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Zim awoke on his couch at last. The brightness of the Earth couldn't compare to where he had just been. It was splendid. At last he got to see many old faces again. Even Elizabeth was there. She looked slightly disappointed in Zim, since he never told her he was alien. He actually did at one time, but she never believed him anyway. He said he was sorry regardless.

He even made amends with Tallest Spork and Tallest Miyuki. Spork was more than forgiving, but Miyuki took much longer. He also saw some of the extinct Devastians, and that ugly lord Devron. He was much better looking considering. There was no hate in that world, he noted. Everyone forgave each other as they walked side by side.

They had spent time in what Zim could only describe as Disneyland. They saw Nny on the spinning teacups. He seemed to be deliberating something as he spun around and around. Julia was there too. She tried to coax him away from the teacups, but she gave up in the end. The roller coaster called out to her eventually...

He was met with the fat, piggy face of Skoodge next. The chubbster blew a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness you're all right," he said.

Zim sat up. He also saw Tenn, GIR, Minimoose, but not Tak. Gaz strangely enough was in the room too. But no Dib... What gives?

"How long have you been waiting for me to wake?" he asked.

"At least eighteen hours," Tenn informed. "Were you in a coma or something?"

"Eighteen hours?! But that's not possible. All the other times took several minutes. I must have been having that much fun..."

"It doesn't matter, because you are here now!" Skoodge put an arm around him. Zim pushed it away.

"Where is Tak?" he demanded of them next, rising to his feet.

Skoodge twiddled his fingers. "Uh... see... that's the thing. We can't find her..." He shut his eyes, as if he'd receive a blow. Lucky enough, Zim didn't seem all that mad.

"That's probably because she's on shutdown," he told them. "She's lying around my base somewhere. We must find her. It's done."

Gaz turned away from the window. "What's done?" she asked.

Zim produced a half-hearted smile. "Green Eyes has finally gone."

"Whoohoo! I'm so happy for Tak!" Skoodge cheered. "I can't wait to give her a big hug!"

"But, alas, I still couldn't save her..."

"You tried your best in the least," Tenn comforted.

"I know." Zim still couldn't help but feel bad though. Wherever Green Eyes was, he hoped she found peace. Well, all the different parts of her. It was still hard to understand.

He noticed they all shared a look at that moment. He was curious as ever.

"Have you all got something to tell me?"

"Well, many things have manifested since you went out..." It was Skoodge who spoke.

"Such as?"

"Well, you remember the Resisty?"

Zim only stared, unblinking. Of course. That was why Tak had been hiding. They were coming here all this time...

"What about them?!"

Skoodge covered his eyes. "They are living in the house across the street. You know, the one that belongs to the legless man? They've been throwing things at the house, threatening to blow us up if we don't release Tak. Then they kidnapped Dib! I think they saw him coming to your house."

Zim ran to the window, and sure enough there were the Resisty sitting in a row of lawn chairs with the legless man. They looked ridiculous. They had written "Resisty woz here!" across the legless man's roof. He didn't seem to care that he was playing host to a bunch of vagabond aliens. He just sat there in his yard, with a cold beer in hand.

"There he is; the Irken scum!" Lard Nar screamed. "Fire the lasers!"

He looked at the weird, cone shaped alien on his right, his second-in-command, as it pressed a button on a remote. Lard Nar sat back to watch the show unfold.

The legless man's roof opened out next, and a huge laser gun appeared, pointing directly at Zim's house. It shot a hole in his roof, exposing the hangar. Zim growled.

The legless man just stared at the huge alien weapon in his roof. "Hmm mmm..." he hummed.

Skoodge came up beside him. "Well, that's new. Before they were just hurling shoes our way. I doubt the legless man has any need for them..."

"That's it. No one shoots at my home base! This ends now."

Zim approached the door and walked out into the yard and then the street.

"What are you doing? They'll kill you!" Tenn called out after him.

Zim went on. He didn't seem to care.

The Resisty screamed once he approached the house. They hid behind their lawn chairs. Only Lard Nar stayed put, and the legless man.

"Lard Nar! Come here and face the wrath of Ziiim!"

Lard Nar only looked determined behind his green goggles, as he jumped out the chair and marched up to the Irken.

