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1760- Haytham Kenway rides through the frontier, after spotting smoke coming from a familiar direction.

"Ziio" He thought to himself, after he noticed the fires coming from her village, and even though she had sent him away, he still deeply loved her.

As he finally reached the village, his worst fears were fulfilled as he saw t completely burning. He swiftly ran into the village searching frantically for the woman he loved

" Nihstenha!" he heard a voice cry out, and even though he did not understand the word, he recognized the tone, the tone of pain and sadness, the same voice he had possessed when his own father ,Edward, had been murdered. Haytham ran towards the voice, and eventually found a young boy trying to save what, he assumed was the boys mother. Then his eyes drifted onto the woman, and he instantly recognized her.

"Ziio" He said, in shock at seeing her , and coming to the realization of who the boy is.

"Haytham" she said, greatly surprised at seeing her once lover here, and now.

Haytham ran to her, and attempted to free her, but she waved him away

"No, protect him, protect our son" she said as she pointed at the boy. Haytham reluctantly stepped back, and as he saw the roof of the building begin to crack, he grabbed the boy and ran out of the burning structure. Ziio smiled sadly, as the building collapsed around her.

"At least the boy will have a father. Goodbye Ratonhake:ton, goodbye Haytham" and then, eternal darkness fell upon her, and Ziio was no more.

Later, after helping tend to the other villagers, Haytham talked with the clan mother, deciding the fate of the boy

"Are you sure of this? We will not stop you, but he will be missed." the clan mother said

"Yes, I'm sure, I owe it to not only Ziio, but to him as well to raise him well" Haytham responded, feeling a resolve inside him to raise the boy right. The clan mother gave a small smile before bringing up an interesting question.

"What will you call him, as you have a hard time with our names?" she said with curiosity.

"Hmm, Connor, I will call him Connor, if he likes it" he said giving his own smile. The clan mother asks someone to bring in Connor, and after he is brought in, the situation is explained to him. After a few moments of contemplation, Connor agrees, and quickly walks over to Haytham and gives him a warm hug, tears flowing down his face. Haytham smiles and returns the hug.

"I know who did this." Connor says quietly, but loud enough to be heard by those present.

"What, how?" asks the clan mother

"He attacked me in the forest, and choked me and tried to make me tell them the village's location before. He then knocked me out and when I woke up..." he left the sentence trail off. Haytham hugged Connor a little tighter.

"Who did this Connor?" Haytham asked, wanting to seek justice for the death of Ziio

"His name, was Charles Lee" Connor said, as Haytham stood there shocked and unbelieving.

Time-skip to 1768- Haytham was watching his young son train with the Master Templar Shay Cormac. He reminisced on how Shay had been very loyal, and an incredible ally and friend. He remembered how after Ziio's murder, he had confronted Charles about it, and after discovering what his son said was true, Haytham attempted to attack Charles, some of the Templars aligned with Charles, believing that Haytham was to soft to be Grand Master. Lucky for him, Shay had listened to the whole argument, as he had just returned from a mission where he stole the Precursor box from the Assassin's. Shay quickly allied with Haytham, and with that what would be known as "The Colonial Templar Civil War" began.

The two factions had fought for a while, until late into the year 1767, when during an assault on Charles base, that Haytham and Shay cornered Charles on his ship which he was going to escape in. They showed no mercy. Great rejoicing took place as Haytham then attempted to reunify the factions. Though, Haytham was still wary of the Assassins, and as such had sent for aid from the French Templars, as his relationship with the British rite was tense after Reginald Birch's death. Haytham was snapped out of his thoughts as a courier arrived.

"Sir, I have two messages for you. One is from you sister,Jennifer, she says she says she has arrived in New York, and will arrive here tomorrow, the second is a letter from a Mister Francois de la Serre." The courier said, handing Haytham a letter.

Haytham opened the letter, and read it. He smiled happily, knowing support would be coming soon, and chuckling to himself as he read of how Francois had met Jennifer on the voyage, and they would be arriving together, and that he was bringing his baby daughter, Elise, along.

"Train them while they're young" he said to himself before yelling down to Connor "Connor, that's enough, get cleaned and ready for bed, your aunt is visiting tomorrow." Connor smiled,nodded and went towards his room.

While this was happening, a group of hooded people gathered around a fire, discussing their plans.

"So it is settled, we strike tomorrow." One said. He is tall, black and gives off a feeling of power

"Good, Shay and his new order will pay for Kessegowasse's death." said a distinctively female voice.

"And let us not forget Le Chasseur, he was a useful informant" Said a man, with a thick French accent.

"And Adewale, a man who personified our creed." said a tall man with an Irish accent.

"Priority targets are Shay, Haytham, and Francois .Remember, follow our creed, for tomorrow it will serve us well" said the first one

"Nothing is true, Everything is permitted." They said in unison as they left for their tents.

The next day, Francois and Jennifer arrived at Haytham's home. Connor ran out and greeted his aunt, and decided to show her around . Jennifer laughed and took baby Elise off Francois's hands as she followed Connor around the rather large abode. Haytham had been smiling the entire time, though his face turned serious as he looked Francois in the eye.

"So, let's come inside and discuss what you have brought" Haytham said in a serious tone as he led Francois inside. Francois nodded his head, also with a serious face. When they entered, Francois immediately pulled a glowing orb out of his satchel. Haytham recognized it immediately. He new that it was none other than an Apple of Eden.

"It was given to me by one of our order members from Spain, and he told me that he was unfit to decide its fate. I am unsure what to do with it, as it could be useful to the order." Francois spoke in a thoughtful tone.

