Chapter 8

It had been a couple of hours since Hook and Tink had left camp to find a way of getting back to Storybrooke and the rest of the campers were growing restless. Partly because they just wanted off the island but also because for two people it meant saying goodbye to their daughter once again.

Since the blonde was brought back to life by the antidote that cured her from the deadly poison, Regina was sat by her side, constantly making sure that her wife felt okay, still in a bit of doubt over it actually working. The brunette knew it did but deep down she couldn't shake the feeling of fear that she could lose Emma again. The blonde picked up on the former mayor's agitated behaviour and took her hand, linking their fingers. "Are you sure this is what you want?"

Regina looks over and squeezes the former sheriffs hand. "Yes I just don't want to lose you again is all"

Emma looks guilty and nods. "You won't I promise..I just wish we could start over home"

The brunette reaches over stroking a strand of blonde behind the woman's ear. "Me too..but we have each other that's the main thing"

The blonde nods and hugs into her, prompting the other woman to stroke her hair.

Hearing a throat being cleared, the two women look over towards a newly appeared Hook who looks defeated and an annoyed looking ex fairy. "Was no good..."

The blonde in green sighs, looking towards Snow and Charming. "To get back you need a bean like the one that brought you here"

Snow frowns. "But there are none here how are we suppose to get one?"

The former mayor lets go of her wife's hand and stands looking frustrated, placing her hands on her hips. "Why did I not think to bring it!.."

Emma looks confused and glances towards everyone else to see if they have a clue on what Regina is talking about and gains a few shaken heads.

The brunette rubs her head. "I have a bean..or two in my office.."

Snow looks surprised. "But all our beans were destroyed by the giant"

Regina bites her lip. "Except a small cutting that I...took. I needed a safety net to get out of Storybrooke in case you all decide to put me to death again because Emma left..."

Charming sighs. "Regina you have to start trusting us, you are one of us now, have been ever since you redeemed yourself and got with Emma"

The former Queen nods. "I know..I'm sorry.."

The blonde rubs Regina's shoulder in comfort. "So what can you guys do?"

Hook raises an eyebrow still lost. "Nothing..there is no way to leave or even contact.."

Regina's eyes widen at his words and slowly smiles. "Yes there is...mermaid"

The pirate realizes what she means. "They can swim through portals to different lands"

The brunette nods. "If we can make contact..there is a chance we could all get home"

Emma looks shocked. "What?!"

Regina looks over at her a little teary. "Emma we can get you home"

Hook scoffs "if the plan works love"

The former mayor glares at him for ruining the moment. "Do you want another hook?"


After discussing the plan, Regina reluctantly said goodbye to her wife as she was going to find the mermaid along with Tink for guidance and Snow as a mutual friend.

Pushing past the brushes heading towards the shoreline and the water, Tink looked to her former frenemy. "So you are going to call Ariel and ask her to get the bean, along with Blue's help to allow Emma home?"

The brunette nods. "Yes.."

The ex fairy looks amused. "The same mermaid who you tricked and in return stole her voice and her chance of happiness?"

Regina sighs. "Yes! Which I will return and Snow is going to back me up"

Tink stops by the water and shrugs. "Okay then..your majesty work your magic"

The brunette rolls her eyes and grabs the shell calling for Ariel to appear. Upon seeing red hair, the former Queen flicks her wrist so she can speak.

"What do you want?" Ariel glares then grabs her throat realizing she can talk.

Regina bites her lip. "Help..please I need you to retrieve two items for me from a town called Storybrooke. There is a bean in the mayor's office that can help us home and you need to see a fairy called Mother Superior or Blue and explain that Emma cannot get home due to the cure of nightshade and whatever you do, do not speak to a man called Gold"

The mermaid takes a deep breath. "Why would I do that for you?"

The former mayor sighs. "Snow.."

Snow steps forward revealing herself causing the mermaid to smile towards her friend. "Snow! What are you doing here?"

The short haired woman waves her hand. "Long story but Regina is telling the truth..please Emma is my daughter and if you don't do this she can't come home..please? If you won't do it for Regina do it for me?"

Ariel contemplates for a moment, the former mayor watches her. "Eric's there..."

The mermaid nods. "Okay ill do it"

Snow smiles. "We will meet you back here tonight? and remember what Regina said, no Gold"

Ariel nods and swims off.


Returning to camp, Regina goes straight over to Emma hugging her tightly causing a chuckle. "Well if I get welcomed like this every day I will be a very happy woman"

The brunette smiles, pulling back to look at her. "Then I guess I will have to keep on top of it"

The blonde strokes the side of her face. "I love you"

Regina covers Emma's hand with her own. "I love you too and when we get home I still want your mother to work in the office but with me so that I still have a job but all my important time goes on you and our family"

Emma raises an eyebrow. "Family?"

The brunette nods with a smirk. "Well we already have the marriage thing"

The blonde smiles and wraps her arms around her wife's neck giving her a kiss. "Sounds perfect"

A/N: sorry for long update I sorta lost inspiration and had to think! As you can tell some of it follows the storyline and some doesn't like the giant destroying the beans but for the fic Regina had to be good because of Emma so she couldn't of taken them