Hey...I made one about Vincent/Purple Guy. Who i'm suddenly in love with but Foxy will always be my bae. Lol.

The title is meant to be a refference to the song I'm Blue by Eiffel 65. Or by the saying "I'm Blue" like if you're sad or down. It could go both ways.

This fic is somewhat based on Rebornica's (SP?) theory on Vincent. Some things are also my theory as well.


P.S. If you love a psycho purple child killer, clap your hands! *Claps and totally takes meme from instagram*

EDIT: Apprently Purple Guy isn't a character on here...which I just realized. So the character is just gonna be OC.

I'm Not Blue…I'm Purple

Chapter 1 -

A little boy wearing a purple sweatshirt and pants named Vincent was being dragged into the doctor's office by his abusive mother and father.

"No! I don't want to go!" Vincent struggled to get out of his mother's tight grip as she dragged him inside a room.

"You have to dammit!" His father, Matt, yelled, picking him up and forcing him onto the chair.

"Now just sit still! The doctor will be in soon." His mother, Juliet, rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

"No!" Vincent yelled.

"Shut up!" Matt smacked the back of Vincent's head. Hard.

"Ow…" Vincent rubbed it with his small hand.

The smack hurt him and after that, he decided to stay quiet. But he couldn't stop bouncing in the hospital chair, nervously.

"At least he shut up." Matt said, noticing that.

"What's taking that doctor so long?" Juliet whined. "I have things I need to do! I can't be wasting it here!"

"I know, honey." Matt agreed. "But we have to for that purple loving brat that I know isn't my son. I mean, what guy likes purple?"

Vincent glanced at him then looked away. It wasn't the first time he was told that by his dad. The same goes with his mom who always seems too busy to give him any attention or play with him for that matter.

… Unless he's getting punished for something. Then they will give him attention. But that attention comes with the price of being abused.

And he wasn't sure why he liked the color purple so much. He just does.

"Hello?" The doctor finally came in 10 minutes later. "Nice to see you guys again. How is everything?"

"Hell." Matt replied sternly. "Can we just get this over with?"

"Right. Sure." Doctor Winchester nodded.

"No!" Vincent jumped off the seat and ran to the door, only to be stopped by his dad picking him up.

"God dammit, Vincent! Sit your ass down!" Matt scolded.

"I don't want the needles!" Vincent yelled, kicking and punching his dad.

"Well, too bad!" Matt replied.

"Vincent, just sit down!" Juliet said, not wanting to hear him yell and scream right now. "It'll be done soon! You need these needles to help you."

"I'm not sick!" Vincent yelled towards her.

"Yes you are!" Juliet replied. "These needles help you relax and be a good son as you should be!"

"Vincent!" Dr. Winchester decided to step in. "Hey, buddy."

Vincent looked at him while his dad held him down.

"It's just a small needle, alright?" Dr. Winchester said, kneeling a little and showing him it. "It's not as bad as you think."

Vincent stared at it with wide eyes. Dr. Winchester took that moment to roll up his sweatshirt's sleeve and got Vincent's arm ready to put the few syringes in it for this month.

"I HATE needles!" Vincent replied, snapping out of his dazed look and glaring at him. "They make me feel bad! I hate that feeling!"

"But it helps you." Dr. Winchester said softly, trying to calm the boy down.

"Let go!" Vincent cried. "I don't want it! The needles make me feel… horrible! Bad! Angry! Everything!"

He wasn't lying, the medicine in the syringes, while they're suppose to help him, does make him feel all kinds of emotions and makes him feel…


But no one, not even the doctor that was 'suppose' to be his friend, listens to him. Some kids that he talks to when he stays at this children's hospital overnight or for a few days does believe him.

The syringes are also the reasons why he has a fear of needles and because of the things he does. Though in the moment he feels excitement and even afterwards, he doesn't feel anything.

"One…two…" Dr. Winchester counted.

"Three!" Matt grabbed Vincent's right arm and forced it out for the first syringe to go in.

"NO!" Vincent kicked and screamed.

"Done!" Dr. Winchester took the syringe out and cleaned up his arm.

"No more!" Vincent whined.

"We got four more and we'll be done. Alright, buddy?" Dr. Winchester said grabbing the next syringe. "One…two…"

"Three!" Matt did the same thing as before.

"No! No! No!" Vincent struggled.

"Done!" Dr. Winchester took out the second syringe and cleaned his arm.

The patterned continued for the third one that was also put in Vincent's right arm while the other two went in his left.

"There! All done!" Dr. Winchester smiled.

"I hate you all!" Vincent muttered.

"What was that?" Juliet asked, standing up.

"You heard me!" Vincent replied.

"That's it, young man! You're grounded when we get home!" Juliet yelled.

"Good!" Vincent jumped out of the chair and out of his dad's grip. "Let's go then!" He rolled his sleeve back down and left the room.

