AN: This is a drabble collection that La Vita a Colori and I worked on a while ago. We lovingly dubbed it the Raburi-verse for it is our own little universe full of lovely and silly but you can call it The Lovely Tales Collection. Its a spinoff-like series from a Hinata centric fic, 'The Wind' (written by me) although this one revolves around Sasuke, Naruto and their daughter, Natsuki. It is pretty much self contained so it's not necessary to read 'The Wind' to get whats going on here, its mostly just simple little things of love).

So yeah, here you will find fuwa fuwa Natsuki drabbles, snippets of Sasuke and Naruto's highschool lives- 'The Early Years' and raburi stuffs in general :) Nothing too serious, just lotsa fluff!

Lovely #1



In their small kitchen Naruto stood, canary yellow apron tied at his waist, sleeves rolled up to his elbows, cooking chopsticks in one hand. The wordless tune he was humming to himself came to a questioning stop as he looked up to find his daughter in the doorway, sleepy and messy in the octopus onesie she had insisted on sleeping in.

"Natsuki, you're up early. Did Papa wake you with the shower?" The blond smiled at the tiny girl standing rubbing her eyes. She yawned widely and tottered over to stand next to Naruto.

"Showers are loud, Daddy," she told him, mumbling. Naruto chuckled and quickly finished placing the rest of the food into the bento he was making before heaving Natsuki onto the counter with one arm so she could see.

"Hm, I've gotten pretty good at this, haven't I," Naruto said cheerfully, brushing baby curls off of Natsuki's forehead as she nodded dutifully in agreement. "Now I just need to…" The man cast around for a pen as he pulled a piece of notepad toward him.

A few quiet moments passed as Naruto carefully wrote in his neatest handwriting with Natuski watching.

"I made you lunch, have a good day, Papa. Love, Daddy," Naruto read aloud and signed it with a heart. Beside him Natsuki cocked her head.

"Wassat?" Naruto blinked. Was there a character she wanted to know how to read? His eyes wandered the note until they rested on the slightly misshapen heart.

"This?" he asked, pointing to it. The child nodded. Naruto smiled fondly and lowered himself to lean on his arms on the counter.

"It's a heart Natsuki, you use it when you want to tell someone you love them."

"And you love Papa?"

"Of course. Even if Papa is sometimes grumpy and—"

"Ehem." Sasuke's deep voice sounded from the door where he was standing, showered and suited. Naruto smiled guiltily and fixed the note and lid of the bento.


"Morning Papa, Daddy made you lunch!" Natsuki bounced up and down in her seat on the counter and Sasuke came forward to steady her, hands skimming up her chubby arms. Eyes on the bento box, he smiled and lifted his gaze to Naruto. Natsuki was burbling incomprehensively (something Sasuke always insisted she'd picked up from her Dobe Daddy) in between them.

"Good morning, Princess," Sasuke murmured lowly with a curvy smile, eyes on Naruto.

"Princess! Princess Natsuki!" cried Natsuki as her blond father flushed.

"Don't look at me when you say that, Teme," scowled Naruto, pushing the lunch box at the raven.

"Don't teach my daughter bad language," teased Sasuke taking the lunch in his hands with a slow grace.

One moment with eyes locked over the head of the small girl and then Sasuke was turning to the front door.



Both man and girl watched the door click shut.

"Right!" said Naruto after a moment, reaching to plop Natsuki back on the ground. "You go play before you're off to see Hinata sensei!"


When Naruto came home later that day, arms laden with the week's groceries and grumbling about why he shouldn't have to do the groceries every second week when Sasuke only made fun of what he bought, he found the house quiet.

A quick glance at the ramen faced clock he'd had since highschool told him that Sasuke and Natsuki should be home but there was no high pitched squealing or low encouraging laughter. As he wandered into the lounge he stopped dead in his tracks at the scene before him.

At the small plastic table they had for Natsuki, lay Sasuke, draped long and far too big over page upon page of what Naruto could only call squashed meat buns even though it was apparent what the child had been trying to accomplish. Sasuke was asleep.

On the raven man's knee, curled up with a black marker clutched in her pudgy hand and head rested at an awkward angle was Natsuki.

And on Sasuke's smooth cheek, bold against his pale skin, was a heart. Wobbly and still slightly deformed; a gift from a daughter to her father, presented as he slept.

Naruto bit his lip against any noise he cared to make and then backed slowly and silently out of the room, hands already outstretched in search of the camera.