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Fallen Star


by Neon Tiger (Mouko) and Yuki Ryu




Seto grunted as he slowly brushed his teeth, glaring irritably at his reflection in the mirror. He was wearing a soft, silk button up gray shirt with black boxers. The shirt was only half done, ending just above his stomach so that the bandages could be seen. He had changed them, just as Yami had wanted, but he had to admit his injuries felt much better with medicine and clean bandages on them.

The brunette flinched as he continued to brush his teeth, his eyes narrowing. He had no idea how to take what had happened, what he saw in his memories, or the Reaper of Cards itself. Was it all a huge hallucination or perhaps a very elaborate plot, just like the one the Big Five had concocted? But then, how could it have happened in his house?

He had dismissed all of the servants after the entire Pegasus ordeal, keeping only those who he was absolutely certain had loyalty to him and no one else. All of the security systems had been made automatic, with only him or Mokuba possessing the knowledge of the password. No one could have gotten in to set up any virtual reality systems!

Could it have really happened? And, in that regard, had he really existed in the past?

Seto shivered and shook his head violently. No, he couldn't have. If he had...

Then his visions would be true.

The young CEO closed his eyes as he pondered that. The Seto he had seen in those images was weak and pathetic; a high priest used him like a puppy dog, doing as he was told regardless of what happened to him. And he had paid a very high price for it.

Seto opened his eyes again and glared at his reflection. Everything about those visions upset him; his past self humiliated him completely with his behavior, even though he had eventually gained a sliver of a backbone once that 'Heishin' was out of the way.

"I shouldn't think like this... it can't be real." Seto thought, then shivered and resumed brushing his teeth, realizing he had stopped to think. If that were his past self, though it couldn't possibly be true, as magic did NOT exist, that would also mean that he and the Pharaoh...

He and Yami...

Seto swallowed hard, then sputtered as he accidentally swallowed toothpaste. The brunette bent over the sink, spitting out the toothpaste and gagging before filling up a small cup with water and gargling it to remove the hideous taste.

The young CEO looked back up and wiped at his mouth, narrowing his eyes once more. "It doesn't matter," he thought. "It's not true... none of it is true. It's just more mind games. Just a sick mind game."

With that decided, Seto turned and stormed out of the bathroom to enter his bedroom. With a sigh, he stretched lazily and walked towards his large, comfortable looking bed.

The CEO paused to look down at his bed, and then peered around suspiciously. Slowly, he knelt down and lifted up the blanket so he could look under the bed. Immediately realizing what he had done, Seto released the blanket with a yelp and scowled.

"Don't be a fool!" he hissed, to himself. "Nonsense... utter nonsense."

The brunette slowly climbed in to his bed, lifting the covers so that his lithe form could slip underneath, and then settled down. He stared at the ceiling as he lay there, watching the shadows with an almost casual interest that belied his unwanted thoughts.

"I'll... have the mansion searched in the morning," he thought after a moment, nodding slightly. "Just to make sure there aren't any projectors hidden anywhere."

Suddenly there came a knock at the door, the soft sound interrupting the CEO's thoughts, as the quiet of the room made the noise even louder.

"Ah? Come in." Seto sat up, blinking slowly as he peered at the door.

The door opened a crack, allowing a certain young boy with long wild black hair to peer inside, unusually hesitant. Mokuba paused for a moment before stepping inside, fidgeting slightly. He was wearing a pair of white pajamas with a Blue-Eyes White Dragon print, the overall affect making him look very adorable. "I hope I'm not disturbing you, Niisama..." he said timidly, one hand still on the door in case his big brother wanted him to leave.

"Of course not, Mokuba," Seto smiled slightly as he moved to sit on the edge of his bed. "Is something wrong?"

Mokuba hesitated a moment before he shook his head. "It's nothing, Niisama," he said softly. "I just... I wanted to make sure that you were okay... I mean..." he trailed off, reluctant to bring up what happened earlier.