They stared each other out. Zim tried to spit like a cowboy, but it came out all wrong. This was not the Wild West; this was a cul de sac in a simple human neighbourhood. Speaking of which, a number of humans had come out of their homes to watch.

Lard Nar covered his eyes. "Ugh, you're disgusting! But what would you expect from a lowlife Irken scum!"

Zim wiped his mouth, and eyed him sharply. "I believe you have something that belongs to me..."

Lard Nar pointed a dramatic finger. "Haha! Yes! The human Dib. You thought we'd never found out, didn't you? That you had been keeping him alive all this time. Well, we de-brainwashed him now..."

"De-brainwash? That's not a word. You made that up!" Zim pointed a finger back.

Lard Nar realised his mistake. "Spleenk! You promised it was a real word!"

A puny alien voice called out from behind the lawn chairs. "Uh, sorry. I may have made it up after all..."

Lard Nar put a hand to his shaking head. "Why do I listen to you?"

Zim was smiling, all smug-like. He showed them.

Lard Nar eyed him evilly. "Give her back," he demanded, voice calm. "We know you have her."

"She's not mine to give away..." Zim replied, folding his arms.

"Liar! You have her here as prisoner. By the command of the Tallest!"

"Well, it just so happens that I don't know where she is."

"We tracked her right down to your pitiful home base; we will get her back. Rather foolish of you to come out here without reinforcements…"

"And what about yours? They're all hiding!"

"Well, you can't really blame them. You're a known Irken psychopath!"

"Fair enough... GIR!" Zim called.

The next moment, GIR shot through the window of the house and landed beside Zim. "Yes!" he saluted, wearing his dog suit.

"Take the little goat hostage while I save our friend Dib!"

"Okay!" GIR walked up to Lard Nar giggling, and grabbed his shirt. "Goctha!" he said. That was it. Lard Nar was most unimpressed.

"Shloonk!" he yelled. "Do the thing."

Shloonk pressed another button on the lawn chair, and a window opened out revealing Dib tied up in rope. "Come on," he yelled. "Can't we all just sit and talk? This is insane!"

"Quiet, human," Lard Nar commanded. "We still have to fix you. Who knows what this Irken scum has done to warp your mind!"

"I don't even know you. Well, I guess I did once... Aw, man!" Dib just remembered he supposedly had an awesome space adventure with these alien weirdos.

"See, we have proof. The human just admitted. He took his memories!" Lard Nar pointed at Dib in the window. All the members of the Resisty gasped.

"So, he doesn't remember any of us?" Shloonk asked next, wobbling his bottom lip.

"I took his memories so he wouldn't make the foolish decision to join your ridiculous cause again!" Zim spat.

"Because you worry we'll finally overthrow the Empire?" Lard Nar mocked.

Zim stared at him, deadpan. Then he realised he was serious. He burst out laughing. "No, no, I just care for the boy's wellbeing now. You were almost killed after the battle of Meekrob too. I don't know how you all survived..."

Lard Nar was the one to give a smug smile now. "That's because nothing can destroy the Resist—!"

"Yes, yes, despite your stupid name, you are a resilient group. You have actually proved yourselves... worthy. I'm impressed."

Lard Nar's eyes widened. Did he just give a compliment? After all, he knew from Tak that not all Irkens were bad.

"Very well," he said. "We will make the trade. We give you the human Dib if you give us Irken Tak. I'm afraid Dib was rather reckless at times. He often acted before instruction. We have no place for him in the Resisty."

"Aw, man..." Dib was heard saying next.

Zim felt for the boy. "I would if I could, but I do not know where Tak is right now. I'm sorry. You came at a bad time. We were in the middle of ridding a ghost from her PAK, see."

Lard Nar took a step back. "W-what?" he asked.

"Long story..."

The Vortian shifted his eyes. He had no idea what to say. Suppose the Irken Zim was insane after all.

Next, a strange sound transpired, and they both turned to see that manhole opening out from down below. Someone was crawling out the sewer...

They both watched, apprehensive, once the manhole cover flipped to one side, and there appeared Tak without a stain in sight. Considering she just appeared from the sewer, it was a miracle. MiMi sat around her shoulders in cat form.

She looked about herself as if she came out into a strange land, and then crawled out and dusted herself off. It was only then when she noticed the two staring at her. She looked up casually and gave a curt nod.

