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Chapter twenty-nine

John and Sherlock lay awake once again. Harry had been dreaming a little during the night, but with the two of them either side of him, they had been able to soothe away the nightmares before they threatened to disturb Harry too much. John wished he had some potions on hand. He hadn't made any for a while since he very rarely used them. And he had been second in his year for that class. The two looked at each other as Harry started to whimper in his sleep again.

Sherlock rubbed his back gently as Sherlock began to rub his back soothingly as the two of them murmured words to calm him, "It's all right Harry, you are safe back at Baker Street, it's all right. We're both here with you, so you don't have to worry at all," Sherlock said as John said something similar over and over again.

Harry sighed deeply in his sleep as he settled down again once more. The two shared a small smile. Harry had woken up briefly for about half hour earlier, but he hadn't said a thing to either of them, except to smile at them and sighed happily as he cuddles the two of them.

"I'm worried," Sherlock said as he looked down to the child and then over to his fiance.

John nodded his head in agreement, "I know, so am I but I think this is something that he will have to deal with mostly on his own. We'll be there for him, there's no question about that though," he said, getting a grunt of an answer from Sherlock as he was lying down fully again moving closer to Harry and pulling him closer and reaching for John.

John complied and lay down with him. They drifted for a little while, Harry sleeping between then as he carried on his fitful and restless sleep. The two men had felt like they were in a nightmare when they had realised he was gone. But when he had appeared like he did before them, it had shocked John. He sighed as he settled down and slowly drifted off to sleep.


Harry woke up slowly, he felt warm and safe. He smiled as he recognised the scents that belonged to John and Sherlock. He opened his eyes and sighed in relief as he saw the two men on either side of him He was home, he really was home. He sighed in contentment as he huddled further into the blankets. He felt movement on either side of him. He looked around again as he saw Sherlock and John get up. He reached out for his glasses that had been placed on John's bedside table and picked them up smiling as he saw the two of them.

"Welcome back," John said. He could tell that Harry was more with it that he had been during the night when he had woken up for a little while.

Harry smiled and nodded, "Thanks," he said, his voice quiet as he started to get out of the bed. John helped him a little.

"Right, you are to rest on the sofa and not do anything else but that. Do you understand me, Harry?" John told him, his voice firm, but filled with worry.

Harry looked at him and could see the worry in his blue eyes, he nodded his head and agreed to it as he felt someone behind him pick him up and hold him closer. The arms were shaking slightly as they held him tightly. "Sherlock?"

"You are not allowed to disappear on us again. I don't think I could take it. I couldn't think, you weren't where you were supposed to be and I couldn't think. I couldn't figure out where you were because I was so worried about you," Sherlock said as he gave a little sigh and held him even tighter for a moment, as though he was reassuring himself that Harry was really there with them.

"Okay, I'll do my best not to get kidnapped again," Harry smiled at him, hoping to reassure him. He knew he was shaking like a leaf inside just as much as John and Sherlock were.

Sherlock took him to the sofa and was about to leave him when Harry grabbed him, "Don't leave me alone," he said as John was already out of sight in the kitchen making breakfast. The fear of being alone and vulnerable bubbling to the surface as soon as it looked like he was going to be alone in the living room. He knew that he was safe, but there was still a part of him that was scared.

Sherlock nodded and sat down on the sofa, he let Harry crawl into his lap and curl up against him before he wrapped his arms around him and rubbed his back hoping to call him a little more. John came back in with something light for them all for breakfast. Sherlock let Harry eat on his lap, not caring since he knew that Harry needed the comfort at the moment. There were footsteps on the stairs as Lestrade and Mycroft came into the room. Both of them smiled at the family and sat down, though Mycroft quickly made the two of them some tea and coffee. It wasn't often that the British Government would make you some coffee and Lestrade enjoyed every sip.

Harry finished his breakfast and knew that he would need to tell Lestrade what happened. He waited for the man ask before he began to explain, "When you were knocked out, they grabbed me before I could yell out and run. They put something over my mouth, I just fell asleep. Well, it felt like I fell asleep," he said, "I woke up in the place I had been in, a cell as far as I'm concerned. They said that you would be watching and scratching your heads when you couldn't think of a way to find me. I... I used my magic, when I meditate I can sometimes feel it. I could feel my magic just below the surface wanting to help. So I used it. I used it to throw them back and I began to imagine being back here. I felt like the life was being squeezed out of me and then everything went black. What happened after that, or how I got home I don't know," he said shrugging his shoulders wondering a little of how they had found him.

"Well, you apparated yourself here," John told him "You basically teleported from where you were being kept to right here in the living room of 221b Baker Street. You did really good as far as I'm concerned," he said as he smiled proudly at the child that was still sitting on Sherlock's lap.

"I've done that before you know when I was eight, ended up on the school roof, got in so much trouble," Harry said with a slight smile. "He wanted to get back at you, you know," he said as he then looked up to Sherlock. "He looked like Moriarty though. He said he wasn't, but you had killed his little brother and you were going to pay for what you had done to him," he shivered a little as he thought of the man.

"How much did he looked like Jim Moriarty?" Sherlock asked him, wondering if Harry would be able to tell if there was any difference at all.

"I couldn't really tell, they look very alike. Though I think the other one's eyes were more crazed. This one, his eyes were, I don't know how to explain it," he paused for a moment trying to think of the words he needed, "Menacing…" he shrugged, not really able to do so. "He said that he took me to get back at you, Sherlock, because you care about me. He wants you to pay for what happened to his little brother," Harry explained to him.

Sherlock and the others shared a look. The trouble with Moriarty wasn't really over, they had just been dealing with a part of the larger picture. They looked at Harry, he had been the one to pay the price of what they had done in the past. Harry looked at them all and shook his head.

"I know what you are all thinking," he said as he looked at the grown-ups. "You can't protect me from this. I know you want to. But you need to think of what to do next. He is going to do all he can to come after you Sherlock, and do something to hurt you. It might be me or it might be John he goes after. And you can't wrap us up and lock us away, so work at figuring it out," Harry said as he looked at John who nodded.

"We will do what we can to keep you safe, and you all the do the same. Mycroft can you make sure that there will be someone on Mrs Hudson as well. She was out with Mrs Turner last night, I don't know if she came back," John said as he looked a little worried.

"She did," Mycroft told him, "And I will make sure to do so. For now, why don't you rest and look after each other for a while? Rest while you have this chance," he told them as he stood up.

"I'll be doing what I can to help you as always Sherlock," Lestrade said as he too stood up to let the family have some peace for themselves.

"I shall be talking to your superiors about Moriarty, so nothing like last time can happen again," Mycroft said as he and Lestrade walked out of the flat. Leaving the three alone to process what had happened and the new threat that was now lurking on the horizon.

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