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"Damn it, damn it, damn it!" Natsu cursed the book as he flipped the next page of the textbook. "Why in the world would Math had to be this difficult?! Search for the X, it said. X is after W and before Y, okay?!" He growled as he read through it.

Gajeel smacked the pink haired guy with a book he's reading. "Can you be quiet?!I'm also working for my final test! I'm calling Erza!" He threatened, which makes Natsu glare at the guy.

"G-Gajeel… Drop it…." Levy tried to calm things down, as she wants to get home earlier. She sighed as she saw the two bickering again. If only she wasn't assigned to teach Gajeel, she swore she would pretty much gone by now.


"Final exams?" Levy blinked at the black haired guy in front of her.

Gajeel sighed as he nodded, "That old man will smack me if I don't get a good grade this time. He even threatened to make Erza teach me if I fail, Damn that old man, just drop my class to a lower one." He grumbled as he explained. "So, can you teach me?" He asked and Levy raised an eyebrow in confusion.

Sure, she is the smartest in the class ever since Erza moved to the S Class, "I don't mind but, why don't you ask Juvia instead? She's closer with you." She asked curiously. Juvia was smart enough to go to the A Class and she knew Gajeel way back before.

Gajeel sighed, "That stupid stripper friend of yours stole her away. She's occupied with teaching that damn stripper." He explained as he starched his head. He narrowed his eyes to look at Levy's, "So? What is your answer?" He asked with a hint of impatience.

Levy blinked a few times, before she finally decided on an answer.

"Um… Sure."

End of Flashback

And no, Levy was not grateful on her answer back then. She was planning to help and be nice, but the situation she's in just gave it all. She was not supposed to answer it with a yes. Lucy was supposed to teach Natsu and keep him in bay, but she's out to toilet in the moment, which means she had to endure the loud and annoying moment until Lucy came back

She sighed, "I wonder what Erza is doing right now…" She muttered as she decided to go and work on her homework while waiting.

Erza swore she had never been this unlucky in her whole life. She just wished she went with Levy and Lucy earlier and dismissed herself from the S Class. She was not going to enjoy her after school.

"Pardon our instruction." The white haired girl greeted along with everyone else following her, and a figure of a housewife greeted them back.

"Please, make yourselves like ho- Oh my! Are you the model, Mirajane Strauss?" Erza's mom, Eru, was once a fashion designer, so she was quite fond on fashions. Of course, she would read the no.1 fashion magazines in the whole Fiore, Weekly Sorcerer. And of course she would know the top model Mirajane Strauss with that.

"Yes, Erza went to my house last weekend, in case she didn't tell you." Mira smiled sweetly, answering the lady.

"Really? Oh my! Erza didn't tell me about that! Thank you so much for being so kind and treat my daughter very well!"

"No no, she's the one that keeps helping us."

"Oh my, the politeness you have!"

Erza just let the two enjoy their conversation as she make the others went to her room. It was a simple room with stripped wallpaper. There were some photo frames and a simple desk to study. The bed was for single person, and there were sofa and a table with some snacks on it.

"Erza, you have a really nice room!" Meredy exclaimed with a hint of jealousy. Erza just smiled in return, but then Eru and Mira came and it became so lively in the room. Not that Erza mind about it, but she was just afraid on what her mom will say to her classmates.

Erza sighed, she just really dislike the idea of Ultear for making al the S Class to come at her house. She just hoped her mother wouldn't make a fuss about this after all of them went home. She really tried to reject Ultear's idea but since everyone agreed before she has a word on it, what could she do?

"So this Jellal person is the closest with our Erza-chan? Well, he seems really nice and all, I wouldn't mind having him as a son-in-law." Eru exclaimed to the silver haired women, which makes Erza widened her eyes and surprised by the comment.

"Mom!" Erza called in reflects, her cheeks were turning a bit red by the comment her mom just made. Seriously, she said nothing but embarrassing things! As her mom, Eru, looked at her, she was at loss of words. "U-Um… How about a drink for each person?" She suggested randomly, as she didn't know what to say anymore.

"Oh my Erza, you're right! How could I forget?" She chuckled as she stood up from her seat. "Well then, I will prepare a tea for everyone here." She said and as Erza was about to stand up and help her mother, "You can just entertain our guest." Eru said as she winked to the blue haired guy next to her daughter.

"Jellal, you heard that? You got the permission from her mother." Laxus teased as he smirked to the blue haired guy who sighed at the comment. He doesn't think he would be flustered by it; he was getting used on the teasing all the times.

Erza sighed, looking at the person beside her, "Sorry about my mother, she's always like that." She apologized as everyone else was making themselves like home. Her mother was always excited whenever she brought Natsu and Gray home, talking about her getting boyfriend and stuff.

Jellal smiled in understanding, "It seems your house is always lively." He said, making Erza chuckled.

"Trust me; it's a ruckus every day."

Levy put all her belongings to her bags, "Well then, I'm going first." Levy said as she waved her hands to her blonde and salmon haired friends. The study session is over, and it's really late outside. No matter how much Lucy wished to go home and take a long bath to relax herself, the guy beside her in halting her action.

Actually, it was supposed to be Jellal that was teaching the idiot over here, but he can't because he had plans to go to Erza's house with others, so she doesn't have any choice, because Erza was the one that asked her a favor. But the whiny Natsu and tired Lucy have never mixed well.