Seto looked at Mokuba before patting the bed next to him: an open invitation for the younger Kaiba.

Mokuba recognized the invitation immediately, and closed the door before eagerly moving to accept it, shuffling over to the bed so he could sit down next to his brother.

Seto moved to wrap an arm around Mokuba, a display of affection that he showed only when the two were alone, before smiling slightly. "It's been a rough day."

"Uh huh," Mokuba nodded as he leaned into his brother and then wrapped his arms around Seto's waist to hug him tightly.

"I suppose, if you're feeling uncomfortable, you could stay in my room for the night," Seto said, though it was painfully obvious in his tone that it was for more his benefit than Mokuba's.

Mokuba noticed the tone, but acted as if he hadn't, instead smiling brightly as he hugged Seto even more fiercely. "Thank you, Niisama," he said, his voice slightly muffled due to how his face was buried in his brother's chest.

Seto nodded, stroking Mokuba's hair gently, before he made to lie down in bed. He pulled Mokuba with him and tucked them both in with his blanket, grunting, before he got comfortable and went still.

Mokuba snuggled close to Seto, getting comfortable as well, as he enjoyed being with his big brother. "Niisama..." he mumbled and closed his eyes.

Seto sighed, resting his head on his arm as the other hand gently stroked Mokuba's hair, very assuring. He enjoyed his brother's closeness, reminding him where he was and who he was. More importantly, it made the shadows seem far less intimidating.

Mokuba sighed as he enjoyed his brother's warmth and the soothing fingers running through his hair. He always felt better when he was with Seto, no matter what the circumstance. However lingering dark thoughts and worries gnawed at him, causing him to open his eyes. "Niisama..." he began hesitantly, his voice soft. "Are you... sure you're completely alright now?"

"Hmm?" Seto peered down at Mokuba. He was, in fact, not all right; however, he wouldn't bother Mokuba with such worries. "... I'm well enough. A bit exhausted, but that's to be expected."

Mokuba glanced at the bandages on his brother's stomach before he nodded. "If you say so, Niisama," he said as he closed his eyes again. He had a feeling that Seto wasn't being completely honest with him; he always had a feeling about when his brother was hiding something from him, but he wouldn't press the issue and possibly upset his big brother.

"How about you?" Seto asked at length, still stroking Mokuba's hair.

Mokuba paused, finding himself unable to think of anything to say right away. In all honestly he had been very badly shaken up by what happened earlier. Between how bad off Seto had been the past few days, including even before the Reaper incident when his brother had been horribly terrified by something he never explained, and then Seto being taken by the Reaper to be undoubtedly tortured in the dark, how could he not be troubled? What was happening to his Niisama? Had it been building to what happened with the Reaper earlier and it was done now, or was there going to be more for them to worry about ahead? What if it was even worse next time, and Seto...?

Seto blinked as Mokuba hesitated, still stroking the boy's hair gently.

Mokuba shook his head slightly, to dispel those thoughts and his brother's worry. No, it was best if he didn't bother Seto with his worry. If Seto didn't think he needed to know, then he didn't need to know.

Just like the photos...

With a soft sigh Mokuba buried his face deeper into his brother's chest. "I'm tired...," he mumbled. Truthfully he did feel tired, although more emotionally than physically.

"Mmm, so am I." Seto muttered, his eyes closing. "Very tired."

"Mmm hmm...," Mokuba sighed softly. What could he do aside from try and not think about it? If he pressed the subject, even if it was because he was scared to death something was wrong with Seto that he seemed helpless to stop, all it would do would just upset his older brother. And he didn't even want to think about what had happened while in the shadows with the Reaper. Even now he could still vividly remember just how he felt... so horribly empty... as if the shadows had tried to steal every part of him... and...

Seto ran his fingers through Mokuba's hair, sighing softly. He wasn't sure what to say or even think, his mind one big torrent of nonsense and emotions that he could barely think of anything else.

