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The lights were turned off as the atmosphere around the room was turning to silent and uncomfortable. The flashlight that was turned on was the only light in the room, showing figure of a certain guy in a pink hair. All eyes were focusing on him, some gulped nervously they were waiting for the guy to talk. Silence filled the whole room when the guy started to opened his mouth and speak, "There was a rumor around this place." Natsu started with a deep voice as he smirked slyly, looking at all the horrified looks with a satisfied look. He chuckled darkly, "A woman who was cheated by her boyfriend jumped under the cliff, but the body was never found." He eyed the horrified looks from a certain blonde, playfully smirked as he knew he was doing a great job in this.

"They said if a couple walked down the cliff near this beach, a woman with long hair with dry looking skin will crawl and after you two, taking you and jump from the cliff along with you both, there were some couples that disappeared after crossing that cliff." The guy started to make scary face, making everyone tensed up.

PLAK! Lucy smacked him in the face after turned on the light, "Are you crazy?! Don't say something like that about this place! We're going to spend three days in here!" Lucy yelled furiously, obviously mad at the antics the goofy guy keeps making. She was obviously scared at the rumor, making everyone just shut their mouth and loosen up. Well actually, the one with horrified looks were Lucy and Levy from the start. The rest were only caught up at the situation, except Erza who sat frozen next to Jellal. She, honestly, had some different problem which the others didn't realize, yet.

Natsu pouted at the girl, "I'm just starting a story because you said we should talk." He reasoned which earned another smack.

"I told you to talk and not telling some horror story about this beach we're going to stay for three days!"

"You're just scared, weirdo."

"What did you just call me, Dragneel?!"

"Nothing, ma'am!"

Summer vacation has arrived, and the S Class and A Class joined together to have a vacation trip. Principal Makarov planned it on the last minute before the last day at school, which obviously surprised everyone. But thank goodness everyone was allowed to go and their parents didn't mind about it, somehow. They're renting most of the rooms in the hotel for themselves in the duration of three days and two nights in the beach called Ryuuzetsu Land, the famous and top beach for tourist in Crocus, Capital of Fiore.

Jellal stole a glance from the girl, "Oh right… She's scared of these stuffs…" He reminded himself as he stared at the girl who was obviously not in the earth right now. Her face was blank and mindless, as if her soul was flying. He tried to poke the girl to be back to the earth, and he swore he could hear a big sound of a bubble that burst as the girl snapped back to reality. He chuckled at the reaction, it was kind of cute.

Erza stared at the guy, looking at him confusedly, "What is it?" She asked as she didn't realize how long she had been in her own world, didn't minding the rumor although she obviously could hear it all. The guy just smiled to the girl, making her even more confused, "Is there a fly above my hair or something in my face?" She asked worriedly, earning a small smile from the guy who didn't answer in a second. She swore she would be dead by embarrassment if that would happen.

Jellal gave a hearty laugh as he saw the girl tensed up, flickered the forehead of the scarlet haired. "You just spaced out, that's all." He explained with a smile, but the redhead flushed at the statement. "S-Spaced out? Me?"

"Jelly, don't flirt when we are also here." A girly voice and a pout from the pink haired girl gave all the information needed about the girl. "You can do it later, have some fun with me for now jeez!" She complained at the lack of attention she gets lately, because Jellal had been too busy with Erza somehow.

A purple haired girl hugged the redhead suddenly, causing her to jolt a little in surprise. "Aw, she is so cute isn't she? Too bad you can't hug her like I'm doing right now, Jelly." The red lip of the girl smirked playfully as she hugged the redhead tighter, protectively, "Shame, isn't it?"

"Ultear," The blue haired guy started with a rather serious tone, which makes Meredy backed away a little at the tone. Yet Ultear just smirked playfully, as she was still brave enough to keep going with the game. Even though they were both Jellal's best friend, it didn't change the fact how Ultear knew him much longer than Meredy does. She thought Jellal was going to complain about her teasing, "Erza is in the verge of breathing because you held her too tight." Yet she wasn't expecting that sentence, so she blinked to understand all the words first.

