"I tried the hero thing, it didn't take" he said as he was ready to leave them, because there was nothing in the Enchanted Forest for him. Not without her.

"So that's it? Emma's gone and you'll go back to being a pirate?" Snow asked him

"Back, Milady? I've always been a pirate" he retorted before leaving because it was the one thing he knew how to do after losing Liam, after losing Milah. Leave. Turn around and be alone, look out for yourself and never get hurt again.

And it always worked, until he met her, until she got so far under his skin that he was ready to leave it all for her.

And now she was gone again.

He was not going to stay in the Enchanted Forest, playing the good boy part with her family. He couldn't harbor those thoughts. He needed to put enough distance between him and the memories of Emma before it was too late, before he was completely hooked and bewitched with her that he could not move forward.

As he rode that horse into the open roads and the unknown, he knew it was too late. He knew that he would give anything to find passage into the worlds and find her.

He lost track of the hours eventually, it was dull and pointless as he rode into the open, dangerous road in search for his ship, for the last piece he had to hold on to his previous life. To go back to pillage and plunder, to take what he wanted whenever he wanted it. To drink himself into oblivion, to fuck as many bar wenches as he could so he would forget all about her. Forget the way her kiss was etched forever in his lips, in his mind, in his soul. He closed his eyes for a second, reliving that brief moment, his thoughts lingering on her one more time, one last time.

He opened his eyes and thought he had gone mad with ache because he could see a blonde figure far ahead on the road, looking exactly like her.

"Bloody hell" he cursed loudly at his failed attempts to forget her and shook his head to erase the illusion of his mind. But the figure remained as he approached her on the road, coming to life as a real person and not a product of his imagination.

He knew the Enchanted Forest, he knew of the many magical dangers that could come his way and he was ready to fight this trickery out of his way and resume his journey.

He dismounted his horse and drew his sword quickly, not giving the figure time to turn around.

"Stop your bloody sorcery… you will not get the best of me without a fight" he said

The figure turned around, and it was the exact image of Emma. For a moment the lost track of his thoughts, but he could not risk letting his guard down against any type of witches. He directed the point of his sword towards the illusion.

"Release that form you took, you bloody witch!" he yelled at the figure, who looked startled and dazed at him…

"Hook!" she said and it was her voice coming to him like a dream, like a gift, enwrapping him in all the beautiful memories of her.

"You will not bewitch me, I know you are playing tricks with my mind, I will cut you" he spat at her, ready to attack.

"Hook, please, it's me" she said, her eyes filled with worry and fear. "I swear it's me…"

There was something in her voice that seemed so real, he wanted to believe it was….

"This is the Enchanted Forest, lass. It will take more than an oath to convince me…" he replied "Tell me something only you and I know…"

She smiled at him, looking straight in his eyes "I kissed you in Neverland… and you bowed to win my heart, without trickery"

His mouth fall opened, his sword hit the dirty road and he ran to her, pulling her into his arms.

"Swan…" he whispered