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SUMMARY: Not sure if this is a sequel to Willow the movie, but perhaps just a continuation. It takes place 16 years after the film and Elora Danan is all grown up, and a new evil is brewing in the land…something perhaps far worse than Queen Bavmorda. Elora must venture out by herself, (with a few companions along the way) to find and destroy this new evil.

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* * *

"Absolutely not!"


"No daughter of mine is going!"

"Willow," Kaiya said gently, "calm down."

"Calm down!" Willow boomed.

Elora touched Willow's arm, "she'll be with me, I'll take care of her I promise."

Willow looked at Elora then back to Mims who was standing with her arms folded, tears shone in her eyes and she shook her head.

"I told you!" Mims said and her mother wrapped her arms around her daughters shoulders.

"She must come with me," Elora blurted, "she has to, please."

"It's no use Elora," Bramwell snapped, "he's made up his mind."

Elora opened her mouth, but she couldn't think of anything else to say. She felt frustrated tears flood her eyes. Sticks who was standing in the breast pocket of her mantel patted her shoulder, trying his best to console her.

"Oh for--" Willow exclaimed, exasperated. He sighed and pushed his plate away, all of a sudden (not surprisingly) he wasn't hungry anymore. He sighed again, he knew he was just being stubborn--Willow knew as well as any father that one day he would have to let his children go. Let them find their own way in the world, he just never imagined it Mims path would be the same as his. "Do you have to go right away? You just got here."

Elora opened her mouth again to argue and Mims sniffled and stopped crying. Kaiya was looking at Willow in surprise.

"Well," Willow said trying to hide his smile.

A wide smile spread across Mims face and she ran over to her father, flinging her arms around his neck. Elora let out a sigh of relief, soon she thought, soon we'll be on our way. (so she likes to state the obvious).

* * *

"What's the matter?" Elora asked early the next morning, despite Willow trying to talk her into staying another night Elora insisted that they had to get on their way.

Mims was staring at Kanon with apprehension, she looked over at Elora. "Did I forget to tell you that I hate horses."

Elora smiled at Mims, "don't worry, he won't hurt you."

"He's just so... big." Mims suddenly felt very foolish, "I'm sorry."

Elora laughed, "whatever for? To overcome your fears Mims you have to face them."

"Just be thankful you aren't afraid of dragons," Ranon interjected.

"Here," Kaiya said handed Mims a pack, "I packed you both sandwiches and water," Mims knew her mother was trying to put on a brave face but her shaking hands gave away her fear. She took the pack and slung it up onto her shoulders.

"Goodbye Mother," Mims said, giving her mother a tight hug.

"Do," Kaiya's voice caught, she looked from her daughter to Elora, "do take care."

"I will," Mims turned to her father.

"There's my big girl," he said pulling her into a tight hug. Mims felt her her eyes burning and she blinked away the tears. She smiled at her brother who smiled back.

"Come back okay?" He asked, "otherwise, who would I have to tease?"

Elora laughed and Willow took his wife's hand and wrapped his other arm around his son.

"Are you ready?" Elora asked and Mims nodded.


To be continued…

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