A tremor went through the younger boy's body, causing him to notice how his eyes were starting to sting. "Stupid!" he thought angrily as he tried to hide how he was feeling from Seto, lowering his head so that his face wasn't touching his brother anymore, lest any moisture was felt. He shouldn't be thinking about that, even if it was one of the most terrifying things he had ever been through. The Reaper undoubtedly did things that were much, much worse to Seto. He had to be strong for his brother and not upset him. Seto suffered through so much for him... it was only fair that he do the same.

"Mokuba?" Seto asked, his voice concerned. "Is something wrong?"

Mokuba shook his head, trying to calm himself while feeling upset that he was upsetting his brother. "It's nothing, Niisama...," he said quietly, trying to keep his voice from cracking. He couldn't help but feel ashamed as he kept his face hidden. Why couldn't he stop crying? Why couldn't he be as strong as his big brother?

Why did he always seem to sacrifice Seto's happiness for the sake of his own?

"Mokuba, look at me." Seto moved his hand to touch his brother's cheek.

Mokuba's breath caught in his throat at that, his eyes widening slightly. Another tremor ran up his spine as he could feel his brother's hand on his cheek, and he knew that there was no way Seto wouldn't feel the tears there. With a thick swallow, he tried to calm himself, and reluctantly looked up, trying desperately to hide how ashamed he felt at his own weakness.

Seto's expression was soft and tender, his hand gently touching Mokuba's cheek. "If there's something wrong, you can tell me."

Mokuba looked at his brother's face, so gentle and loving. Even after everything that happened, all Seto could think about was how his little brother was feeling.

More tears welled up in the young boy's eyes as his heart ached painfully. How could he keep being such a burden for Seto? How could he dare to keep being so selfish?

A sob escaped Mokuba before he could stop it. "I'm sorry!" he cried. "I'M SORRY!"

Seto's eyes widened slightly. "Sorry? Sorry for what?"

Mokuba couldn't take it anymore. All he did was ruin Seto's life; his brother made so many sacrifices, too many to count, and all for him. And he couldn't do ANYTHING in return except be a worthless little crybaby.

"I'M SORRY!" he practically bawled as he shoved himself away from Seto and fumbled to his feet off the bed. He had to get away. He didn't deserve to be with someone as wonderful as his brother when he was so insignificant and greedy, like a parasite.

Mokuba didn't get far.

Seto snatched Mokuba's arm and tugged him back, pulling him into a tight (but gentle) hug. He sat up, Mokuba haphazardly in his lap, and kept his arms wrapped firmly around his younger brother.

A yelp that broke off in a hiccup escaped the younger Kaiba's throat as Seto stopping him from leaving startled him. More tears came, unable to be stopped, and Mokuba couldn't help but struggle to get away, albeit weakly. "I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY!" he wailed. He shouldn't be anywhere near Seto, and yet he couldn't even find the strength to run away.

"I don't know what you're apologizing for...," Seto muttered, his grip still firm. "But don't. You have nothing to be sorry over."

Another sob escaped Mokuba before he went limp, surrendering to his brother's hold, as he knew that he didn't have the strength or willpower to escape Seto's arms. "Ni-Niisama..." he whimpered, his voice shaking as much as the rest of his body was. "I... I..." He tried to say something, tried to protest that he didn't deserve to be Seto's brother, but all that came out was another heart-wrenching sob.

"Mokuba," Seto tightened his grip, pressing his cheek to Mokuba's forehead. "I don't know what prompted this outburst, but I want you to remember one thing. You are very important to me."

Mokuba's jaw quivered as he bit his lip, and forced himself to speak. "I..." he began, but his words were choked off by emotion. A more violent shudder went through his body as he forced himself to speak in spite of the state he was in. "... I know that... I... I've always..." Again his voice failed him, just reinforcing how weak he truly was. Viciously he tried to get rid of his tears by wiping them off on his sleeves, angry with himself, but still more came to replace them.

