathe fire."

"No chakra at all," Naruto noticed, "Not one flare!" While this was running through his head, the girl had blocked the flames and used her own against him, knocking him down, and then whipped him through a window.

Damn, she's good, the blond thought as he watched her. She was a martial artist for sure, as well as a...nature manipulator?

Then Naruto saw the last one running in, no apparent attack coming, but...

Naruto was moving like a bolt of lightning before he knew what was happening. In a moment he was right in front of the attack, a spiraling mass of chakra formed in his hand.

"Wh-what the - " the green clad attacker yelped.

"Attacking a lady from behind is considered rude," Naruto smirked before driving the weak Rasengan home in the man's stomach, and blasting him twenty feet away, the scoring marks evident on him. "Bull's eye." Naruto dusted his hands off.

"That was over kill," Kurama said, though he was smiling, "Nice work, brat."

"I'll say," the girl shouted, "What kind of bending was that?!" She was practically drooling. Naruto was a little weirded out by the sudden interest.

"'s not bending...whatever that is...that was a ninjutsu called Rasengan." Naruto explained, trying to stave off the girl. Though he didn't have to do so. As it happened, her mount/pet caught sight of Kurama, and took a great interest in the fox.

Kurama, however, did not share that interest. The moment the giant dog-beast started sniffing at him. "Don't even think about it!" The fox growled, but, as the dog advanced and Kurama tried to breathe out a small stream of fire, but only sent out a plume of smoke. "Uh-oh..." Kurama started to sweat visibly from the dog's close proximity, "I don't suppose you're a vegetarian?"


"I didn't think so...HELP!" Kurama took off like a shurriken, and the dog was right on his tails.

"Nagga, no!"

"Kurama, get back here!"




"I'm waiting to hear what happened," Lin Beifong said while tapping her foot, surveying the damage done to the street. Three Triple Threat triad men were in need of medical attention, one of them in serious condition thanks to internal bleeding from an odd wound on his midriff.

"Like I told your men," the old shop owner said, "A girl in a waterbending tribe outfit knocked the hell out of two of these guys that were harassing Qwan and Li, and a fellow with strange golden hair came out of nowhere and whammied the other one when he tried to take her from behind. He used some kind of bending I've never seen before. It was like a ball of pure energy he got hit with. And the girl, she was fire, and waterbending! I've never heard of anyone doing that unless they were the Avatar!"

Lin just groaned, "Just what I need. First the Equalists, now I have the Avatar, and an apparent energybender...someone get Tenzen from Air Temple Island!"

"Right away, Chief," her officer said.

"Did anyone see where these two went?" Lin asked the shopkeeper.

"They headed toward the center of town after that girl's polar bear-dog chased off that boy's...coyote-fox, I think it was."


"Away I say!" Kurama roared shrilly, "Get away!"

"Nagga, stop it!" The beast's owner yelled, "I'm sure he's friendly!"

Naruto nearly laughed at that, because for the longest time, he knew that the fox was the most unfriendly animal on the planet...his planet, anyway. "Kurama, stop running so we can catch up!"

"Not a chance!" Kurama yelled, "It's gonna eat me!"

"She just wants a cuddle!" Nagga's owner shouted, "Wait, I'm talking to a coyote-fox!"

"I'm not one of your damned hybrids!" Kurama yelled in indignation, "I am a pure-blooded nine-tailed fox!"

"He is," Naruto chuckled, "Name's Naruto Uzumaki, by the way."

The girl smiled at him as they rounded a corner and tried to catch up, "Korra. No other names."


"She won't eat you!" Korra called to the fox, "She's just playing!"

Kurama just roared in frustration and lept up off the ground and into an ally, bounding off the top of a trash can then up to a fire escape, finally out of the polar bear-dog's reach. Nagga crashed into the ally, baying at the fox like a treed raccoon. "Nya-nya, can't get me now, ya overgrown poodle!" Kurama taunted, waving his tails at the dog. "You're mother was a chihuahua!"

Nagga, seeming not to take the insults all that well, jumped up and slammed into the iron bars of the rails, knocking poor Kurama skyward. Naruto ran in and up the wall to catch the careening fox in his arms.

Korra only just managed to grab hold of Nagga's reins before the dog could go after the fox again. "Down, girl! Bad polar bear-dog!"

"Thank the saints," Kurama sighed from the safety of Naruto's arms, "I thought I was gonna be dinner!"

Naruto chuckled, "You'd probably just give her indigestion."

Korra grinned and looked up"N-Naruto...w-w-why are you standing on the wall?"

Naruto kept the grin on his face, turning it on her, "Like I said. I'm a ninja!"

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