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Chosen by the universe to serve and protect, how far would one go to achieve their dreams in this world filled with fantastic creatures?

The land, or rather planet, of Pokémon. Animals and plants, lifted from fantasies run wild with imagination. Lives, alight with the flames of battle and the temptation of strength. The humans, traversing each day to get that single step closer to their destinies. The Pokémon, standing by their side. Pushing each other through every trial faced, the stars of their accomplishments brightening every time the moon rises.

Adventure lurks behind every corner passed, friends and foes walking the paths that life has to offer.

They are all unique. Aspirations. Heritage. Typings. Pokémon, generating waves of their own as they cut through the world's many oceans. Blocking the sun's rays with their feathers, as they search for their new homes.

Giving the humans within a sea-faring plane an amazing view to gaze upon, including one excited teenage boy.

"I can't wait! A new region, new Pokémon, another league!" The Pikachu sitting upon his shoulder flicked his tail, his eyes glued to the window, much like his trainer's. "After two years! You ready, buddy?"

His first Pokémon pumped his tiny fist into the air, a grin to match his human friend's stretching across his face. "Pika!"

It had been far too long since they'd traveled, collecting badges and new friends along the way. And even though Ash had been prepared to run off after another league the second they'd arrived back in Pallet Town, he'd been stopped in his tracks by the first ever obstacle that he couldn't get around.

His final battle within the Lily of the Valley Conference.

His dream, it relied solely on the power of his Pokémon. The one thing in his life that he desired the most, with his friends being the only key through those massive doors.

And yet, he'd have left them, stuck within the confines of the ranch surrounding Oak's laboratory as he once again traversed blindly through a foreign land.

Without a second thought, he would have repeated that process anew, with whatever new friends he made during his latest adventure.

How could he ever ascend to the position of Pokémon Master, if he refused to train all that he had captured? How many people would he face in this new league, cruising through every round with a single Pokémon of legendary stature?

Ever since his journey through the Hoenn region had ended, he'd never given his Sceptile more than a passing thought. Despite all the battles, every adventure.

He'd almost completely forgotten about the Pokémon that had managed to take down the most powerful challenge in the entire league. Not even the trainer that had fought against Tobias in the final round had come close to such a feat.

Every Master required Pokémon of legendary caliber, and he'd done nothing but neglect everyone that could come close to that level.

With that realisation, the decision had already been made. It had felt strange; like Ash was going against the very nature of his being, but it had to be done.

His dream was to be the very best, and even Sceptile had been a weak little Treecko to begin with. His mother had been thrilled when he'd announced his desire to remain in his home; to bring every single one of his non-human friends to a level befitting his dreams.

Professor Oak had been happy to coach the boy, the former Champion recruiting his own Pokémon from his trainer days at Ash's request. The tricks he'd picked up during his youth could take Ash far, and his Pokémon had been generally happy with the change in schedule. Relaxing with their old trainer and occasionally protecting the lab from poachers or wild Pokémon was one thing, but building up some of the younger generation into the same Champion material they themselves were made of? Their days of boredom had finally seemed to have ended.

For more than two years, Ash had remained in Pallet Town. Every day, come rain or shine, he would be in Oak's ranch, either training alongside his Pokémon or soaking up as much of Professor Oak's knowledge as he could. Amazingly, he'd managed to retain some of the lessons.

Occasionally, a person he'd known from his journeys, mainly Brock or Misty, would drop by, and that day would soon be filled with the sounds of laughter and the quiet exchanges of progress. The battles that were held during some of these visits could often be heard through the entire town; sometimes even drawing an audience.

When his mother had brought up the prospect of a vacation to a region he'd never heard of, Ash had jumped at the opportunity. His family of Pokémon were ready, he could feel their excess energy running through his own veins. Though if he had to guess, he'd have said that was probably due to his ever excelling mastery in the complex arts of Aura.

"Pika!" Ash's attention snapped to where his partner was pointing, his eyes widening as a smile touched upon his face.

How he wished his Pokédex could have been upgraded before they had to leave. The large bird easily keeping pace with the plane he was riding in looked amazing, the long ribbons extending from its eyes billowing out in the wind. The new Pokémon glanced at the staring boy through the corner of its yellow eyes, before its beak opened wide in a cry that couldn't be heard within the plane.

"I want one." Pikachu nodded from his trainer's shoulder, as both human and Pokémon watched the new bird rejoin its flock, high above the plane.

Apparently Professor Oak was going to be meeting up with an old colleague when they landed, in order to attend a conference of sorts. Ash quickly took a picture of the flock with his Pokédex, intent on finding out the species' name as soon as they found the Professor's friend. Flying Types were always a welcome addition to any team.


Even if he had only been standing here for a few seconds, there was no doubt in Ash's mind. Unova felt far more interesting than Kanto ever had.