"No, no man, no matter their beliefs, should hold that much power. The disasters in Haiti and Lisbon proved that. I will write a letter for our man in Spain to tell him of our decision." Haytham said with a tone of authority. Francois nodded his head in agreement after a few seconds of thinking.

"Ah yes, I heard that your man Shay Cormac was there in Lisbon" Francois said as he handed the apple to Haytham slowly. Haytham then pulled out a key and used it to unlock a safe under his desk.

"Yes, and when he gets here he shall take this apple out to sea and drop it to the bottom of the ocean, where no one will ever find it." Haytham said as he placed the apple and the letter in the safe. After that, Connor arrived with Jennifer, the latter then handed a giggling Elise back to her father, who happily accepted. The front door then opened and Shay entered.

"Ah, Shay, I wold you to meet Grand master de la Serre, and my sister Jennifer." he motioned to the people in question, and after they exchanged greetings, Haytham went to speak.

"Now I have an important job for you Shay, you must.." Haytham was cut off as the sound of cannon fire reached them, and the manor began to shake.

"The Assassins are attacking!" one of the manor's guards screamed as the group ran to the window to see a ship bombarding the base.

"Damn it! Connor, take your aunt, Francois and Elise to the underground escape tunnels!" Haytham said as Shay threw him his sword and pistol. Connor nodded grimly and attempted to lead them to the tunnels, only to be cut off when a cannonball came through the manor. Connor looked around and found his aunt, shaken but fine, while Francois was heavily injured. He grabbed Elise from Francois and handed her to Jenny, as he dragged de le Serre to the escape route entrance.

Haytham, meanwhile was parking orders at his men as the tried to defend the manor when another cannonball hit his desk, and opened the safe up. Just then, the door was kicked in, and then 4 hooded figures entered. They were none other than the Master Assassins Liam O'Brien , Hope Jensen, and Chevalier. Thought the man in front of them was their mentor, Achilles. Haytham and Shay drew their weapons, even though they were outnumbered they would not go down easy.

"Achilles, you old bastard! I should have expected you." Haytham shouted, pointing his sword at Achilles.

"Haytham Kenway, Shay Cormac, today is your last day in this world. Surrender now, and your deaths will be quick." Achilles said as he stared directly at the Templars.

"Like hell we will Achilles, you will not be allowed to find the precursor sites" Spoke Shay angrily as he prepared himself to fight.

"Quiet traitor, you have damned yourself to this fate with your insane beliefs" Chevalier said arrogantly, staring Shay in the eye.

"You betrayed everything we stood for Shay, and you will die." spoke Hope this time,as she slowly moved towards him.

"And along with you, the Templars will fall, and your evil shall end" Liam said. Haytham, having enough of this, lunged at Achilles, but was intercepted by Liam. Meanwhile, Shay, wielding his Bastard sword and dagger, entered combat against both Chevalier and Hope. While this was happening, Connor and the rest were watching the entire thing from the entrance to the tunnels. As they sat there, Francois, looked Jenny in the eye.

"Please, take care of Elise for me Jenny, you have that motherly charm about you." he said weakly with a sad smile as he finally succumbed to blood loss and passed on. Shocked, Jenny held Elise a little tighter, vowing to protect her. Connor watched on angrily, wishing he could help in some way.

Back with the fighting, Shay had caught a lucky break when a cannonball had hit a bookshelf, causing it to fall and trap Chevalier, letting Shay focus on Hope. Haytham, meanwhile had been dueling with Liam, and had manged to through him through a window. He then turned his attentions on Achilles, who had been looking for the precursor box. He attacked Achilles who, just had enough time to parry the blow. As they fought on, Achilles tackled Haytham into his desk, causing the Apple of Eden to be exposed. Achilles, recognizing this went to grab it, only for Haytham to stab his hand with his hidden blade. Haytham, picking up the apple, put the blade up to the old assassin's throat.

"Now, it is over." he said lifting his blade up to stab him, then out of the corner of his eye, he saw Liam pointing a gun at him. As Liam pulled the trigger, a loud bang went off, and Haytham's eyes widen as he realized that the blood on him was not his. He looked down and saw Connor on the ground, bleeding from a wound in his sternum. He shook with rage as he clutched the apple, not noticing it had been damaged.

"Haytham no! Don't use it!" Shay yelled seeing the situation. He did not like the idea of a revenged crazed Haytham. Jenny, carrying Elise, rushed to Connor and attempted to help stop the bleeding.

Then , the apple began to shake and expel light,. Haytham dropped it and then, in an instance there was

a blinding flash of light, and when it subsided, Haytham, Connor, Jenny,Shay and Elise were gone.

An Unknown Plane of existence- Haytham and the other adults awoke, and found them face to face with a strange woman, who appeared as if she was ethereal.

"Who are you?" said Shay, confused and baffled at the woman in front of him. She appeared to be an angle to him.

"I have had many names, but you may call me Juno, I am one of the race you humans call, the ones who came before." She said in a loud, regal tone that commanded respect.

"I have decided to give you a knew life, in a new world, unknown to you" She said, looking each and every member of the party up and down.

"What? What do you mean new world?" Asked Jenny, as she gently rocked Elise in her arms.

"Hush humans, and let the knowledge of these new lands permeate your minds" she said as she pointed at the adults and injured Connor, as they clutched their heads and passed out in pain.

When the awoke, they found themselves outside of a small town, and looked at a sign, and saw its name, Tanzaku Town, it read. They then realized they were in the Land of Fire. They were in the world of Shinobi.