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This is set after Harry's first year at Hogwarts and after Season Two of Sherlock, with Sherlock returned, and no Mary.

Pillar to Post

Chapter One

Vernon scowled, as his nephew walked into his home after his first year at Hogwarts. He was about to pull his trunk up the stairs and to his room when Vernon grabbed it and threw it into the cupboard under the stairs. He locked the door and watched his nephew, almost daring him to say something. Harry said nothing as Vernon then grabbed his small nephews arm and dragged him up the stairs and towards the bedroom that they had given him last year. He threw him inside and locked the door behind him. Vernon went back down the stairs to his wife and son. He wanted the freak out of his home and he wanted that to happen now and not later. He had taken a promotion and he needed to move. he had tried to find a place for Harry, but so far he had no luck. He looked to his wife as he sat down on his favorite chair.

"Tea Vernon?" Petunia asked him a soft smile on her face as she looked to her husband.

"Yes please Petunia," he smiled back to her as she got up and went to the kitchen, he looked to his pride and joy, who was sitting watching cartoons on the telly once again, "Are you going out with Piers later?" he asked him.

"Yeah dad, we're going to the library," he lied as he looked to his dad and put on a fake innocent smile.

"You're a good lad for making sure to take care of your education." He nodded in pride as his wife came back with a tea set and set it down on the coffee table, "thank you Pet," he told her as she poured the tea for them.

"He is locked up isn't he?" she asked as she handed him a delicate china cup, one that had belonged to her mother.

"Yes dear, he is. We needn't worry about him for now. Just put something through the flap like I told you to." He smiled as he went through the problem of his nephew in his head, he had no one that they could foster the boy onto except for his sister and he knew that she would never agree to it. "Petunia?" he queried as he looked over to her.

"What is it Vernon?" she asked pleasantly as she sat down with her own cup of tea.

"Do you have any other family that would be able to take the boy in. If I'm going to take that promotion in America, the we need to find him a home." He said as he hoped his wife would have an answer for him.

Petunia thought for a moment, "Well there is Aunt Violet. I know she has two sons. I haven't had anything to do with that side of the family since I was a teenager. Our parents had a falling out when my mother married my father, but Grandma would always get the two sides together every now and then." She said as she got up and went over to the oak cabinet and opened it up. She took out a little black book that had old numbers in it and looked for her Aunts number. "Ah, here is her number. I don't know if it's the same now. But we could always call her and see if it her, we can ask if one of them could take the freak in. If not we can just leave him here, he can take care of himself. He's old enough." She said as she handed if over to her husband to look at.

"It is still early in the day, so I'll call her now." He nodded as he got up and went to the phone out in the hallway. He rang the number and waited for someone to pick up.

"Hello," came a male voice on the other end.

"Sorry, I am looking for a Violet, I don't have a last name. I know that she had a sister called Rosalie."

"I'm Siger Holmes, her husband. I remember Rosalie, but may I ask who you are?" he said, his voice was smooth and almost friendly.

"I'm Vernon Dursley. I married Petunia Evens, Rosalie's eldest daughter. We are looking for family that might be able to take in Harry, our nephew and Rosalie's youngest daughters son. We have no other family and he needs to remain in England so he can go to school. Unfortunately I have been given a position in America. So I need to move over there. Do you know if there is anyone in the family that would be able to take Harry in at all, he is almost twelve now," He rushed out, as he tried to explain everything in one go, and not seem like he was just trying to get rid of the child.

"You shall have to speak with Violet about that." He said as he added, "I'll go and get her and explain it to her." With that the line went silent.

It took almost fifteen minutes for someone to pick up the phone again, "Hello Mr Dursley," came a pleasant voice that reminded Vernon of Rosalie.

"Hello," he said, a little scared he had to admit, if this went wrong they would just leave the boy he knew. And that didn't sit too well with the man. He may not like his nephew, but he couldn't just abandon him as Petunia suggested.

"I understand that you are not able to take care of your nephew anymore?" she asked him.

"No we're not. We'll be moving to America very soon if things go well. My office has already sorted most of it out, the only thing they can't do was to find a home for Harry." He told her, hoping she would have the solution to his problems.

"I'll come and retrieve the child tomorrow with my husband. Do be prepared with everything he has. I need all the paper work as well. Make sure that it is ready by tomorrow noon." She told him, she could hear the almost desperate plea in his voice to take the child from him. She thought it might be the better idea to take him and then ask her eldest to make sure he found the child a good home. She wouldn't be able to cope with a child again, no matter how much she would like to do so. She did miss having her boys around her.

"I'll make sure everything is ready for you." He sighted in relief, happy that someone would take him from them.

"Then my husband and I shall see you tomorrow, along with your wife and nephew." She told him as she then added, "Good bye."

"Bye and thank you." He said as he put the phone down and went back into the living room. "They'll take him." He laughed as he sat down. "I'm going to get to work on getting the paper work together to make sure that they can take him. You can go and tell him that he will be leaving us tomorrow." He told his wife as he drank the rest of his tea and then got to work on the paper work.

Petunia smiled as she got up and went up the stairs to the bedroom they had given her nephew. She unlocked the door and walked in. She looked to the child that was sat on the bed, an owl on his arm, talking to her softly. He turned green eyes towards him, once again reminding her of the sister she had lost to a world that she couldn't follow and protect her from. She bit down the wave of grief once more and hardened herself against the green eyes.

"You'll be leaving us tomorrow. My Aunt will be taking you in. Your Great Aunt Violet will be here tomorrow to come and pick you up with her husband. I expect that you will behave for her and that you will inform her of your freakiness after we are gone in around two weeks." She told him as she looked at him.

He looked a little pale, wondering how the new people would be like. His only answer to her was a nod in agreement of not saying anything about Magic until two weeks had passed, and that there would be no way for him to be sent back to them.

"Vernon has received a promotion and we will be moving to America in a week and a half. Everything will be sorted by then and then you can tell them and not before." Petunia tells him as she goes to the door to leave him, "I will put some soup through the door at dinner time. And make sure that owl doesn't leave any mess in the room." She added as she closed the door behind her.

Harry grimaced as he heard he clicks of the locks. He looked from the door back to his owl, "Hedwig, I don't know what to make of this. I don't know what I should do. Should I get in contact with Dumbledore. I may have to let you roam, you might not be able to stay with me at all." He said as he looked more and more worried about what lay ahead of him.

Hedwig gave a comforting hoot as she sidled up to him and rubbed her head against his, causing the child to smile a little at his owls affection towards him.

"Thank you," he said as he stood up and walked over to the cage and let her hope back inside. "You stay there girl." He sighed as he went back to the bed and looked out of the window. Wondering if he should contact someone and tell them what was going on. Though he didn't think that Ron or Hermione would be able to help him with this problem. He would just have to wait and see what his Great Aunt Violet and her husband were like.

Well, I do hope you have enjoyed the beginning of this one. This one is finished, so I shall be posting once a week on a Wednesday. I do hope that you enjoy it.