"Zim, Lard Nar..." she greeted, and went back to dusting her arm.

They stared speechless.

"T-Tak? What were you doing down there?!" Lard Nar asked, clearly horrified.

Tak met his gaze. She always liked Lard Nar; he had the same fake British accent that she had.

"It appears that I was hiding deeper inside of Zim's base than I previously thought. I was lost for hours until I found this opening. It does not smell too good down there. Take it from me."

"I'd hug you if you didn't just emerge from that human sewer just now, but it's great to see you, Tak." Lard Nar approached the Irken, and gave her hand a shake. He had gloves, so he didn't worry too much about catching anything. All the other members of the Resisty came over now, as they all shook her hand. It was a happy occasion.

Zim watched attentively as Tak finally caught up with old friends. It was like her dream again. He saw the content in her eyes; Tak was truly free at last.

Now Skoodge, Tenn and Gaz appeared on his right. They all stood and watched as Tak reunited with her old gang.

"We have so much to catch you up on," Shloonk said.

"And I can't wait to hear it," Tak replied.

Lard Nar remembered the human Dib, as he looked at Zim again. "I believe we have something to give you..."

Dib rolled his eyes. "Finally," he muttered.

Zim watched him a moment longer there, hanging from the window. He smiled next. "Nah, I think he can stay up there a few more hours. No harm in it."

"You're not serious?!" Dib cried.

"I second that," Gaz said. "Should teach him a lesson."

"Then it's settled. We have no immediate use for the human Dib at this current moment. We shall take him back later."

Lard Nar and the rest of the Resisty looked a little unsure. They all glanced up at the human boy they once knew, and shrugged. Now they invited Tak and her friends into the legless man's home. So they all disappeared inside, while Dib was left hanging.

"Come on, it's cold up here. And I gotta pee." Dib looked down, sadly. No one came to his aid.

The legless man took a sip of his beer next, and reclined back into his chair. "Hmm mmm..."


Nny walked down the hospital corridor at a casual pace. He had just been to visit a young patient, a boy named Timmy, as he was about to head out for his break. He was allowed them every so often. So now he was headed for those double doors at the end of the hall, until he came upon her...

Molly was staring at him with folded arms. He had been avoiding her recently, so now she was about to find out.

"I knew I'd find you here..." she said.

Nny shifted his eyes, and then ran back down the corridor. He couldn't find it in him to tell her what he knew. It may only encourage her to grow up faster and become... and become that thing he saw. Basically, a female version of himself. The horror...

He finally got to the end of the corridor, as he hid behind a tall plant. He was safe.

Next, Molly appeared on his left like they do in cartoons, and he screamed. Seriously, how does she do that? She probably just skipped all the way.

"I... I can explain," he said, stepping back into the plant.

Molly never said a thing. Instead, she grabbed his arm and dragged him out the open window as they fell to the Earth. She spread her wings once they landed in the hospital parking lot so their landing was softer, yet she still dumped Nny onto the ground. He fell at an awkward angle, but he deserved it.

"Now you can explain," she said, folding those wings away and landing back on the ground. "Why haven't you been talking to me?"

He sat himself up and rubbed his temples. "I knew I couldn't avoid you forever..."

She only kept those stern eyes on him.

He finally caved in. "I just... I found out you're not the girl I thought you were... or always will be..."

Molly looked confused now. "Why? Did I say something to offend you? Whatever it was, I didn't mean it."

"No..." He looked her up and down and sighed. He rose to his feet. He noticed she was getting taller these days. It wouldn't be long till she was almost his height, like she appeared in reaper form. He shivered again.

"I'm sorry. It's not your fault, it's mine. I was never a good role model for anyone really. You hang out with me far too much, you know. You'll even start wearing the same boots as me…" Nny looked on in horror. She literally would...

"I doubt it; they're not cute or pretty in the slightest."

"But you won't always be cute and pretty. Okay, you may grow up to be a looker still, I'm sorry about that, but you'll be far from sweet." He sighed once again.

"I bet you were a sweet child once," she told him.

"I wasn't. I killed the other skool kids quite often..."

Molly shook her head. "Look, I never got to grow up and discover myself as a person. It seems only fair that I get to grow up in the spirit world."