Maybe it was the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, as his mother and Professor Oak offered to collect their luggage. Perhaps it was the plane that was currently floating atop the water, technology that he'd never even heard of when he set out on his first adventure.

Or maybe it was the ominous swirling mass of storm clouds and blue lightning, completely ignoring the breeze as it rapidly closed in on the pier they were standing on.

Funny, normally Team Rocket would be trying to steal his Pokémon by no- wait ominous clouds?

Thunder boomed in the distance as Ash and Pikachu both turned towards the weather phenomenon, the pressure being exuded by the clouds all too familiar for their tastes. The power, the presence, the Aura.

A legendary Pokémon. A possibly angry legendary Pokémon.

"Pikachu, something tells me this isn't good."

The Mouse Pokémon didn't even get time to respond, as both he and his trainer leapt away from the patch of dock that was now being flash fried by lightning.


It felt almost comical, in a way. Watching as a teenager and his first Pokémon danced between strikes of abnormally coloured electricity. Small yelps leaving their mouths with every striking volt, their heads visibly tilted up as they haphazardly made their way back to the shore line.

If they fell into the water on either side, there was no way of dodging the strikes.

"This is bullshit!" Ash yelled up to the sky, his eyes following a black mark as it was carved into the plane. "I just got here! This was supposed to be a vacation!"

Still, something about the energy being released felt... off. The electricity wasn't being discharged out into the air, as it normally would during attacks. If it was, Pikachu would be attracting almost every bolt towards himself with his Lightning Rod ability. No, instead it would stab into the ground, before rising back up into the clouds?

The process would be complete and restarting faster than the average human eye could follow. Then again, not every human eye had the added benefits of control over Aura. And even with how bad Ash's control over the mysterious energy really was, augmenting strength and senses was one of the most basic of all Aura related tricks.

Whatever was attacking them from the clouds, it was skilled. If it was wild, then maybe it could be caught? He had a few Poké Balls on him, after all...

Ash dispelled that thought, narrowly avoiding having his nose burnt off by a stream of blue electricity.

"Pikachu, try Thunderbolt!" Ash called out, clenching his teeth as the deafening bang of thunder sounded once more.

Maybe if the lightning were natural, it would be more powerful. But even the noise being created by these artificial strikes hurt like Hell. He couldn't even begin to think of how badly Pikachu was suffering through this. Most of the lightning was being aimed at him, after all.

Hopefully any damage done wouldn't be permanent.

Pikachu gave no indication that he'd heard the command, save for the arc of yellow energy half as wide as the plane they'd arrived in shooting towards the sky. With a roar, the first noise they'd heard in a few minutes other than thunder, the blue electricity came crashing from the clouds once again, meeting Pikachu's attack just before it could enter the swirling abomination.

It took Ash less than half a second to see the attack wouldn't go in Pikachu's favour.

Yellow was rapidly overcome by blue, Pikachu's attempt at an offensive only adding to the size of the opposing force.

Ash's eyes widened; he'd never heard of electricity being used to leech energy from an Electric type. Reaching for one of the seven Poké Balls around his waist - being a trainer of his experience, Professor Oak had heightened the number he could officially carry to ten - He hurriedly called out to his best friend, "Light Screen, quick!"

A box of glowing yellow energy surrounded Pikachu's small body, managing to hold integrity as one of the strongest attack it had faced in two years crashed against it.

It would hold. But Ash would have to move quickly.

Sparing a moment to check Pikachu, Ash hurled a Poké Ball into the air, a cry of, "Garchomp, I choose you!" leaving his lips.

Old habits die hard, apparently.

Ash's first Dragon Type materialised mid-air, his arms folded against his body with every fin extended. Immediately taking stock of the situation, he was standing in front of Pikachu, the visibly panting Electric Type dropping the Light Screen that he had miraculously managed to maintain.

Garchomp, as a Gible, had taken to Ash's far more vigorous training back in Pallet Town surprisingly quickly. Results had shown themselves quite rapidly, as within a month Ash had found a proud Gabite waiting for him on Oak's ranch, thankfully choosing to rub against the boy cheek, which he could now reach, rather than attempt to bite down on the teenager's head.

Gible had been one thing, but even then one wrong move or miscalculation of strength would have ended in less brains left inside than outside. And even without the usual show of affection, the Dual Dragon and Ground Type had continued to showcase loyalty that would border on fierce.

Garchomp had first stood before him, during Team Rocket's last ever attempt at stealing his Pokémon. Ash couldn't help but wonder where they were nowadays; it had been over a year since he'd last seen them. And, Arceus forbid, he was almost starting to miss them.

Garchomp glared skyward, his extreme resistance to electricity clearly on display as the lightning striking him intensified. With, as Ash briefly noticed, sand beneath his feet rather than wooden dock, the electricity bearing down on him was passing through his system harmlessly, dispelling into the ground long before any real damage could be done.