"Then nothing else matters, does it?" Seto quirked a smile. "As long as we have each other, the world around us can go to hell."

"Nii... Niisama..." Mokuba whimpered. He couldn't help himself as he lunged to grab his brother in a tight hug as he buried his face in his brother's chest and cried out all of his frustration, sorrow, and self-loathing.

Seto said nothing, still holding Mokuba tight, and started to rock his little brother as he let him sob out his pent-up stress.

The Kaiba brothers remained that way for a good while, neither speaking as the younger cried and the older comforted him with unwavering support and understanding. After a while Mokuba's sobs finally died down as he exhausted himself and ran out of tears. He remained quiet, however, save for an occasional hiccup and sniffle, as he held onto Seto for dear life.

Seto continued to rock Mokuba, even after his tears stopped. He didn't know what had caused the outburst, but it didn't really matter. Though, he would have liked to know who put such thoughts in Mokuba's head so he could make them regret it.

"Niisama..." Mokuba finally said, his voice quiet and wavering. He sniffled and wiped his nose off on his sleeve, his gaze aimed downward. "I... I'm sorry..."

"I told you. There's nothing to apologize for," Seto murmured, his voice soft and soothing.

"Yes there is...," Mokuba whimpered, still so ashamed. "I... Niisama... you... you keep making... all these sacrifices... all for my sake... and I...," He paused to swallow thickly, his red eyes stinging despite the fact that he couldn't cry anymore. "I... I just... I'm just... I can't..." He couldn't even put into words just how worthless he was, or how much he didn't deserve Seto to be his brother.

Seto blinked at that, then shook his head. "Mokuba, enough. I know you'd do anything for me in a heartbeat... just because you haven't had a chance doesn't mean you wouldn't if given the opportunity. I know that and you know that."

"But that's just it!" Mokuba wailed as he covered his face with his hands. "I CAN'T! I can never do ANYTHING to make it up to you, Niisama! Everything that's happened... there's something really wrong going on... and I can't help you! No matter how hard I try I can't do anything for you, Niisama!"

"You can be there for me." Seto's voice sounded rather choked despite his attempt to sound casual.

Mokuba blinked slowly as he noticed how Seto's voice sounded in spite of his emotional state. He closed his eyes again, feeling just terrible. There was no doubt now that he had upset his brother with his outburst. "I'm sorry..." he repeated, his voice soft and ashamed despite how he tried to hide it. "I didn't mean to upset you, Niisama... Not after everything you've been through..."

Seto furrowed his eyebrows, and then sighed heavily. "Don't apologize. I'm not made of glass... I've been through a lot worse than this and survived."

Mokuba nodded, opening his eyes a little, but didn't look up at his brother. "I know, Niisama... You're always so strong... stronger than anyone else in the world..."

"Hm, I wouldn't say that," Seto chuckled quietly. "But I've got a great support base."

Mokuba blinked at that and knew immediately that Seto was talking about him. A small giggled escaped him, in spite of himself, although it ended in a hiccup. He rested his cheek against Seto's chest and closed his eyes again. "Niisama, you're the greatest person in the world..."

"Behind every great person is someone helping them to be great." Seto replied, smirking.

Mokuba went silent at that for a bit. Even if his brother said that and meant it, he just couldn't quite believe it. What did he ever do that was of any help to his big brother? He would try and try, but in the end the most he could do was just be a cheerleader. "Niisama..." was all he could think to say.

"... You might not think it's much," Seto said, slowly and quietly. "But if I didn't have you there, ready to greet me whenever I get home from school or work... and ready to support me... then I don't think I'd be alive, let alone great."

"Eh?" Mokuba gasped, unable to help but look up at his brother with wide eyes, shocked by such a statement.

Seto simply looked at Mokuba, his expression serious.