He spun around and faced her now. His eyes were intense. "But you can't grow up, Molly," he said, squeezing his fists. "You HAVE to stay young and sweet. It's the only way. We... we will send you to Neverland. Yes! Whatever it takes to keep you young!"

"You're talking crazy now, Nny."

"I know. I'm just desperate…"

Molly smiled and grabbed his hand. She wasn't sure what brought all this talk of her growing up, but she could see that it really upset him. She may as well try to cheer him up.

"It doesn't matter how much I change, I'll still always be your friend, Nny. You can count on that. Besides, it will be fun when we're both grown up. We can drink, gamble, and joke about where babies come from..." she laughed.

Nny pulled his ears. He didn't need to hear that.

"I know it's not from the stork, but I will know one day. As I deserve to. But for now, I'll enjoy the rest of my childhood. Childhood should be cherished."

"How true. It's just sad that we're adults for most of our lives…" Nny remarked, wistfully. He could almost see the face of the boy he once was. He forgot how he used to be; very small and skinny, with wide, terrified eyes.

"Come along now. We can go for a taco, since you like them so much."

Nny gave it a little thought. He remembered the reaper lady had said something about a taco. "No, I'd prefer a bagel today."

"Okay, a bagel it is. I'm getting hungry now too."

She dragged him out of the parking lot, and off they went for a bagel like promised.

Up above on the roof of the hospital, that dark, brooding shape watched the pair as they walked away.

A portal opened out on the figure's right, and there an older version of Johnny C. appeared. He had grown his hair out where he used to shave it. It was also specked with grey. His clothes were remarkably different. For one he wore a grey turtle neck. He was the picture of sophistication, and a bit of a snob. A typical artsy type, since he had become a creativity muse. They were all like that. It was mandatory.

"Why did you call me here?" he asked. "You know we shouldn't spend too much time in the past."

"It's my job now, Nny," the form replied. "Don't you remember? I got promoted recently as the greatest reaper in all of history. I'm so awesome at my job, I can time travel."

Nny narrowed his eyes. He knew she was rubbing it in. He could travel to alternative universes when he used to be a reaper, but she could time travel. No biggie. Yet she had no use for a scythe...

"Then if you're so awesome at your job, then why don't you go back and stop your death from happening in the first place?"

The cloaked figure glared at him from below the hood. "That was a low blow. You know the rules; we can't change the past."

"Well, you could at least go back and reap that old guy instead of letting me do it. I still don't feel clean to this day since I touched him..." he shivered.

"Oh shut up, you know you loved doing it."

"I did, at the time. I'm different now. Killing and reaping are a thing of the past."

"No thanks to Julia. You used to be cool till you two got married."

"Hey, I'm still cool."

"You wear a turtle neck!"

Nny sighed and approached the form at last. She was leaning over the wall, watching two people walk away. He recognised his old self in an instant.

"Is... is that...?"

"Yes. You remember this scene? I promised you I'd always be your friend, no matter how much I changed."

"And you did change..." he said, glancing her way furiously. "Will you put that hood down? It's disconcerting."

She pulled the hood down, and gave him that look as if to say "happy now?" She was at least twenty-three in appearance, but despite that she still had a round, doll-like face. Her eyes were the brightest blue, which she coloured with thick eyeliner. Her hair was long as it draped over her sides like old curtains. It was a little dishevelled. She also had a nose stud, and pierced black lips. Everything about this girl screamed "don't mess with me, or else..."

Nny produced a nervous, toothy smile. "There's that pretty face I know..."

She continued to glare at him, making him sweat a little, and then she looked back down at her younger self again.

"Despite how much I changed; how we both changed, we're still best buds."

"That we are, Molly..."

Now the pair disappeared on the horizon. Adult Molly almost looked wistful for a moment. She liked how things were back in this time. These days life on Earth was different since Zim went back to space to fight the Empire, along with Tak and the Resisty. At least Skoodge and Tenn were still here. They hadn't left since they started fostering kids. She bet the children had no idea their foster parents were aliens... Even Dib went to join them in space. Her niece wasn't happy about that, since he left her alone with their twins. He said he'd only go for six months. He better come back, or he'd have to deal with her, an angry reaper. Dib loved his family regardless. She knew he'd be safe, since she had a word with his guardian angel. Molly II told family and friends he went off to war. There was some truth in it.