Ultear looked at the girl, realizing she held her too tight. She quickly let go of her grip as Erza was struggling to breath, "Sorry, Erza!" She quickly apologized as Erza's face was rather red, "I really didn't mean to! Are you alright?" She leaned in closer.

Erza chocked a little and gasped for breath, which cause the purple haired girl looked at her even more worriedly and a little guilty, but she smiled to the girl, "I'm fine Ultear, don't worry." She assured as she was getting the hang of her breath now.

"I'm really sorry!" She took concern to the girl, as she was feeling at fault. She only planned to tease Jellal a little, but jeez, guess her plan failed.

Jellal sighed at the sympathy Erza gave to the guilty girl, knowing it would be this way. "You don't have to be that generous to her, Erza, she needed a little lecture." He explained which cause Erza to blink at the girl, while Ultear glared at him and smirked for a payback.

"What? You're just jealous because I could hug Erza anytime I want to and you can't." She started playfully, "Erza is kind unlike you, Jelly." She gave a teasing pout, obviously faking it and didn't mind showing it was fake.

"Yes, of course she is kind unlike you." Jellal added the sarcasm, saying it in a monotone way.

Lucy eyed the situation, knowing the argument between both Ultear and Jellal wouldn't end in any minute now. "I-I will go now then, it's about time I sleep now…" She stuttered as she felt she shouldn't talk while both of them were arguing, but she just felt bad if she left without telling like Levy did before her. She waited for a reply, but it seems that both Ultear and Jellal didn't mind her. Oh well, at least she already told them.

"Give me back my box, Gajeel!" Levy whined as she jumped, trying hopelessly to reach the box that Gajeel took from her. "That's my novels collection box! I had, like, fifty of them in that box!" She explained as she complained when Gajeel shrugged off the girl's grip to the box when she finally got it. Curse her height and her petite form!

Gajeel sighed as the girl just wouldn't give it up, "Yeah, that's why I took it." He explained, "There's fifty novels in here, in this box, and there's only one shrimp, you." He stated as the girl glared at him. "You are so not going to bring this by your own accord." She started to open her mouth to complain, wanted to say some lectures again but Gajeel decided to cut her off because he was getting tired of her complaints. "And this box is too heavy for you. I'm bringing it until we reach your room."

It was about twenty minutes ago, when Levy went off without telling Jellal, Ultear, and neither Meredy. Why? She was in hurry when she saw a text telling her that somebody already moved her novels collection box, which causes her to worry since she never told anyone to get her box. Hell, what a surprise when she found out it was a certain delinquent with lots of piercings in his face, Gajeel Redfox.

Levy glared at the guy, "Well excuse me but that's my box so I can do whatever I want to do with it!" She argued and the guy just shrugged it off, ignoring her as he walked again with a loud radio in his left side. "Don't ignore me! Hey, Gajeel-!" Before Levy could argue more, there was a loud voice that was familiar to both Gajeel and Levy, making them stopped their footsteps and turned around.

"Gajeel! Levy!" Gray ran as fast as he could and stopped in front of them, panting hard. As he finally got a hang of his breath a bit, he stared at them both, "I-If by any chances… J-Juvia walk to this hall and a-ask about m-me…" He started and took a deep breath so he wouldn't cut off as he talked, "Just tell her you don't see me!" He explained and tensed up as he heard a familiar girly voice, "Catch you guys later!"

Levy caught a glance to the black haired guy next to her, "What was that about?"

Gajeel shrugged it off, "Probably it's about Juvia again."

Not long after Gray ran, a blue haired girl with a familiar blue hat walked around the hall, "Gray-sama! Where are you?! Juvia just finished baking some Gray-sama and Juvia breads!" Juvia called all around the hotel as she sighed hopelessly, but brighten up when she saw Levy and Gajeel. "Levy-san and Gajeel-san, have you two seen Gray-sama?" She asked while walking towards them.


