As you can probably see, I changed the summary for this fic. It now features a bright, shiny discontinued sign. The reason for this is very simple, not too complex at all.

I never planned on finishing this fic. The only reason I've kept on updating it is because I didn't realise that.

I never put any effort into this fic. At all. It was always just there for my own entertainment, and I just don't get any entertainment out of writing it anymore. And seeing as I'm not getting paid for this and I'm not selfless enough to keep pumping time into it, I'm pulling the plug.

I'm not gonna delete the story. Just because nothing will ever be added to it, doesn't mean I'm embarrassed with it. What I will do at some point, maybe, is rewrite it, with actual effort and planning. Longer, more fleshed out chapters, less vague scenes, and a better layout in general.

I'm thinking I'll call it Grey.

So, hey. Sorry for wasting your time up till this point. Hopefully you had a few good laughs along the way. If not, well, not really my problem.

See you in the rewrite that may or may not be brought to life.