Gaz had become a professional gamer, and there was good money in it. Then when she made enough money, she bought Bloaty's Pizza Hog. The entire chain of restaurants. Not just the one in her home town. She was living the dream... She wasn't married, or had any children, but she was getting close with some guy called Iggins. He wasn't so freakishly ugly anymore, Gaz would say...

Dib and Gaz's younger sister, Rae, was a brilliant child. She was reading by the age of two, and had even been accepted into a high, prestigious university. It was due to her smarts, the Professor would say, but Dib and Gaz knew that their famous father had a part to play.

Little Johnny was graduating high skool in the summer. He was attending the same university as Rae. Those two had been close friends since childhood, but it was growing into something more. Johnny turned out to be a bright child too. Molly had gone to the future to find out that he had discovered a cure for cancer. It was a good job Nny saved him after all. In doing so, he saved all humanity...

She still looked out for him, even though she wasn't his guardian anymore. Her mother took up her old position. Elizabeth believed the 'reaper' thing was a phase, so she said she'd keep her job until she was ready to take it up again. Molly was sure she'd be a reaper for a while. It was different to being a guardian. People feared her, and she liked it. They saw the blonde hair and the cute doll face, so they assumed she was nothing other but sweet. Well, once upon a time... These days she was a force to be reckoned with.

"So, you want to go for a beer or something? I'm bored."

"No, I promised Julia I'd be home by noon. She has a special announcement to make."

Molly smiled. "I know what it is, since I traveled to the future and saw, but I won't rain on your parade..."

Nny looked a little worried. "Well, what is it?" He shouldn't ask, but it was nice to be prepared.

"Well, you know how babies are made, don't you, Nny?" She gave him that long, pointed look.

Nny stared, horrified. Could it be? No, it was impossible. He and Julia did express their love, a lot, and it was often wild and crazy, but... no. It can't be.

"It was only a matter of time," she giggled. She walked to the portal, and looked back at him. "Well, you coming or not? We should go before we change a significant part of history..."

"Yeah... sure..." Nny faced the portal again, and he followed her through. Next, he was heard screaming a loud, pained cry.

"Whiner," Molly's voice was heard. The portal vanished, taking the future life forms with it, and the hospital rooftop was quiet again.


Night time finally came around. Everyone now gathered in the woodland clearing just outside the city.

This was it; it was time to say goodbye. Tak would be joining the Resisty once again. She had discovered her new purpose, she told Zim, and that was to find other vagabond aliens all over the universe, especially ones whose lives had been destroyed by the Empire. It would give them a new hope, in the form of a secret allegiance...

Zim wasn't sure how he felt about Tak's leaving. As long as the Tallest never find out that he merely let an Irken criminal escape, he'll be fine. Besides, the Resisty had promised to be on their best behaviour. For now…

Lard Nar decided to take his crew into hiding, while they find new recruits. It would give them enough time to build an army. The time will come, Lard Nar would say, when the Empire meets its match in the form of the Resisty.

Tak vowed she would continue to fight her people. It was not disloyal; they were a menace, and had to be stopped. Many members of the Irken populace were starting to see it too, though for now they would remain loyal out of fear of banishment, or worse. Tak reckoned that the Tallest had their secret qualms about their society, but that was another story… Only time will tell. They won't be the Tallest forever. One day some lucky Irken will grow an inch taller, and they'll be cast aside.

Zim was still on the fence about it all. He could acknowledge that his race was corrupt, but as long as he was left alone on Earth, he didn't care what they did. He knew he didn't really believe that. Ignorance is not always bliss. The Empire will see the true value of the Earth eventually, but not in the same way as he did. His beloved planet won't be safe forever. He'd have to fight back one day. Just for now, he was safe and happy on his little blue planet...

Zim waited in front of a bush, covering his invisible nose while the scent of human urine filled the air. It was warm and bitter; he wanted to go sick.

Dib hadn't had a chance to go the toilet yet. Ever since they cut him down from the rope, they came straight here. He was desperate to see the alien space ship take off, so he decided to hold it in a while longer. Besides, the legless man's toilet had been blocked by the Resisty. The sight was horrendous, and then there was the smell… Dib had really taken it for granted that all aliens didn't need to go, like the Irkens. He was wrong.

The sound of that zip confirmed that the boy was finally finished. He was taking his sweet time. He came around from behind the bush next, sighing in satisfaction.

