The ninja were doing their daily training, on board Destiny's Bounty. Each did his own thing, Sensei Wu observing. That's when Nya came running out, along with Lloyd.

"Guys! Serpentine are attacking in the city!" She yelled, panicked.

The guys all stopped everything they were doing, coming over to face Nya and Lloyd.

"Where at, sis?" Kai asked.

"They're attacking the people at the skate park!" Lloyd yelled, beating Nya to it.

"Then that's where we're headed." Cole stated firmly, before they all took off. One by one, each one of them jumped over the edge of their flying ship, screaming joyfully, loving the adrenaline. They all swung their golden weapons around, summoning their own vehicle, before driving/flying off.


They pulled up to the skate park, seeing people fleeing like flies. Before anyone could say anything, a burst of dark purple light was seen, coming from the middle of the ramps in the park.

"Looks like the Serpentine found some smoke bombs..?" Jey tried, laughing lightly.

Zane shook his head lightly, scanning the area. "The matter is not smoke Jey," He used his robotic eye to zoom in. "It' element, much like our own!" He finished, surprising the others, as well as himself.

"C'mon then!" Cole led his team into the area.

Upon running in, they saw a hord of Serpentine surrounding a girl, who looked to be the same as them. They were getting ready to charge in and help her, but she did the unexpected.

"You are to come with ussss..!" A Serpentine hissed at her, as she sat on the ground, looking up at him.

"And I said, leave me alone, creep!" She yelled, her eyes glowing purple. A dark matter then shot from her hands, blasting the Serpentine away. She stood up abruptly, facing his stunned friends, before using...Spinjitsu?!

"Guys! S-she's a ninja, like us!" Jey pointed towards her, jumping around, excited.

"No dip, Sherlock!" Kai swatted him over the head, gaining a glare from the blue ninja.

More Serpentine started to show up, and the girl couldn't handle them all on her own. Cole took action, leading his team into battle. They fought the Serpentine easily, taking them all out in a matter of minutes. Upon defeating them, Cole looked to the girl. Only now did he get a good look at her.

Long blond hair, vibrant purple eyes, pale skin, pink lips, he could just stare at her for days! Not to mention her outfit. ( /cgi/set?id=134645365)

Pulling himself away from his thoughts, he looked her in the eye. "Ahem," He cleared his throat. "uh, you alright, Miss?" He asked.

The girl smiled, nodding. She was about to say something, when Jey got in her face. "Hey, you know Spinjitsu, we know Spinjitsu! We're ninja, are you a ninja too?!" He was way to excited for this.

"Jey, give her some space." Kai pushed the blue clad ninja out of the way, taking his spot next to his leader, the black clad ninja, Cole. "Hey, you're kinda hot up close.." Kai smirked, raking a hand through his spikey hair. "Name's Kai, you?"

"I'm Nikki.." She blushed lightly. "And to answer your friend's question: Yes. I am trained in the art of Spinjitsu. I'm no ninja, but I do try to help others." Nikki explained.

"Sweet!" Jey exclaimed.

"Pardon me," Zane walked over to her, gaining her attention. "but none of us have introduced ourselves." He stated. "I am Zane, the white ninja of ice. I-" but he was cut off, by Kai at that.

"And you already know I'm Kai...The red ninja of fire.." He purred.

"And I'm the blue ninja of lightning, Jey! Not only am I a ninja, but I dabble in poetry, a little cooking, touch of inventing, and-"

Now Cole cut him off. "More like mouth of lightning..." He rolled his eyes. "By the way, I'm Cole, black ninja of earth." He smiled.

"What is your element?" Zane quizzed.

"Erm, darkness...I'm a lot like my Uncle.." She rubbed her neck awkwardly.

"Oh, who's your Uncle?" Jey asked.

"Eh, Lord Garmadon..." She said sheepishly.

Well this certainly surprised the guys. They all yelled "What?! Then who's your father?!" All shocked. Nikki shrugged, crossing her arms over her chest. She explained how she was put into the orphanage as an infant, and doesn't remember her father.

Zane then began to scan over her.

"Erm, what's your friend doing..?" She asked, weirded out. It kind of looked like he was checking her out.

"Oh, he's a ninjroid." Jey shrugged.

"A what?"

"A ninjroid. A ninja, who's a robot...Or a robot that's a ninja."

Nikki somewhat understood. So in short, Zane was a robot. Ok, strange, yet cool. As Zane finished running his scanners over her, he said she had to be their Sensei's daughter! Everyone was shocked, as they tried to convince her to come back to Destiney's Bounty with them. She shrugged, thinking, why not..?

As the boys started to transform their weapons into vehicles again, Cole asked Nikki if she wanted to hop on with him. "Hey Nikki, wanna ride with me?" He was trying to be kind, yet he felt nervous when around her. How?! They just met!

"Uh, sure." She replied, hesitantily crawling into the huge car.

With that, the four took her to see Sensei Wu...

(A/N: I know, it sucks, but it's a work in progress deal. And for the record, this Ninjago story is like an anime or even real if you want, not the actual legos in the show :P Lol, ok, I'm done ranting)