"You... you can't mean that... Niisama...," Mokuba whispered softly, his voice wavering, as he was unable to look away from his brother's eyes. "You can do so much... all on your own... Even when we were little... when dad died... I... I couldn't do anything... and you did so much... for me..." His eyes welled up with moisture, as it seemed that his tears weren't all quite gone as he had thought.

"Do I look like I didn't mean it?" Seto quirked an eyebrow.

"N-no," Mokuba whimpered as he shook his head slightly. "But... you... you always make sacrifices for me... even ones that you won't tell me about... You always make sure that I'm happy... even when you're miserable..." He couldn't stop his lower lip from quivering slightly, or the tears that spilled from his eyes. Worst of all he was still unable to look away and hide them, or just trust his big brother's words like he always did.

"Do I look like I'd lie about something like that?" Seto tilted his head.

Mokuba finally closed his eyes and shook his head. "N-no... but...," He paused then opened his eyes to look at Seto, his voice dropping to a bear whisper. "I know about the photos..."

Seto's eyes widened slightly before he looked away. His face turned red as his stomach churned; there was no doubt in his mind which photos Mokuba meant. "... How?"

Seto's reaction only removed all doubt in Mokuba's mind, causing the young boy's chest to ache. He hadn't wanted to remind Seto about such an awful thing, but he did it anyway. How selfish could he be? "... The Reaper..." he whispered at last, knowing that he owed his brother the truth at least. "He showed them to me... and showed me... that Gozaburo blackmailed you...," his voice dropped down low, "... using me to force you."

"... So that's what happened," Seto muttered, then turned to look at Mokuba despite how much he wanted to curl up and die. "What did you think?"

Mokuba blinked at that, at first not sure what his brother meant, until he realized that Seto was referring to the photos. He sniffled; trying to hold back a sob, then fiercely hugged his big brother once again. "I think you're the absolute greatest person in the world! You don't deserve all the bad stuff that happened to you!" A soft sob escaped him, and he couldn't stop his next words despite how he tried. "...And I don't deserve a big brother as wonderful as you, Niisama..."

"Don't say that," Seto grunted as he held Mokuba. "Don't ever doubt how much I care about you. I don't care what that 'Reaper' said... everything I've done, I've done so you could be happy. Because you deserve to be happy. Remember that."

Mokuba nodded, trembling slightly. "I... I've never once doubted how much you love me, Niisama," he insisted, trying to make his voice stronger, to prove that he was speaking the truth. "Not even when the Reaper... no matter what the Reaper said... or what anyone said... I've never EVER doubted it! And I never will!"

"Good," Seto nodded sharply, then sighed and flopped down against the bed. "... The mansion isn't empty when you're here."

Mokuba blinked as he and Seto flopped back down onto the bed with him on top, then sighed softly and closed his eyes. "Niisama...," he whispered softly. "I love you, Niisama... more than anyone else in the world... No one will ever make me stop."

Seto nodded slowly as he reached up to play with Mokuba's hair idly. "I... feel the same way about you. Even if I can't say it when I want to."

Mokuba nodded as he snuggled up closely to his big brother. "I know, Niisama... I know."

Seto smiled softly as he closed his eyes again, sighing. He felt incredibly tired, emotionally and physically. He simply didn't have the energy to get up again. "... Perhaps we should declare tomorrow a Kaiba Brothers holiday."

Mokuba blinked at that, and couldn't help but smile as he wiped away the trails of tears on his cheeks. "Yeah... We could both stay home, skip school and work, and just do stuff together like we used to, ne, Niisama?" he asked, unable to help but feel better thanks to Seto, even if it had taken a while.

"Do we want pizza like last time or do you want something different?" Seto asked, his voice sounding rather groggy.

"Whatever you want is fine with me, Niisama," Mokuba yawned, feeling about ready to fall asleep now that his crying and Seto had managed to release a lot of his tension and stress.

"And some ice cream'd be nice," Seto mused, his voice growing softer and softer as his eyes grew clouded. "Though don't eat as much as last time... you'll get sick again."