"Ahhh, that felt good..."

"You're disgusting!" Zim spat.

"Hey, you shouldn't have left me up in that window! Humans gotta pee, you know..."

"Whatever, just... just don't touch me," Zim said, looking down at Dib's hands. He knew where they'd been.

They came away from the bushes at last. Up ahead, the Resisty stood in a semi-circle in front of their ship, while Tak said her goodbyes to Skoodge.

"Hey, Zim," Dib started to say. "Remember those memories you took from me?"

"What about them?"

"Well, I was thinking. Maybe I'm glad you took them in the end. I think I'll do just fine without them."

Zim smiled. "You're just hoping to start a clean slate, aren't you? Since you messed up last time. I'm sure Captain Lard Nar will recruit you again one day. After all, you won't be a reckless teenage boy forever. You'll be a grown man soon..." Zim looked a little sad. All the children he had come to know would one day outgrow him. Even Molly. He knew angels grew on the other side too. That's just a part of life. He didn't even dare let his mind venture to a time where he'd outlive them all. Irkens live up to hundreds of Earth years. Dib would at least live another seventy.

Well, he could always communicate with them on the other side. It just wouldn't be the same. At least he had them now. That's all that mattered.

"Thanks, I guess. I just hope I never messed up my first chance..." Dib scratched the back of his head, catching the gaze of the Captain Lard Nar. The Vortian gave him a curt nod. Dib was still in; there was no malice between them. He just had to keep in touch.

They finally approached the larger party. Zim stood beside Skoodge and Tenn. Skoodge was bawling, since he just said his goodbyes to Tak. She looked really embarrassed.

"He... he does this..." she said, apologising to the Resisty. They didn't seem to mind at all.

Tenn put an arm around Skoodge's shoulder. "It's okay, Skoodge. You'll still always have me."

He looked up at her and smiled. His lip wobbled. So she gave him a hug.

Tak rolled her eyes, while Zim watched them irritably. "Yeah, I think it's about time you two got your own place," he announced next.

Tenn gave him that irritated look, then smiled. "We will. Skoodge and I will start our new life together here on Earth. And I look forward to it."

Skoodge stared at her. He couldn't believe it; he got the girl in the end.

"Fine, whatever. As long as you keep your lovey doveyness away from me!" Zim stuck his tongue out.

Tenn ignored his rude comment, and faced Tak. She held her hand out. "Well, so long, soldier," she said. Tak took her hand. A strange bond was formed between them that night. Those girls had each other's backs.

Now Tak finally looked Zim's way. He tried to avoid her gaze. This would be so awkward.

"Well, I guess this is it, Zim. Our journey's over."

"Thank goodness. Peace and quiet from your nagging voice!"

Tak stared at him poker-faced for a while, and then she released that wide smile. "It's been fun. I'm glad we made a truce after all. You're not so bad, Zim."

Zim shuffled his feet. "Yeah, you too, Tak. You're pretty awesome."

The only sound that followed was the crickets in the trees. Tak put her hand out next. Zim stared at it amazed. She was actually initiating physical contact. This was a rare occasion. Even when they dated he wasn't allowed to touch her.

He took a step forward to give her hand a shake, but unfortunately he tripped over a conveniently placed rock as he fell into her arms. They never found out who put the rock there...

Everyone gasped. No one said anything for a while as Tak held Zim in her arms. She looked like she was going to explode. Just as things ended so nicely between them.

"That... that was not supposed to happen..." Zim muttered. He was sweating.

Tak was breathing fast. She counted to ten and calmed her nerves, and then pushed the Irken back to his feet. She patted his head. "That's all right," she laughed creepily, then leaned in and growled, "just make sure it never happens again." She was inches from his face. He took a step back.

He stood bewildered. Tenn pulled him away to break the tension. Skoodge gave his shoulder a pat in comfort. It was over now.

"Bye, Kitty!" GIR called out to MiMi.

MiMi stared at him, and then rolled her eyes. "Fine. Goodbye too, I guess."

He ran up and hugged her. MiMi spun around and chopped his head off, but GIR only laughed. "She loves me too!"

Zim slapped his face in embarrassment. First he trips and falls into Tak's arms, and now GIR says that.

