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How had she been reduced to this? This was no life for an Invader, or even a janitorial drone... Where had it all gone wrong?

She knew when, and there he was with a whole planet to destroy while she was living in this undignified way.

The chains that bound her buzzed with terrifying electricity. The more she struggled against her restraints, then the more they buzzed, giving her a painful shot that run the course of her body. The perimeter of her holding cage rippled with a current, making sure that her escape was an impossible feat.

It seemed that the universe conspired against her every attempt at achieving her goal. Even her whole race turned against her now. At least she had finally made a name for herself. Was it not better to be resented by your own people than to be a nobody, a nameless Irken to be forever lost in the records? The very thought made her feel cold and hollow.

There were even rumours that she was more hated than exile Zim. Worse at that, she was more insane than he was now — a defect. Nonsense. Zim was a fool, driven by an inane lust for destruction in the hopes of appealing to his Tallest. And he actually believed that they cared, that he really mattered; that he was a real Invader!

Her 'lust' had reason; an achievable goal if none dared defy her.

Zim was senseless, and a complete idiot. But she was something else. She almost had the Earth in her grasp. She could almost smell it the day that sweet magma gushed out of the Earth's core and sprinkled her face.

How she had laughed that day, but then Zim had gotten in her way, and those insubordinate humans. The boy had proven himself useful later, however...

She would have made a fine Invader, one who would have served her Empire well and made her Tallest proud. Alas, this was to be her new destiny now. Life never works out the way you want it.

Tak was a fighter, a prized asset that the Tallest would be lucky to have in their service. But they lost their chance.

They even took her. The most loyal confidant she had through this whole wretched journey. She rebuilt her herself, the day she found her lying on the planet Dirt; a decrepit old SIR whom she restored and improved. Irken engineering at its finest was still no match for her skills.

MiMi, with all her capabilities, couldn't even outsmart the Empire in the end.

"MiMi..." Her helpless cry echoed through the void of the cell and back to her with longing.

Now she felt it again. That burning desire taking over her entire body until she was ablaze. Desire and rage at its purest, joined together to unleash a festering madness upon those who dared got in her way. No bounds could keep this madness locked away for long. It would escape eventually, and then we would see who was truly mad...

Tak couldn't be restrained forever. She would show them all. They would pay for this injustice.

A/N: what has driven Tak to madness, a character who in my opinion always showed stability of mind, poise and grace, unlike Zim. Maybe it was Zim, or something else...

This is short for now, but future chapters will be longer than this.

I've had the idea for this story for a long time now, way back in chapter five of my first story. I often told myself that if I ever got through Clairvoyance, I'd write it. To those of you who read my first story, you may recall that I never planned to do a sequel. I still don't think Clairvoyance needs one; it stands well on its own. But truth be told, I was at a loss with an original story I was writing, as I need to keep the creative juices of my mind flowing. This is what I ended up with.

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