Chapter 1

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Beep...Beep...Beep! What is that infernal racket; suddenly I remembered my alarm clock and smacked it with my hand. I groaned. Today was my first day as a senior, the summer had been a blast, but I wasn't ready to go back to school yet. I could feel myself slowly drifting back to sleep when there was a loud knock on my door. I grumbled throwing my extra pillow at the door hoping whoever it was would get the message and go away.

"CLARISSA ADELE MORGENSTERN OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW OR I'LL RIP THIS MAZE RUNNER POSTER OF YOUR DOOR." I lunged out of my bed, hopped over the mess on my floor and threw open my door just to find my brother Jonathan with a very smug look on his face. He dragged a hand through his white blonde hair and looked at me still smirking. He had the most peculiar eyes; they were so dark that they were almost black.

"Breakfast is ready, go take a shower and get downstairs before I eat all your waffles. For every second you're late I'll steal one." He winked and sauntered off.

I groaned because I knew Jon wasn't bluffing. I grabbed my towel and ran into my ensuite bathroom and stripped before standing under the hot water and scrubbing myself clean. I wrapped my towel around my body and walked out of the bathroom and opened my large, white closet in the corner of my room

I soon decided on blue jean shorts with tights and one Simon's old T-Shirt that had the words 'MADE IN BROOKLYN' printed onto it. I finished off my look with grey ankle boots. I looked in my mirror to comb my red curly hair. I had changed a lot over the summer, my hair was less of a bird's nest and had settled into natural flowing curls, my curves were more defined than before, my freckles now complimented my face and my big round emerald eyes had gone from a dull green to a slightly brighter one. The only thing that had stayed the same was my height. I was still just 5f 1".

When I was pleased with my look I jogged downstairs to find Jon sitting at the table. He looked at me with an annoyed look on his face and prepared myself for what was coming next.

"Clare, aren't your shorts a know…short?" He questioned.

"Seriously Jon, it's my first day as a senior and that's why they're called 'shorts'. And blame Magnus, he threatened me about not wearing what I bought when we all went out in the Summer."

"Clare, I'm really not happy about this. You're going to a school full of hormonal teenage boys wearing that."

I sighed and looked around. Alone, yet again. Jon must have seen my expression fall because he walked up to me and enveloped me in his arms.

"I'm sorry they can't be here Clare, but you know they only work this much for us."

I just nodded my head and forced a smile onto my face whilst sitting down to eat my breakfast. There were two steaming hot and syrupy waffles on my plate. I was about to reach down and eat one when my brother snatched one off my plate.

"I said if you didn't hurry I would steal a waffle."

Before I could protest he had already devoured the whole thing. I grumbled as I ate my remaining waffle and washed my hands. I grabbed bag and my brother, and I made our way to his car. I had a good feeling about this year, maybe something interesting would finally happen.

"Earth to Clary." Jon said waving his hand in front of my face.

"Huh? Sorry Jon. Just thinking" I replied. He shook his head and smiled at me telling me we were at school.

We both got out the car and Jon hugged me and kissed my forehead goodbye. I was getting all these stares but I was used to them now. When you're the younger sister of the most popular, good-looking guy in the school who also happens to be the football captain, people tend to know who you were.

I was so excited to see my friends; we had seen each other over the summer but I still missed them. My best friend was obviously Simon. He had messy brown curly hair that matched his eyes; they were masked by big crooked glasses balanced on his nose. We have been best friends since our diaper days and I don't know where I'd be without him. I had a very close circle of friends including Sebastian who is a close second to Simon, then there's Maia and her boyfriend Jordan, Magnus and Aline.

I was distracted by Sebastian with Simon alongside him, walking up behind me. He looped his arms around my waist and spun me around causing an eruption of giggles to escape my mouth.

"Sup midge. WHAT. NO. Did you grow a millimetre over the summer!?"

I tried to hold a serious face whilst I playfully hit him in the chest, but I was smiling from ear to ear because I hadn't seen Sebastian over the summer because he was on holiday. He threw his arms around me tell me how much he missed me. The three of us went to our lockers which were conveniently next to each other then we went to the office to get our timetables.

On the way to homeroom, we compared them and saw I had two lessons together with Seb. P.E and Music. I may have very short legs, but I can run very fast. I had Music, Chemistry and Maths with Simon which was our afternoon.

We entered our homeroom together and we were met by a bundle of hugs from our friends. We greeted everyone and together the seven of us sat down and talked about our summer holidays.