Tak glanced at Dib and Gaz. She almost forgot they were there. Gaz was here because she didn't like to be left out, allegedly, but Dib was genuinely sad to see her go.

"Well, see ya," he said.

Tak smiled. "Oh, we will definitely be seeing each other again one day, Dib. Just keep looking to the skies..."

Dib smiled to himself. He never stopped looking since her ship landed in his yard.

She faced the Resisty at last. She took a deep breath, and then let it out. This was it. Her new adventure awaits her. They made room for her as she started her descent up the ramp. Then they all followed suit, and the door shut behind them. They were soon air bound.

The others watched until the Resisty's ship was nothing but a small point of light. Zim finally felt sad to see Tak go. She had come such a long way. It was more than she deserved, but it was the end of an era, it seemed.

"Now what?" Dib said.

"I'm heading back home to my base, Dib-worm. You can make your own way home this time." Zim walked to his voot, which he parked behind some bushes, picking GIR's head up along the way. GIR's body ran behind him.

"Fine. I wouldn't want to sit in your stinky ship anyway!"

Zim was already out of ear shot, or antenna shot. Whatever's more appropriate.

"Jerk," he muttered.

So now it was just Dib, Gaz, Skoodge and Tenn.

"How you two getting back?" Dib asked them.

Skoodge and Tenn grabbed each other's hands. Dib felt Zim's exact sentiment then. It was too much.

"We go our own way now, Dib," Skoodge told him. Then they wandered off into the opposite direction of Zim.

Now it was just Dib and... no, it was just Dib. Gaz had already taken off. He saw her purple head walking away in the distance.

Dib sighed, and decided to head back home too. The night was officially over. Tak was gone. Zim would return to his mission of helping spirits, and Skoodge and Tenn... well, who knew what they were going to do next.

Only time will tell what the future will hold. For now, things were perfect. Nothing would change for years to come.

But will they be prepared?

A/N: This is it. Truly. The end. It may come as a shock as I gave no warning. I wanted a genuine reaction. If you had already known the end was near, you may have already warmed to it, and not given me honest feedback.

I can't really judge my own writing, but I will on this occasion. Personally, I like how I left it open-ended. I give a brief look into the future from Future Molly's perspective, but that's about it. The only criticism was that Molly's POV was a bit of an info dump. Too much telling and hardly any showing. But given the circumstances, it can be forgiven.

I honestly don't see this story going any further. I most probably will never write another. I can see future events in my head, sure, but I don't want to venture there. I want to have my own story (stories) published one day, and I'm gonna work hard at it. It would be a waste of writing energy. I don't think FF is a waste of time; it helped me work on a style and fix my grammar, but I want to leave it behind.

Well, I may as well discuss a few aspects of this chapter...

Did any of you even guess the reaper was Molly? I wasn't sure how it was going to play out unless Molly time travelled or something. All I knew was that the reaper was her somehow... I was thinking she could be from an AU, but I opted for the cliché Time Travel... I'm not a big fan of time travel story arcs. It makes my head hurt. Here's an example. So, after Future Molly went through the door and bumped into her younger self, she gives her a lollipop. Young Molly had no idea, of course, that she was looking at herself. So then young Molly will grow up, and then travel back in time and meet another young Molly and finally realise she was the scary lady all along... and the cycle will just go on and on, and argh! See what I mean? A lot of TV shows do/did this (I'm looking at you Game of Thrones... Hold the Door? Hodor? Head exploded now!) I remember Futurama had Fry become his own Grandpa... what... how... how does that happen?! It was a joke, but still.

It's for those reasons I'm glad Time Travel doesn't exist. Professor Stephen Hawking confirmed himself that travelling to the past is impossible. Causes too may Grandfather Paradoxes... Time Travel to the future though... that may happen. Time will only ever move forward.

I've been picturing an older Molly a lot lately. Of how she relates and interacts with Nny. She was always the cute little girl, so I didn't want her to grow up to be the traditional cute blonde too. Taylor Momson was my inspiration. I already mentioned that I picture Molly to look a bit like her. As far as child stars go in terms of 'change', she is the ultimate. Unrecognisable from her Cindy Lou Who days (and even season one of Gossip Girl). To be fair, most of us do change from seven-years-old, but it's quite extravagant in her. Unless you are Mara Wilson from Matlida, then you most probably have changed a lot since you were a kid too. People tell me I still look the same. I don't, but I'll take it as a compliment. Looking eight-years-old never hurt anyone... until you try to buy beer...