And Lucy does not take this very enjoyable.

"I am so going to go home." Lucy sighed, looking at the pink haired who seems dumbfounded.

"But aren't we going to see Happy?! Don't you miss him, Luce?!" He whined and Lucy gave a little glare at the guy, making him shut up instantly. Really, Lucy was in a bad moon because she was so tired, and whiny Natsu did not help one bit.

As she started to open her mouth, Natsu knew he was screwed.

"Oh, I think I get it a bit now."

"Juvia is so happy she is help for Gray-sama!"

"You know, it's getting late."

"Yes, Juvia know."

"So can you just get off me and get home?" Gray asked as he struggled to let go from Juvia's grip. As much as he wanted to go home, Juvia was just being too stubborn to let him go.

"No way, Juvia wants to hold Gray-sama forever!" She exclaimed, which leaves Gray regretted his decision on letting the girl taught him.

Okay, let them being alone for now…

"Hey Ultear, I don't really get this part actually…" Meredy said as she shows her textbook to the purple haired.

Ultear took a look at it and sigh, "Actually, I'm also stuck with that part for a while now…." She explained as she gave back the book to Meredy.

Erza looked at both of them, "Which part?" She asked and Meredy gave her textbook to Erza. Erza read it for awhile, think, and then took her pencil. "For this part you see…."

The reason all the S Class went to Erza's house was simple. They are all going to do a study session. The teacher just gave a quick notice to them that this year will be harder than last year's final exams, and he hoped nobody fails. So everyone decided on a study session, on Erza's house.

Well actually, they decided on Mira's house but then Ultear just had something to say.

"Oh My God, look at the hour! I had an appointment along with Meredy in an hour! Meredy, we're going back." Ultear called as she put her belongings in her bag. Meredy nodded as an answer.

"Oh I see! Hey, Jellal-"Meredy stopped midway as she saw Jellal lay on the wall, sleeping soundlessly, making her sighed in understanding. Jellal hasn't got many hours to rest lately, since he's been teaching here and there. The pink haired girl looked at Erza, "Sorry, Erza. We're leaving first. Let Jellal sleep a little bit more, won't you?" She said apologetically, and Erza nodded as an answer. She also felt kind of bad since her friend has been asking Jellal to teach him all the time.

"Thank you Erza! Just wake him up if it's gone too late! He's not a heavy sleeper." Meredy explained as she headed to Ultear, who was on her way to the door and went outside. "Well then, I'm going first with Ultear."

After a while, Laxus and Mirajane also pardoned herself. It was quite late, but Erza didn't have the heart to wake Jellal up. He looked so tired and even if it's getting late with both of them, Erza couldn't help but stare a bit to the soundlessly man. She hesitantly poked the cheek of the blue haired guy, and looked at how he moved his hand away. She chuckled at the reaction, founding it quite cute.

And before she knew it, she fell asleep while staring at the guy.

Jellal woke up quietly, and he snapped himself back to reality as he heard the sound of clock ticking. He looked at the clock, and it was quite late. As he was about to head back, he could see a scarlet hair leaning on her right shoulder. He narrowed himself and chuckled at the girl. She was sound asleep with a light snore. She looked so peaceful in her sleep, but Jellal knew he had to go home no matter how much he wants to stare at the girl.

He carried the girl and moved her to her bed. Erza wasn't really heavy, which Jellal found a bit surprising looking at the amount of strawberry cheesecakes she ate the other day. He chuckled at his own memories. Before going back, he stared a bit at the girl, poking her soft cheek, and looked at how she shoved his hand away, muttering something Jellal couldn't understand. Jellal chuckled, "She's just so cute…"

Jellal put off the lights, and then gave a last glance to the girl before walking outside the door. He could see that everyone else in the family has slept, looking at how the hallway is dark.

Erza opened her eyes slowly, but quickly snapped back to reality as she quickly sat up on her bed. She looked around; founding out the lights were off, with only the light from the half-opened window in her room gave off the color. Erza found it quite strange, as she always turn her bed lamp on when she was about to sleep. But then the event of yesterday gave it all.

She looked around, was it a dream? She didn't saw the figure of a blue haired man anywhere. Has he headed home? Then why is she on a bed? She couldn't understand anything anymore. She stood up from the bed, waking up and gave out a little yawn. She was about to take a bath, but then she saw a piece of paper on her desk. She looked at it questioningly, and took it.

As she opened and read the paper, she smiled softly and headed to her wardrobe, choosing clothes for the morning. She hummed a song, which is pretty rare. She went outside her room and on her way to the bathroom, but then she's greeted by her mother.

"Morning, you seems to be awfully in good mood today, Erza-chan." She sang quite cheerfully, but then went back to her cooking. Erza headed to the bathroom as she was thinking about yesterday. Around what time she fell asleep, again? And she was pretty sure she fell asleep while leaning on the wall, with lights turned on. "Maybe it was him?" She smiled as she remembered the turn off event yesterday. It was nothing special, so why is she so happy about it?

As she shook her head, finding out she couldn't let it off her head, she just focused herself on the letter. Even though there was no name on it, it was pretty obvious on who were writing it and put it on her desk. It was just a simple three words, but she just couldn't get it off her head. She wonders why.

"I went home."

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