Unfortunately, Mr Wayland, our new form tutor after Mr Rat-Face as we liked to call him left, walked in and we were all told to go to our seats. I took my usual seat from last year. I loved that seat. In the Summer it was near the AC vents but not too close so that it was cold and in the Winter, it was near the radiator but again not too close so that it was too hot.

"Good morning everyone. Great to be back in school" There was a scattered laughter around the class but most people just seemed too tired to respond. "I'm going to go through the register if you prefer to be called something else just tell me and I'll make a note of it. Otherwise just say yes." There were only 15 people in the class, so it didn't take that long. I knew everyone in the class because we'd been in the same class since seventh grade.













Julian and


There was a knock on the door and 2 boys and a girl walked in. They handed Mr Wayland a note and he nodded and stood up.

"Alright class, it looks like we have2 new people. Isabelle and Jonathan."

"Actually," the girl piped up, "We're Izzy and Jace"

Clary scanned across them, the girl Izzy had jet black dead straight long hair up to her waist and she was gorgeous. And she was staring at Simon! The other boy was...golden. Literally. His hair was golden blonde and tousled but in a cute way and his eyes were completely golden but gradually got darker as they got to the centre. He was wearing a tight white top that showed off his muscular tanned skin.

And he was staring at me.



I just got home from my daily morning run, I was covered in a thin layer of sweat and I made my way upstairs to take a shower whilst checking my watch.


Not bad. I was still getting used to the new house and most of my boxes weren't unpacked, so I grabbed a white polo and some blue jeans out of the first box I saw and hopped in the shower and then got dressed.

I left the cluttered room and walked downstairs to find my brother, Alec in black jeans and a black top. Typical Alec wearing dark colours, and standing next to him was Izzy wearing VERY skinny jeans and a top that cut off just above her bellybutton with her hair in a high ponytail. As I got closer I heard Alec telling her off for her 'inappropriate' clothing. I hated it when she wore stuff like that, it's good for other girls but it makes me feel like Izzy's growing up. She wasn't my biological sister, but I loved her like one. As soon as Alec saw me, he turned to me and said we should get going before our director Maryse, who also happens to be our mother, shouts at us. We all walked outside to Alec's car with our school stuff as we would be going straight to school afterwards.

After making sure my MI5 badge and ID were pinned onto my top, I walked down the corridor. I walked into the door labelled Shadowhunters with Alec and Izzy close behind. We were met by our directors stood behind a large oak desk, Hodge and Mom. We all took a seat in one of the three chairs in front of the desk.

"Good Morning guys" announced Hodge. "You will be working on this assignment for an indefinite amount of time on a very specific mission. Your team, the shadowhunters is unfortunately, the only choice we had for this mission. I know this is only your third mission which is why I say unfortunately because it is extremely important, and you will be under a lot of pressure. I'm sure you are all aware of Valentine Morgenstern. He has escaped from the prison he was being held in. There was someone on the inside helping him, but we have yet to determine who it was." There was a sharp intake of a breath from Izzy and an involuntary growl escaped my throat. We all hated the guy. He had killed hundreds of innocent men, women, and children a few years ago for a reason that was still unknown to us.

"Your mission is to protect the family and some of their closest friends. Alec, you will be protecting Jonathon Morgenstern. Jace, you will be protecting Clarissa Morgenstern aka Clary. Izzy, you will be protecting Simon who she is extremely close to."

He handed each of us a very fat case file with 'SHADOWHUNTERS' written on the front and the agency details under it.

"All the important details are in these files, if you have any questions let me know. One more thing, none of them know about Valentine apart from his wife Jocelyn who I will be protecting as well as her husband Luke. They all go by the surname Fray. The house you have moved into now is next door to the Morgenstern's/Fray's, so it will be easier for you to befriend the children. This is one of the most important cases we have ever had, and it is crucial that we are all 100% focused or someone could get extremely hurt. We all knew people who were hurt in his 2014 massacre and this mission will be to the honour of them."

I opened my file to find the first page as a very detailed portfolio on Clarissa. She was beautiful, she had fiery red hair and emerald green sparkling eyes. I couldn't wait to meet her. I had a moment of confusion suddenly, I haven't even met the girl before and I already was looking forward to meeting her. This was new for me, Izzy says that my motto in life for girls was 'use 'em and lose 'em' because I didn't have the best history. Remember she will be your friend and only your friend, I said to myself.

"Oh, and Jace and Izzy," said Hodge. I looked up at him. "Maybe it would be better if you and your partners were a little more than friends, so you are more frequently around them?"


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