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The Hope of Family

Chapter One

Mrs Hudson got up from the table and over to the sink, putting her lunch plate into the hot water and began to clean it. She hummed a little as she washed the few dishes that she had used since that morning. She couldn't help but let her mind wander to the two boys, as she called them, who lived in the flat above her. She had heard them again last night, and she had taken to using earplugs most nights, but had forgotten them last night. She had begun to think about sound proofing the flat above. Mrs Hudson was quite happy that the two of them were finally together, but she didn't want to hear them as much as she had been. She looked out into the little yard at the back of her home and froze.

She dropped the plate she was washing and the sponge back into the water and quickly dried her hands. She went out of her back door, shivering a little at the cold and knelt down. It was real, it wasn't her imagination. She jumped up and rushed back inside needing to get the boys to help. To afraid of doing more harm to do anything more.

"John!" she called out as she moved through her kitchen, not really believing what she was seeing on the cold October afternoon. She rushed out of her flat and up the stairs, as quick as her hip would let her, "John!" she called again, louder this time as she came half way up the stairs.

"Mrs Hudson?" John queried as he went to the door to see what was wrong with their landlady.

"There, in the yard, there's a baby, a little boy." she said softly, her eyes filling with tears, "please, come quick. I didn't want to touch him in case I hurt him," she told him as she rushed down the stairs again John and Sherlock following her. She went to the open door in the kitchen and showed them outside. John moved quickly as he saw the unconscious child lying there, almost tucked behind the bins, trying to keep warm.

"Oh," John said, as he looked him over determining that it would be all right to move him. He quickly picked the child up. "So light." he murmured as he went back inside and up to 221B. "Sherlock, get that thick blanket of yours out here. He's frozen." he said as he was rubbing the limbs a little, hoping to warm him up a bit. John started to check him over, trying to find out all that was wrong with the child.

"I'll get some warm water, so you can clean him up John. He is filthy, wonder what he was doing there." Mrs Hudson said as she looked to the small child, "He's only a baby." she tutted, wondering who could let a child so young out in the cold weather.

John looked to her and smiled, "Thank you Mrs Hudson," he told her as he looked back to the child and began to note the injuries the child had.

Sherlock walked back inside and kept the blanket to one side for a moment as Mrs Hudson soon made her way back into the room, with a bowl of warm water and John's first Aid Kit, which was a little more well stocked than most would be. John went to the water and began to clean the child up slowly and carefully, he winced every time the child made a small murmured of pain.

"It's all right little one, shush," he said softly as he hoped to keep the child in some semblance of sleep while he cleaned him up.

"What's wrong with him John?" Sherlock asked as he looked to his partner and then to the child on the sofa.

"I don't believe anything is broken. But I think he has a sprained wrist and twisted ankle. A number of bruises, and it wouldn't surprise me if some of his ribs were bruised as well. I'd like to see him have a few x-rays to make sure that nothing is broken. But there are a number of cuts as well. I..." he sighed as he knew that the child had been abused, there could be no other reason for the condition of the child.

"Abused," Sherlock said softly as he knelt down next to the sofa as John began to clean the cuts that were dotted around the child that was now undressed on the sofa. "his clothes belonged to someone else before him. Someone who was a lot larger than he is." he observed as he looked the child and the clothes over, that were now in the corner of the room, out of the way. "How old would you say he is?" he then asked as he glanced over to John.

"He looks about two, maybe three. But in his condition, I don't really know. He could even be older. He's been starved by the look of it. You can count his ribs, he is so thin," he said as he began to clean the cuts with some solution, causing the child to try and shy away from him and the hand that was cleaned them out. "looks like a few of them are infected as well." he said as he came across one that was oozing slightly.

Mrs Hudson looked to the men and then to the child, "who could do such a thing to a child, he looks adorable. Too cute to hurt." she said as she brushed a few tears away as she went a little closer to gently run her hand through messy black hair, "John?" she said as she pulled the fringe away and let him look.

"What?" he puzzled as he saw the scar on the childs forehead, "Who... A toddler, a baby. How could someone carve such a thing into a babies head." he said shaking his head and trying to keep the anger he was feeling inside. He took a shaky breath to calm himself down and carried on treating the cuts that he could reach.

Sherlock placed a hand on John's shoulder as he said, "Monsters, monsters do that. I want to find the ones that have harmed this child. I will do so," he said as he made a vow to find the ones that had hurt a child and to make sure that they would pay for what they had done.

"You better Sherlock," John said as he looked to the scar that was shaped like a lightning bolt and shook his head, "I know you will Sherlock. I know you will, and I'll help you on that." he said as he turned angry and upset blue eyes towards his lover.

Sherlock nodded as the two turned back to the child, "Let's finish cleaning him up." he said softly.

John nodded as he finished cleaning the front, "Sherlock. I need you to pick him up so I can get to his back. Hold him and see if you can't keep him calm." he said as he looked to Sherlock, "I have no doubt that if he wakes up, he'll be scared of us."

Sherlock nodded his head as he leaned forwards and picked the child up. Settling him on his chest so that John could get to his back. John began to clean away the dirt that had ground into the childs skin. Though he couldn't clean it all away, a bath would be able to do that. John started to clean up the cuts, treating them one by one.

"It's all right little one," Sherlock said softly as the child was once again beginning to wake a little. He carried on talking softly, in a soothing way, as he kept the child in a half asleep state.

John finished cleaning and covering some of the larger ones up. He knew that they would have to go to the hospital with him, to get them all properly sorted. He knew some of them would need to be stitched. "Done," he sighed as he looked to Sherlock. "Let's lie him back down and cover him up. He's still cold. I'm going to put the heating on a little higher for a bit in here." he said as he got up and went over to the controls and turn it all up a little more.

Sherlock lay the toddler back down gently and covered him up. "There," he said a soft smile on his face as the toddler went back into a deeper sleep.

"I think he's exhausted to be honest." John said as he came back over to the two people and settled down on the floor again, to watch over the child.

"From what he has been through, I wouldn't blame him." Sherlock said as he had recognised a few of the markings on the childs back. John had recognised them as well. Not something you would expect to see on a child.

John reached out to Sherlock and took hold of his hand and held it tightly, "Yeah." he sighed as he leaned back against him and Sherlock wound an arm around his waist and held him against his chest, as they both looked over the child on the sofa.

"I think we need to call the police," Mrs Hudson said as she looked from the child to the two men.

Sherlock and John both nodded, "Yeah." John murmured as Sherlock pulled out his phone and sent a quick text to Lestrade. It took a little while, but one came back saying he was on his way to Baker Street, curious as to what was going on.

"Lestrade is on his way, I would prefer to talk to him about this as he may be able to help more. He is one of the more competent men on the force." Sherlock said as he looked to John and Mrs Hudson.

The three went silent as they waited for Lestrade to arrive and to see what they could do next to help the child.

Well, another one for you to read. I do hope you will enjoy it. And I will be taking very big liberties with British Social Services.