"Here, take him to the car." Juliet gave Matt the keys.

"Vincent! To the car, NOW!" Matt took them while his wife took care of anything else that was needed.

"That's where I'm going!" Vincent replied from down the hall, not caring about the punishment he will get later.

Matt let out a deep sigh and ran up and grabbed Vincent's hand and dragged him to the hospital's garage. And to their car.

"Get in!" Matt kept his voiced raised and unlocked the car. "We will talk about this when we get home!"

"I don't care!" Vincent cried. "You are just gonna hurt me some more!"

Vincent climbed into the back of the car and his dad slammed the back door behind him. Then he got into the driver side and turned it on, waiting for Juliet to join them.

- At home -

Juliet dragged Vincent inside the old beaten down house and threw him to the floor once they were inside.

"How DARE you act like that in public?!" She screamed.

As she ranted at him, Vincent stayed on the floor and Matt took off his belt. Vincent was actually watching him, not his mom, and noticed it.

"No!" He said quickly. "I'm sorry!"

"No you're not." Matt rolled his eyes and held up his belt.

"I'm sorry!" Vincent held a arm over his face to block it and looked away.

"Shut up!" Matt growled and started to hit Vincent with the belt.

"O-Ow…" Vincent cried. "Dad, stop! Please!"

"I said SHUT UP!" Matt hit him harder with the belt.

Vincent cowered on the floor as the hits kept coming. After what felt like hours they did eventually stop. Matt placed the belt back on and came closer to Vincent so he could kick him in the stomach, making him cry some more.

Then Matt picked him up by his sweatshirt and threw him into the closest wall, a bang coming from the impact.

"Come on." Vincent was grabbed roughly by his arm as his dad dragged him to the basement to lock him in it. "You aren't getting any dinner tonight. Should've thought twice before acting the way that you did."

"I would've thought he would of learned by now." Juliet shrugged.

All Vincent could do was cry harder as he was thrown down the steps and his dad locked the door behind him. The pain was extreme and as soon as he landed on the floor, he curled up and cried himself to sleep.

- In his nightmare -

Vincent woke up in his bed- wait. He looked around the room. That wasn't his room. And that wasn't his bed.

His bed was just a mattress, blanket, and pillow. And all in his bedroom was the bed itself and a small dresser and his closet. He also had some toys like stuffed animals from his favorite place, Fredbears Family Diner.

But instead, he had a actual bed and video games and toys! His bedroom was painted purple and it was like he was living a dream. And that's when it hit him.

"This is a dream." Vincent sighed.

He slowly rolled off the bed and walked towards the door. Opening it, he headed down the hall where he found his mom in the kitchen.

"Hey, sweetheart." She smiled. She actually smiled at him.

"Mom…?" Vincent stared at her as he slowly walked in.

"Hang tight, breakfast will be done soon. Go ahead and sit at the table." She replied.

"Okay…" Vincent walked over to the nice table and sat down.

He wished this dream was a reality.

As his mom brought over some breakfast, he was about to dig in until he heard Matt stumbled inside like he was drunk. But then again, when is he not drunk is the real question.

"Hey." Matt smiled.

"Good morning." Juliet smiled back.

Vincent looked at them.

"What's wrong, son?" Matt stepped closer as Vincent visually flinched.

"Nothing…" He replied quietly and looked away.

"You sure?" Matt asked.

"Yeah-" Vincent looked back at him and saw his dad's eyes were completely black. "D-Dad?"

Matt gave him a smirk.

Vincent jumped out of the chair and backed away from him. He turned his attention to his mom who had the same black eyes and was giving him the same smirk.

"Mom?" Vincent back up until he hit a wall.

Vincent looked to the wall and when he looked back to his parents, there wasn't any doors at all. The way he had came into the kitchen was completely gone.

"Stay away!" Vincent yelled.

Juliet then reached inside her pocket and took out a syringe.

Vincent stared at it like he was in a daze again like he was earlier at the children's hospital.

Then right before his eyes, his parents become huge spider-like demon monsters. With their legs and teeth being as sharp as needles. Juliet was making a hissing noise and his dad a growling noise.

"Nooo!" Vincent screamed bloody murder as his parents lunged at him.

Two hours later, he jumped awake when he had woken up from the nightmare. He took deep breaths. In and out. In and out. He always has nightmares but the spider-demons was different.

Slowly, he stood up and went over to where some rat traps were at. He smirked down at the few rats that were caught. Whether it was because of the syringes or not, he did enjoy torturing those smaller then him.

Poor Vin though :(

There's something wrong with me cause I really enjoy torturing characters in any and all ways you can think of.

I'm planning on adding my OC Lexi ( as a little kid) again to this one instead of making a whole new OC. Especially since she is meant to be me so it's really easy to write for her.

I hope you liked it! Another chapter will probably come tomorrow! ...Maybe...