"Garchomp!" The large dragon turned to his trainer, baring a toothy grin as Pikachu gave him a thumbs up from Ash's shoulder. "I don't know what that thing is, and to be honest I don't care. Get rid of it; Draco Meteor!"

Orange energy beginning to permeate his body, Garchomp gave his trainer a brief nod, turning to face the eye of the hurricane that hung before them. The lightning had stopped, the only blinding blue remaining on the beach being the stray bolts that would leap between clouds.

It was almost as though the thing in the sky had noticed its attack wasn't working, and was now watching as a glowing orb began to form before the Mach Pokémon's mouth. Had it never faced a Ground Type before?

With a roar of his name, Garchomp tilted his neck; nothing but a straight line between him and the center of the abnormality. Much to the nature of its firer, the attack screamed towards the Heavens at an almost blinding rate, impacting heavily against whatever was up there.

With an explosion far more volatile than any thunder had been that day, the orb detonated as it entered the clouds, every faux meteor slamming into the being above with the force of a speeding bus. Garchomp couldn't help the predatory smile that spread across his face; the number of species that would be able to dodge an attack of that speed could be counted on one of his trainer's hands. His mastery was his pride; an achievement among those who shared both his name and his knowledge of that move.

Both Pokémon and their trainer, as well as the crowd they'd unconsciously accumulated, watched the sky with varying levels of bated breath, awaiting retaliation from what had so callously thrown down the likes of lightning upon their world.

The clouds and smoke above their head dispersed, revealing to all an empty sky.

Garchomp tilted his head whilst Ash closed his eyes, allowing Aura to seep through his body. He wasn't that good at using the Sight yet, but ever those wettest behind the ears of Guardian training would be able to sense the likes of a legendary Pokémon, should one be in their immediate location.

Breathing out a sigh, Ash opened his eyes, nodding to Pikachu as he held up a Poké Ball.

"Garchomp." He called, grabbing his friend's attention, "whatever it was, you scared it off. Thank you."

Garchomp raised a claw to his forehead in a salute, his eyes not leaving the sky even as he was sucked into his 'Ball.

"That was...interesting." Ash commented, turning back to the building he'd seen his human companions disappear into. Before his Aura enhanced brain had time to register, arms had circled around his chest, a forehead being pressed into his chest.

"Ash! Are you OK!?" Even with her voice slightly muffled, identifying the woman took no effort on Ash's behalf. When had he become taller than his mother?

"Don't worry, I'm fine." As Pikachu rubbed his cheek against Delia's hair, Ash looked out over his mother's head, raising an eyebrow as he spotted Professor Oak deep in discussion with a woman he'd never seen before.

Well, Ash mused, three guesses as to who this colleague is...


Ash and Delia stared up at the building before them, identical expressions of awe on their face.

It was huge! Easily, the entirety of Oak's lab would have been able to fit within the walls, and there would still be room to spare. What sort of research required this amount of room?

Professor Juniper, as she had been introduced, strode through the doors, Professor Oak having fallen into step beside her. Behind the duo, mother and son were still looking around, trying to burn as many of these new memories into their mind as possible.

Though one of them had traveled through half the world, it was in the Ketchum DNA to be amazed at new things. Specifically, the scientific equipment.

The car ride from the small airport to the laboratory had been nothing if not eventful. Many new species of Pokémon, some not even Oak had seen, surrounded them as they drove, through a forest and past a large lake. Ash had wasted no time in handing his Pokédex to Professor Juniper, after she had confirmed that upgrading it with information on Unova native breeds was possible.

Professor Oak smiled through the exchange. Even with Ash's enthusiasm and other motives, his dream was coming closer to fruition with every new adventure his young friend departed on.

Pikachu easily leapt from Ash's shoulder, landing lightly on a table that Juniper had indicated, just before she left the room. He felt fine, even with so much electricity pressing down on him, but their new friend had insisted. Nobody wanted problems that could easily be prevented to arise.

"Osha?" Everyone's attention, human or otherwise, was instantly at the door, watching as a small Pokémon many of them had never seen before cautiously entered the room. After no movement had been made for a succession of seconds, Delia was crouched before it, carefully running a hand across its head.

"You're so cute!" Maturity won through in her voice; she was stating a fact, not gushing over a Pokémon's appearance. Totally.

Looking particularly less bewildered, the small Pokémon allowed himself to be lifted carefully into the air, calling out happily in greeting as Pikachu waved enthusiastically.

"That's Oshawott." Professor Juniper walked through the door once again, pushing a button on one of the many keyboards within the room. A faint glow appeared on the table underneath Pikachu, moving back and forth smoothly as it scanned him. "He's one of the Pokémon that new trainers in Unova can receive."