"I won't, Niisama," Mokuba yawned again as his eyes fluttered closed. He felt so warm, inside and out, as well as comfortable lying on top of his big brother, that sleep was inevitable.

Seto simply mumbled a response, reaching to grab the blanket and tug it up over them before he flicked off the light.

Mokuba blinked his eyes open blurrily at the actions, but somehow the darkness didn't stir up the fear that it had earlier, not with Seto with him. He also noticed that his brother wasn't as tense as he had been previously. A sigh escaped the younger Kaiba, both of relief and contentment. He could believe his big brother's words now for certain. No matter what his fears were, and no matter what happened, so long as they were together everything was all right.

"I love you, Niisama," Mokuba whispered lovingly as he closed his eyes and snuggled as closely to Seto as possible.

Seto smiled softly, his hand slowly stroking Mokuba's hair as he slowly drifted asleep, the troubles of the day drifting away into the darkness.

"I love you too..."


Yugi sighed as he all but fell onto his bed, idly casting a bleary glance at the alarm clock near his bed that informed him that it wouldn't be too long before sunrise came. "It's been a long night..." he mumbled, his voice muffled as his face was buried into the pillow. "I don't know how I'll be able to get up for school in..." He eyed his alarm again and let out a soft groan. "A couple hours."

"Indeed," Yami nodded as the image of his spirit appeared to sit at the end of the edge of the bed next to Yugi. "Perhaps you should skip school today."

"I shouldn't," the young boy muttered half-heartedly. "I mean... I've already been absent for a while for the tournament at Duelist Kingdom."

"Perhaps, but you should at least consider it should you not feel well later," Yami suggested, somewhat distracted by the thoughts of what occurred earlier.

"Maybe..." Yugi muttered, fumbling for the blanket before tucking himself in. After a few moments he noticed his dark looking off into the distance with a brooding look. He shifted to better look at his friend. "Yami?"

"Yes?" Yami still looked off into the distance.

"Are you thinking about Seto?" Yugi asked, curious despite fatigue.

"Yes, actually," Yami nodded as he glanced at his light.

"Do you think that Kaiba is Seto now after what happened tonight?" Yugi couldn't help but ask.

Yami didn't answer right away. "... I don't know," he admitted after a while.

Yugi blinked, noting the mood his dark was in. "Yami?"

"I don't know..." Yami couldn't help but sigh deeply. "It could have been a hallucination... or even an elaborate virtual reality simulation."

Yugi quirked an eyebrow, his expression dubious.

"... I more believe than disbelieve, if that's what you're thinking," Yami eyed his hikari. "But..."

"... But you don't want to get your hopes up." Yugi finished.

Yami simply nodded.

An uncomfortable silence reigned for a while as Yami sat silently, brooding. Yugi desperately tried to fight the fatigue that threatened to take him off to sleep, as he still felt like he should say something to comfort the ancient spirit.

"... I'm glad everyone made it through okay tonight..." Yugi muttered, unable to think of anything more than to change the topic. Perhaps he could lead it to something that would get his dark's mind off of Seto and the memories.

Yami nodded, his expression shifting so that it was hard, if a little distant still. "The others were lucky that the Reaper didn't harm them," he commented seriously. "Very lucky."

"Yeah... it scared me when the others were taken by the Reaper..." Yugi whispered softly as a far-off look came to his eyes.

"Especially when Anzu was taken, right?" Yami asked, almost casually.

"Yeah, especially when Anzu..." Yugi blinked repeatedly and blushed deeply. "Uh... well... I mean... I was worried about everyone... it's just I... well...!" he stammered, embarrassed.

"Relax, Yugi, I didn't mean to make it sound as if she were the only one you cared for," Yami chuckled quietly. "My point was that she is the one that you care the most for."

Yugi blushed deeply, but was too embarrassed to reply.

