Full Summary:

Rock has put everything in the past to rest… or so he thought. In a freak accident while on a job to investigate a group of cultists, he and Revy are sent back in time to when Rock first met Lagoon Company. Suddenly past skeletons are coming out of the woodwork and life isn't as peachy as it once was.


Prologue: Why Does This Shit Happen To Me?


"Oi! Rock, ten o'clock!" Revy ducked behind her cover as she simultaneously reloaded her two guns with practiced ease. Hearing her, Rock swung around to face the ten o'clock doorway and poured hot lead into the men storming out of the hallway.

"Thanks!" Rock shouted over the gunfire as he lobbed a grenade onto a balcony, taking it and everyone on it to the afterlife.

As the smoke cleared from the grenade, silence fell on the battle-weary Lagoon Company. Everyone else in the immediate vicinity was dead, and like the veterans they were, Lagoon Company moved further into the base with a practiced stealth.

In the five years since Roberta turned Roanapur upside down, things had been fairly business-as-usual for the four. Rock and Revy danced around each other, neither willing to admit their feelings to the other, providing Dutch and Benny never-ending entertainment. It seemed like the entire city had bets on when Two-Hands and Rock would finally wave the white flag and fuck each other.

Balalaika had called not two hours ago with a job to get more info on a group of cultists from Africa who had set up shop just outside the city. Of course things never go as planned, and soon everything came to a shootout between the two.

"Is that the last of them?" Benny asked poking his head out from the cover he was hiding behind.

"Probably not." Rock sighed. "That hallway is just screaming ambush."

"Then we'd better spring it!" Revy grinned predatorily and started for the door.

"Wait a minute Revy." Dutch's low voice rumbled through the room. "You and Rock will go in front on either side of the corridor with me in the middle and Benny behind me. Benny, first chance you get, get into their computers if they have them, and see what you can find."

"Okay boss-man!" Revy nodded her head towards Rock who nodded back, and the two swiftly and silently moved their way forward. As the four moved along, they began to hear men chanting and the further they went, the louder it got.

"Creepy…" Benny muttered as he listened to the voices echo around the subterranean tunnels.

Dutch silenced him with a wave of his hand and the four continued on until the hallway suddenly ended, and they found themselves in a wide, tall cavern. While the previous tunnels were man-made, this was purely natural. In the center, were five men in white robes sitting on a pentagram drawn on the floor. Candles surrounded them, casting eery shadows around the room.

Rock and Revy took a few steps forward to get a better view of what they were doing, but the moment Revy's foot knocked over a few pebbles, they suddenly stopped chanting. "Fuck!" Revy swore like the sailor she was and opened fire on the robed men. Instead of a few sprays of blood and lots of gore as her bullets ripped through her victims, they deflected off of an invisible barrier that surrounded the edge of the pentagram.

"That was unexpected." Dutch muttered, keeping his Remington pointed at the still-sitting cultists, he moved up to stand in-between Rock and Revy.

In a gunfight, seconds stretches into minutes as adrenaline slows your perception of time. In the fifteen seconds after Revy's bullets were deflected, the cultists slowly stood, freezing Lagoon Company unsure if they were going to pull guns from their concealing robes. Rock, Dutch and Revy tensed and fingered their triggers.

The second the cultists started to run away from them, Lagoon Company's three gunners opened fire in a hailstorm of lead, and Rock and Revy ran after them. Unfortunately they would never make it to the cultists.

Running after the Cultists in a straight line, led them over the pentagram. The moment their feet simultaneously interred the shape, the chalked out lines flared up in a light show sucking the two into it, and then vanished just as a quickly as they appeared.

"Where the FUCK did they go?!" Dutch simply watched the spot where two of his employees vanished without a trace.