OK, guys. Due to a number of disgruntled comments I've received, I will attempt to finish the story. See? I'm such
a softie! Please be patient with me though, as I really am pressed for time. I'll peg at it bit by bit. Originally,
I thought it would be a VERY short piece. That's why I decided to go ahead and start it despite the fact that I'd
starting school soon. That's for the person who wondered why on earth anyone would start a story they didn't
intend to finish. I really did intend to Zinger! The characters got completely out of my control!
I will do my best. I'm going to have to spend a little time becoming reacquainted with it tough. I will attempt to
update within the next week.
Not-So-Terribly-Manic Grace. Heck, the grace part is negotiable as well. Nah, I named myself
after a tiger I know. Tigers can do and be ANYTHING THEY WANT. Who's gonna argue?
Look at me babble. I'm shutting up effective immediately.