Ash stroked the Oshawott as it leapt on top of the table Pikachu was seated on, taking caution to remain a safe distance away. He looked young; easily spooked. Though he seemed to love the attention he was receiving right now.

"I want to know more about Unova." Ash commented, snorting in amusement as Oshawott leapt cleanly from the table and on top of his head. Before anything else could be said, both boy and freeloader went cross-eyed, something red dropping down in front of their faces.

"Fully upgraded and awaiting use." Professor Juniper smiled, returning to bow that Ash gave her in thanks. As she turned back to the machines, the doors opened once more, admitting a rather rotund man in a white lab coat.

"Professor Juniper." The man smiled as Oshawott waved one stumpy arm, waiting as the woman in question turned off whatever had been scanning Pikachu, nodding to the small Pokémon.


"You have a visitor. A young trainer, I believe he received his first Pokémon here two years ago." The man glanced towards the ceiling, searching through his memory. "He said his name was...Fall? no... ah! Trip!"


OK, was this kid just a member of the paparazzi in disguise or something?

Ash and Trip stood at opposite ends of the field that made up part of Professor Juniper's lab, a Poké Ball held in each of their hands. Their meeting had been pleasant enough, with Professor Juniper suggesting they hold a battle to commemorate the event. The two teenagers had decided on a full six on six match, with Trip downright demanding that Pikachu be used at some point in the battle.

Even all the way in Unova, news of powerful Pokémon traveled quickly. The boy before him had managed to defeat two legendaries in his last league, before dropping from the face of the competitive world purely to train. Not even to mention, the Pikachu that had been hitching a ride on his shoulder had taken out not just any legendary, but a Latios? Those things were built for offense!

He was excited. More so than he could remember being. He himself came close to members of the Elite Four here in Unova, if his tournament placings were anything to go by. To meet someone that could surpass that, whilst visiting someone else purely to thank them for a deed two years ago?

He couldn't shake the feeling that some incredibly luck had just befallen him, in the form of the most powerful rival he could think of.

"This will be a six on six match!" Professor Oak, the voluntary referee for the match, called out. "Substitutions are only allowed once an opponent's Pokémon is knocked out, and once all the Pokémon on one side are unable to battle, the match is over. Now...begin!"

Simultaneously, both trainers threw their Poké Balls high, their voices mingling into one glaring challenge.

"Let's go, Conkeldurr!"

"I choose you, Heracross!"

Both Fighting Type Pokémon landed on the field with heavy thuds, their eyes locking silently. Behind both their backs, trainers mimicked their Pokémon, both daring the other to move first.

With identical smirks, both teenagers pointed forth, the most important command in two years leaving their lips.

"Stone Edge!"


I like Trip. Bit of a disrespectful ass, but really against canon Ash he has every right to be.

I'll say everything I have to say now, seeing as the chapter is done. You don't have to read this part, but I would appreciate it if you did. It's rather lengthy, though.

First up, this is the first story that I'm writing for Pokémon. I've loved the games (and to a lesser extent, the anime) for more than a decade now. Though to be quite honest, I almost completely gave up on said anime with the start of Unova.

Was Ash dropped on his head as a baby? Serious question here. Anyway.

You all know what I'm about to say, and if you don't, spoilers. How the Hell did Pikachu get his ass handed to him by a Snivy with no experience, being commanded by a trainer with no experience, when in the last season he took out a damn Latios? Oh shit look out he's got a camera be afraid. Also, I've got the strangest feeling that catching a Latios in that universe takes at least some skill as a trainer, especially when that trainer's Darkrai destroyed an entire top level competition almost singlehandedly.

Because he lost his electricity? What kind of excuse is that? Zekrom could have left Pikachu stuck in a wheelchair, breathing through a tube, and still Snivy wouldn't have won as easily as it had. Actually, it still would have lost, and nothing can convince me otherwise.

I'm not even going to bring up Regice. Just...whatever.

I'm going to incorporate some things from Black and White 2 into this story, mainly Iris' position within the League and some game locations that are visited early. Such as Floccesy Ranch, for...reasons. Cough cough overused trope cough.

Moving on, I'm going to be aging the characters. Staying ten forever is fine, but I need some reason to mature Ash a little bit or else I'm going to go insane. As such, he will be a sixteen year old, which if you're not well aware is dangerously far within teenager territory. The best part? Options for shipping are open. I'm not going to write a harem, but there may be multiple separate relationships. Or, there could be none at all. Feel free to leave your option in a review or PM them to me.

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Also, going back to Iris. She annoys me. So she's not being a travel companion. She's also Champion, though Ash isn't going to know that. Cilan, however, probably will end up traveling with Ash. He's no Brock, but honestly nobody can stand up to Brock. Plus, let's be real, Ash needs a companion who can cook. Unless there's an episode that shows he can cook, I'm not sure he'd be too interested in learning.

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