When I last left off this recording, we were stuck on the edge of Guardian space, the Interceptor had been stolen and the armada had a nice big welcoming mat of asteroid dust to come into our territory. We didn't have a plan, and now when we needed it most, Hal didn't have an idea. Until I switched colors at least. I didn't do it on purpose; but when I started thinking of Gi'ata and the fact that I wasn't making it out of there alive, it made my ring turn me pink (sorry, violet) again. I guess the reflection thing works on my own emotions too. Oh wait, I knew that. When Hal said that we needed to get to Zamaron and use the Star Sapphires' teleporting trick to get Hal to Earth so he could speed to Oa from there, I agreed with Kilowogg. This was nuts, even for Hal. Eventually he convinced us it was going to work. Don't ask me how, it mainly involved sappy inspirational talk and Hal's natural charisma. When we started to leave, Kilowogg didn't come. He wanted to stay, to slow them down as best he could so Hal's plan might have a chance. Never will I see anything braver than that. If anyone tells you that Kilowogg wouldn't or couldn't do that, punch them for me. Preferably in the head, but hey your choice.

The flight was to Zamaron was tense to say the least. When we got there, Razer and I were ready to be killed on sight. Something stopped them from killing us. Or rather, someone saved us. A lot had changed since we had been there, and we had Gi'ata to thank for it. To see her again was the only reason I came along. Shallow in the scope of our mission, but hey love makes you crazy. An audience in front of Aga'po was just what we needed. Especially with Gi'ata there as the royal advisor.

"Gi'ata?" I asked, my ring throwing off sparks. Guess I overloaded it.

"It was you who opened my eyes to the true meaning of love, Erin. My enlightenment met with resistance at first, but then the truth took root and spread quickly." Gi'ata said, her eyes filled with hope. Persistent on top of everything else? As if I needed any more of an excuse to love her.

"It seems that over the ages, the Star Sapphires may have lost sight of the emotion we serve. Since you helped us regain our path, what do you ask of us?" Aga'po asked of Hal, since it was his idea. To be here; not for me to fall in love with Gi'ata.

"I need you to teleport me to my home planet." He said, willing himself not break under the weight of responsibility. For all the badmouthing I give him, Hal is the only person I could trust to do this.

"What you ask for cannot be done." Aga'po sadly answered.

"But I saw you teleport Carol Ferris here all the way from Earth. So use my feelings for Carol to send me to Earth. From there, I can stop a tragedy before it happens." Hal begged.

"The jaunt from Earth was the longest we've ever attempted. And we have never sent anyone the other way." Gi'ata explained. Man, not only is she beautiful but smart too.

"There is something more. The spatial displacement can render the traveler… unstable." Aga'po continued.

"It is too dangerous." Gi'ata finished. Well, the lady said so. Time to go back and save Kilowogg. Might as well go down fighting with my friends.

"If he doesn't reach Oa, not only will the Guardians be destroyed; but Atrocitus will lay waste to all the worlds in their care." Razer finally spoke up. Why did Razer have to go and make sense?

"Love and everything else will cease to exist in Guardian space. I've got to try. Please," Hal put his hands on Gi'ata's shoulders, pleading. I went from violet to red for a second and luckily the only one to notice was Razer. He wasn't going to comment on that at least. For my sake.

"Make sure this galaxy remains a safe garden, where love can bloom." Aga'po ordered Hal and then created the portal for him. When he walked through, it left Razer and me there. Stranded. Well I wasn't stranded. Now that I had seen it used, I could teleport to somewhere I felt strong enough ties to. Best part of this Mirror thing is the whole "anything you can do, I can do as well" thing. But without the others, I would be worse than useless since I need a friendly Lantern if I want to be able to use my powers. And there's only one person who could help me with that.

"Let's leave. If we hurry, Kilowogg may still be alive." Razer turning to go. I grabbed his shoulder, forcing him to stay put. The Star Sapphires watched with interest as I knew that they knew what I was about to do.

"No, Razer, there is another way." I said, looking at Gi'ata and back at Razer.

"What are you talking about?" He brushed off my hand but fully turned back to me.

"You have feelings for Aya. You love her, even though you deny it." I say, pointing at him. The snarl I got from him could have quelled the old me, but hey I'm serving as an agent of love right now. Nothing scares me.

"You don't know what you're talking about."

"Yes I do. I can see it inside you right now. Quit lying to yourself."

"That pink suit must be cutting off blood to your head."

"And your denial only risks her life."

"How dare you speak to me like that!" Razer put his hands around my throat, ready to strangle me with the slightest provocation. Fearsome, but ineffective.

"What would you do to save Ilana?" I asked, fearless in front of him as the Star Sapphires watched the unfolding drama. Are there such things as soap operas in deep space?

"Anything. You of all people know that." His hands moved away from my throat, but didn't quite drop. Time to make him take the plunge.

"Drusa was on the ship. Aya is in danger and you have a path to her. If you just admit that love for her exists in you. If you don't do this, you will lose her. Can you lie to yourself anymore? Will you deny your love at the cost of her life?" I said, knowing that this would make him angry. Angry but focused on Aya. Without a word, Gi'ata opened the portal and Razer practically dove into it. Sometimes what they need is a little push, and that's just what I gave Razer. Well I gave him something closer to a kick in the teeth but the metaphor works.

"What about you, o Mirror Lantern?" Aga'po turned to me and I couldn't help but smile. Time to fulfill my little promise.

"Now that I've seen you use the portals, I should be able to create my own to anywhere I have an emotional connection with. Like to the Interceptor or to my friend Razer." I simply stated, then created my own portal. Unlike theirs, it was stone grey and didn't show my destination. I turned to Gi'ata, and seized my chance. I pulled her close and kissed her. Her eyes widened a moment before she fell deeper into the kiss with me. Eventually we broke off, and Aga'po looked at me with a mix of curiosity and possibly disdain. I threw her a quick smile.

"That's so I can get back here." I said, stepping through the portal.

When I popped out the other side, Drusa was on the floor of the bridge out cold and Aya was in Razer's arms. I gave him the "go-ahead" motion. Hal might be in danger, but hey, love needed to conquer something that day. My presence momentarily forgotten, Razer leaned in, leading Aya in their kiss. I took advantage of the moment to kick Drusa. Maybe I'll make a piñata of her for the after party and let Aya go first. Just a thought. Yeah, so I left the two lovebirds alone and secured Drusa in the ship's brig. I came back and they still hadn't come up for air. Or maybe they did and went back in. I don't know and I don't want to. Probably about time to get back to the mission.

"Whenever you two are done, we need to check on Hal." I interrupted them. They broke off, and looked at each other for a moment. Then they refocused and we hurried towards the fight. We got there in time to see Hal KO Atrocitus and start to talk down the Red Lanterns. With Appa's help, Hal began the negotiations. It was finally over.

So it all closed up nicely. The Red Lanterns were defeated, Razer opened himself up for a moment, and because if it Aya was safe. When Hal asked how Razer got there so quickly, the Guardians interrupted him. I don't think Razer wanted to go public just yet. I wasn't going to say anything. Then Hal flew off, presumably back to Carol, leaving the rest of us on Oa. Razer and Aya kept to themselves and eventually I left. I decided to go back to Zamaron via portal because of Gi'ata. We all met up and went on a few more adventures of course, but they all paled in comparison to what came next for the intrepid crew of the Interceptor.

But that's a story for another memoir.

AN: Stay tuned for the second season of Mirror Lantern: Diaries of a Reflection.