Chapter 1

Gripping tightly to whatever rope, sideboard or banister possible, the group prayed that whatever 'dark' place they were to end up, they would make it in one piece.
Tensions were running high with the amount of people who held some form of hatred to another on the ship. For two people in particular it was awkward.

Emma and Regina.

They had once become accustomed to being friends, then lovers which eventually lead to full on commitment of marriage. However, it did not last. Sure enough both women had always had their doubts and insecurities about whether or not it would last but they never spoke on it. Instead they simply drifted, for one more than the other. First it started with the forgotten morning kiss then the cancelled or no show lunch/dinner to the 'working late I'll see you tomorrow', of course this was Regina.

This did not mean that the brunette stop loving her wife, just that she simply let her ultimate fear takeover of losing the thing she loved most, which she ended up losing anyway. Despite being married, the mayor couldn't seem to find the strength to let go of her gruesome past. What had happened to her, what she had lost and most importantly what she had done herself.

'Slowly walking into the darken mansion as quietly as possible to avoid any confrontation, Regina slipped her heels off peering at the clock on the wall. 1:50am. Even though she knew it was late and she was tired, she was partly glad to know that her wife would be sound asleep. Or so she thought. Approaching the stairs, the brunette heard a sudden click of a light echoing from the living room. Looking over into that direction, she spotted her blonde wife sitting on the couch with a solemn stare. Biting her lip, the mayor takes a shaky breath heading in the direction of the woman. As she approached closer, Regina frowns before looking concerned at the fact that her quiet wife had tears rolling down both cheeks.


The blonde blinks looking in the brunettes direction gaining another tear as she swallows hard. "You..didn't come home...again, I was worried.."

Regina sighs and rubs her head as if finding an excuse. "There's been a lot of work on at the office..."

Emma nods slowly letting her lip go. "Of"

Regina raises an eyebrow curious as to what she means by that statement. Emma looks up at her wiping her face. "You haven't been home...all week"

Regina nods. "Like I said the office has been-"

The blonde shakes her head. " no it hasn't..give me some credit I'm the sheriff, I know exactly what goes on in your office...There has been no new reports in nearly 2 weeks!"

Regina looks a little taken back by her wife's sudden raise of voice. "Emma I-"


Emma bites her lip knowing that there are tears threatening once again. Looking at her brunette wife hopelessly, the blonde sniffles. "Do you's been a month since you have kissed me?"

Regina looks confused. "I kiss you all the time.."

Emma shakes her head. "No I mean properly..yes you kiss me on the cheek or head but you have not kissed me on the lips in a month!"

Regina thinks about what she is saying and looks down regretfully.

Emma watches her stay quiet and stands. "We have been nonstop fighting for god knows how long. You constantly find excuses to not come home or even talk to me"

"It's not me on that it's not"

Emma looks desperately at her. "Then what? Please tell me?..let me in, I'm your wife!"

Regina shakes her head looking serious. "It's my problem and I will deal with it"

Emma raises an eyebrow. "When? Tomorrow? Next week? In 5 years?"

Regina looks at her wife hearing the pain in her voice. " I ..don't's complicated.."

Emma throws her hands in the air getting worked up. "Complicated? ..of course it is!"

Regina takes offense to this. "And you wonder why I do not tell you?!"

Emma looks back at her. "Why you don't?..Regina I have been trying to talk to you for months but it seems like you just do not care anymore whether this works! I'm getting tired of fighting and yelling..I don't want to end up hating each other because that is where we are headed"

Regina looks sad now holding back her own tears. "That is not true..I just cannot..tell you what is going on!"

Emma nods teary. You are right on the first matter what you do I will always love you's not working.."

Regina looks fearful at her. "What are you saying?"

Emma looks down a moment letting a tear go. "I need to let you go.."

Regina watches the blonde as she retrieves a suitcase from the side of the couch and walks over to her. "I'm sorry Regina.."

The brunette looks at her letting her lip go realizing now she was right all along. Emma takes a breath wiping a tear from Regina's face before giving a sad smile. Hesitantly the blonde reaches across placing her lips on to her wife's one last time.

Inside Regina's head she is practically screaming at herself to grab hold of Emma but in reality stands still too shocked and scared to move. Emma moves away gripping her suitcase and grabs her jacket off the hall stand before walking towards the door. Giving the brunette one last look of sadness, the blonde walks out closing the door behind her. Regina lets her lip go allowing her emotions take over starting to sob as the door closes leaving her alone.'

Glancing over at her estranged wife who is avoiding looking in her direction, Emma wondered two things of her own behaviour which conflicted each other. 1. Why did she not stay and fight for her wife more? 2. Why on earth did she return to Storybrooke?"

A/N: will they ever properly talk? Or are people going to stand in their way? Chapter 2 is nearly completed so please let me know what you think? :)