Chess: Yay I get to play.

Agony: What is it with little girls and goddess complexes…

Chess: You're one to talk?

Miki: Uhm… Why are the goddess in a slap fight?

Chapter 1

Innocent Game

Seventy Years Ago

"Oh… You are and outsider? Come sit down and let me share some wisdom." A young girl with silver hair says. Her soft blue eyes gaze at the human that has entered her domain. She motions calmly to the surroundings. The landscape is a blank flat area that alternates colors from black to white. Just like a chess board. The red haired human gazes at the landscape.

"What about it?" The human asks.

"The depression you suffer from. The pain you feel. It all originates here. From this world." The silver haired creature says. She pauses as she motions.

"I need to leave." The human says. She turns to leave. An armament steps into the way.

"Leaving so soon. I have only one request before letting you go. I wish to know your name?"

"It's Saffron."


"Well it seems a new game is starting." A black haired women says. Her red eyes survey the destroyed landscape.

"Looks like it." A blond says.


Chess: To short!

Agony: It's the prologue!

Chess: Shut up!

Miki: And another slap fight… Well I promise the next chapter actually shows the true characters and not OCs.