So Molly's older look is based somewhat off Taylor Momson, except I gave her piecing's and Nny's boots... People have mixed feelings about Taylor, with her songs about Satanism and whatnot, but she does have a great look (and her band The Pretty Reckless are pretty awesome). Molly won't ever pose nude though, or do anything suggestive in that sense. Not that it'd be a problem, but I can't bear her being that 'grown up' too. Much like Nny in a way. I want her to stay the same sweet girl, but it's my way of letting her go... She'll only change in personality to a degree. She'll still have her morals, but she's no longer the sweet little girl she was... I'm kidding. She has a shelf full of stuffed animals. She sings Disney Princess songs in secret and wears frilly dresses! The emo look will waver until she reaches sixty and becomes a doctor (you remember that from Clairvoyance?) Once again, she'll become a sweet, gentle person.

Molly is 23/24 here in the future. Eighteen years later...

The Resisty were fun to write in this chapter. Zim and Lard Nar's showdown was kind of awesome. I always wanted them to meet in the show (they did work together on Vort as scientists). I haven't read the comics, but I'd like to see that happen there. I know he talks to the other Vortian, Prisoner 777, but one can dream...

I should point out that any story arcs from the comics are void. By that I mean they don't count in this story. Also because I'm not aware of them. Unless they make a comic based on a cancelled episode. It just complicates things as I'd written this post TV series. It's good Jhonen has re-visited his little alien. I just hope I get to read them one day. They're not available to Europeans... sigh.

"Do the Thing," is Varrick's line from The Legend of Korra. It just came out. Lard Nar is totally different in personality, but who cares...

I should say that only Lard Nar's British accent is fake. Tak's is genuine. That was a joke as Zim accused her of using a fake accent. It would be awkward if I looked up the guy who voiced Lard Nar now, and he was from, like, Dorset, England. But I can just tell it's fake, being British. It's a good attempt though. I can't do accents to save my life.

I abhor of Dib's treatment here. You know it's actually bad to hold in pee? Moving on...

I do see a happy future for Tenn and Skoodge. Fostering kids was something I pictured them doing long term. I may actually write oneshots for them.

Dib will come back to his family after the war. I had shipped him and Molly initially, but since editing Clairvoyance I deleted the bit where I mentioned they will get married in sixteen years. He'll have a twin boy and girl, like Luke and Leia... So that makes Dib like Anakin. a.k.a. Darth Vader for missing out on his kid's upbringing (only the first year). Yeah, I got into Star Wars in the end. I've seen The Force Awakens, so don't even try giving me spoilers...

And Nny... you ought to use protection. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I'm happy for him too. I suppose spirits can procreate now (just go with it.) He's become a creativity muse just like his old love interest, Devi. It seems ironic he's helping the living with their creative blocks. I don't know what the turtleneck is about though. I just see him becoming this pretentious, douchey person for some reason... someone that present day Nny would kill. It's so OOC... I suppose people change in eighteen years.

You may have noticed that Gaz hardly spoke in this chapter. I ought to have given her a better finishing line, but such is life. It does add to the open end (she'll say more tomorrow...) I think Dib did something to piss her off, so that's why she didn't try to help him. Maybe... she's just horrible to Dib anyway.

So, that is it. My fanfiction adventures are over. It's been a pleasure these past five years. Thank you all for supporting me on here. Every bit of feedback has prepared me. The good thing about us FF writers is that we are resilient. I joined a site for original stories, and they brought up the topic of trolling. They said it should be regulated as it can be discouraging for a new writer. Please... you should see what us FF writers have to put up with. I once got told my story sucked d**k, and more... I laugh looking back, but at the time I was deeply upset. These fanfiction series never got the abuse, but another story I had deleted did. I regret it now. I should have kept it up. You could have seen their brilliant comment... oh well.

I was also going to go onto the subject of constructive criticism. Some of you have been honest, but you move on. Another day, another sunrise... It is foolish to think that everyone will like what you write. Bottom line, if your readers all tell you one thing, then heed their advice. If it's just one person's opinion, then don't dwell on it. It's subjective. Everyone has an opinion in the end. A fact of life.

Well, wish me luck.