"There's no need to be embarrassed, Yugi," Yami smiled at his light. "It's perfectly natural to be most worried about the one you love."

Yugi blushed all the more, not yet having been able to admit that to himself, let alone to anyone else.

"How long have you known Anzu?" Yami asked, deciding to change tactics slightly.

"Since we were kids..." Yugi muttered, his cheeks still pinked.

"And how long have you had these feelings for her?" Yami kept his tone deceptively casual.

Yugi squeaked a little and started to fidget. If anyone else had asked him about that he would have been overwhelmed and started stammering out denials, but the ancient spirit knew him all too well. "... U-um... s-since... since we... first met..." He couldn't help but blush even more because of his confession.

"Don't you think it's about time you let her know how you feel?" Yami tilted his head slightly.

"Uh... um... well... I..." Yugi stammered as he poked his fingers together.

"You know... you really should tell her how you feel about her... before you lose her for good," Yami said seriously, a slightly melancholy look appearing in his expression.

"... Yeah... I guess you're right..." Yugi said slowly as he vividly remembered the claws that dragged Anzu into darkness.

"Perhaps you should at least talk with her about it," Yami suggested, a thoughtful expression on his face, which hinted to his light that he was thinking about Seto again.

"I... I guess..." Yugi shifted slightly. "But I... I'm not sure what to tell her... or even how to do it or when."

"Well, I think you should follow your heart and do as it guides you," Yami said. "You'll know when the time is right to make your move."

"I guess you're right..." Yugi muttered, tilting his head slightly to look at Yami.

"Think of it as dueling...," Yami closed his eyes. "You must plan your method of attack... then strike when the moment is right, using magic cards such as flowers or candy to aid you. You will overwhelm all opposition, be it animal or human... physical or emotional."

"I never thought of it like that before..." Yugi blinked slowly.

The two lapsed into silence again, albeit a more comfortable one than before, as Yugi thought about the spirit's words and Yami gazed off into the distance thoughtfully.

After a while Yami turned to Yugi, wanting to give him another piece of advice he had thought of, but the words died before they were voiced as he noticed that his light had fallen fast asleep, too tied to remain awake any longer after the night's rigorous activities.

Yami decided to save his thoughts for another time as he smiled wistfully at the slumbering boy. He couldn't help but feel as if Yugi was a younger brother to him, one that he had to protect and help in any way possible.

The ancient Pharaoh wondered if perhaps it was better if he didn't try to remember, and just concentrated on his life now with Yugi and their friends.

However, a small part of him refused to just let the past, or Seto, go.



"Mmm... Are you comfortable like this...?"

Seto lifted his head as he opened his eyes. He was underneath a blanket with Yami, snuggling against him as they lay in the Pharaoh's personal garden under the stars. The night sky twinkled brilliantly, speckled with miniature diamonds. "Yes, my Pharaoh..."

"I'm glad..." Yami sighed softly, a content smile on his face. Beneath the blanket his arms lay resting upon his lover's waist, holding the young priest close. He then leaned over slightly to whisper in Seto's ear. "... I treasure these moments we spend together more than any other..."

"Mmmn," Seto closed his eyes again as he rested his head against Yami's shoulder, sighing. Around his neck, tingling quietly, was a beautiful golden amulet with a beautiful blue diamond and two fire opal feathers, which nestled pleasantly against his chest. The young priest slipped one hand up to hold the diamond almost possessively as he sighed again, completely at peace.

Yami chuckled softly as he observed the action. "I'm also glad to see that you enjoy your gift so much," he smiled before he kissed his lover's cheek softly.

"Yes," Seto opened his eyes to look at Yami, the twin blue orbs shimmering just as brightly as the diamond in his hand. "... I..."

Yami gazed lovingly into those brilliant spheres of blue, and slipped a finger up to place lightly onto Seto's lips, gently shushing his lover. "You don't have to thank me again," he said tenderly. "You've done that enough. Just enjoy it and all of my love..."

Seto's eyes softened slightly as he looked at Yami, then lightly kissed the finger covering his lips.

Yami smiled once again and eagerly replaced that finger with his own lips.

Seto moaned softly as he kissed Yami, moving closer as his fingers clutched the diamond ever tighter. He couldn't begin to describe how much Yami meant to him. He didn't feel smothered or constricted anymore, able to be himself as his true personality was allowed to flourish; for the first time, he almost felt whole. Almost...

"Seto... I love you... more than I could ever express...," Yami whispered tenderly once the kiss ended.

"... Is that so?" Seto quirked a smirk, teasingly. "... Well, you're certainly doing a good job of it anyway..."

"I try," Yami chuckled softly.

"Mnn," Seto blinked slowly before narrowing his eyes, his smirk widening. "... Would it be selfish of me to ask you to try again?"

"Not at all," Yami answered with a grin. He then leaned in to capture Seto's lips with his own once again.

"Mmmmn...," Seto purred as he pressed closer still, then flinched as the diamond poked him slightly due to his intense grip. "Ooops..."

"Are you okay?" Yami asked, instantly concerned because of the kiss being so suddenly broken.

"Heh...," Seto grinned sheepishly. "I poked myself on the diamond..." To show what he meant, Seto released his grip to display the palm of his hand, where a small cut dripped blood.

Yami frowned, concerned, as he gently held his lover by the wrist of his injured hand. "You cut yourself too...," he pointed out quietly. "Please be more careful next time..." With that he kissed at the cut, gently cleaning the wound with soft licks.

Seto watched, quietly, then sighed and glanced skyward. "... I suppose it's ironic... something beautiful can hurt you just as easily as anything else... it's probably safer to view them from afar, like the stars."

"... Seto...," Yami whispered before he wrapped his arms back around Seto's waist and pulled his lover a little closer.

Seto glanced at Yami. "I wonder what'd happen if a star came to Egypt."

Yami looked at Seto before glancing up at the sky, a smile playing on his lips. "One already has," he answered.

"Eh?" Seto looked at the sky, blinking. "Where?"

Streaking across the sky at that moment was a beautiful shooting star, leaving a brilliant glittering trail behind it for a few moments before it disappeared.

"Oh!" Seto's eyes widened. "Beautiful!"

"Yes... but I meant one even more wonderful...," Yami whispered in Seto's ear as he held his lover close. "The one I'm holding right here in my arms... My Fallen Star..."

"Ah?" Seto's eyes widened as he glanced at Yami. "What...?"

Yami smiled tenderly at Seto. "To me it feels as if the Gods made you fall from the heavens just for me...," he whispered before he pressed a loving kiss onto his lover's lips.

Seto 'mwerf'ed in response before melting into the kiss, his hands moving to touch Yami's shoulders gently.

Yami's grin turned a bit mischievous once the kiss had ended. "Allow me to show my appreciation...," he whispered sensually.

"Ah...!" Seto's cheeks tinted as he gasped for breath, staring at Yami with wide eyes. His eyes narrowed slightly before he leaned close to touch his lover's cheeks gently. "My Pharaoh... would you... say you love me again? I... it makes me feel so good to hear that..."

"I love you, Seto," Yami responded tenderly as he softly rubbed the young priest's back. "And I'll tell you that I love you however many times you want me to... and more... forever..."

"Mmmm," Seto purred as he nuzzled Yami, softly. "I like that... especially since you mean it..."

"Of course I mean it," Yami mumbled in Seto's ear before kissing him there. "I love you with all my heart and soul..."

"... And I love you," Seto flushed brightly, shivering as he pressed against Yami. "... Heart, soul, and body..."

Yami smiled at Seto before moving to pin his lover to the ground.

There were no more words after that, only the sounds of love. Up in the sky the stars were the only ones to bear silent witness to the acts of the Pharaoh and his Fallen Star as they expressed their love to each other. A love that would last for all eternity.