"Dunno where he is."

"Oh…" Juvia looked a bit disappointed, but quickly smiled at the two and walked away while waving at them. "Thank you so much for telling Juvia, she is sorry to interrupt you two!" She said as she walked away, looking for Gray again.

"I feel a little sorry to her…"

"Well what do you expect? Ice-Pants are just too cowardly to accept her." Gajeel shrugged the topic off, which cause Levy to decide not to talk about that now.

"… Say Gajeel."


"Give my box back, won't you?"

….. "No."

"Get out!"

"Come on Luce, it's going to be really fun!"

"Natsu, do you know what time is it?"

Natsu blinked at the sudden question, "It's obviously night, what else?"

Lucy gave a glare to the guy, "It's 2AM in the morning and you're still in my room and begging me to go with you and explore around the cliff! You better stop this foolishness and go back to your freaking room if you want to see the next sunlight." Lucy threatened him as both of her hands were on her waist, looking at him as if she would kill the guy at any second now.

Natsu sighed, "Fine fine! Jeez, you're no fun." He muttered the last part quietly, but loud enough for the blonde to hear.

She raise an eyebrow to the pink haired guy as she still had the glare on her face, "What did you just say, Natsu?"

"Nothing." He answered as he walked out effortlessly, "I'm leaving, Luigi."

"It's Lucy!"

The sound of a slow background classic music and a comfortable sofa really helped the relaxing moment Erza needed. She was in some kind of café in the lobby area of the hotel, spotted if you go a little further from the lobby hall. She was searching for a nice place to relax herself as she luckily found the place, since the other places are taken.

Erza was, totally miserable right now. So first, she somehow managed to escape from the arguments of Jellal and Ultear, went to her room with Lucy to find out that both of them were having some business together -a business she's surely know she wouldn't want to jump into- and wandered around the hallways to find out Gray and Juvia were playing tag. She didn't even know where was she going now and she was totally confused on where to go.

"Huh, Erza?" She heard a familiar voice as she looked up, spotting a pink haired girl with a smile looking at her as if she finally found a treasure. "It's been a while!" She exclaimed which earned a raise of an eyebrow of the redhead.

That girl was really pretty, appealing by tying her berry-pink hair to a ponytail. She was wearing a cherry-pink lip gloss and having a black cat-ears hair accessory. Her eyes were blue purple-ish, supported by beautiful eyeliner on her eyelids to make her eyes looked more elegant, and mascara. She was wearing a black shirt while a white collar covered part of her next. Her belly was covered a little by purple clothing around it, also a black skirt with a white lace in the middle part, improving the motif of the skirt.

Erza looked at her while smiling a little, unable to know what else to say. Her eyes seemed familiar to her, and also her hair, but she couldn't seem to recognize her. "Um… Who are you?" She asked as politely as possible, hoping she wasn't rude to forget the girl. She had a familiar figure, but something seemed changed and it made Erza forget about her.

The girl frowned for a second, and then turned to give a hearty laugh in a blink of an eye. "Oh right! Sorry, of course you wouldn't realize it's me." She smiled as she winked, resulting Erza to raise an eyebrow of confusion. Well, she was glad the girl doesn't felt insulted but still… "I'm Sherry Blendy, from Lamia High. We met two years ago, remember?"

Erza tried to recall anyone with that name, and she finally clicked in after a while of thinking. She widened her eyes at the realization, pointing her point finger towards the girl who decided to sat face to face with her. "You're Lyon's-!"

"Ah… Not anymore." She cut in, smiling to the redhead. "I mean, we used to be a thing, but we decided we're better off being friends." She explained as she gave a wide grin, "And anyway, I've got a fiancée now." She explained as she sighed dreamily, "He's just too adorable you see…"

Erza chuckled at the reaction of the dreamy looks, "I see…"

Sherry smiled, "I heard the S Class and A Class are on a trip together, a coincidence isn't it? So is Lamia's S and A Class!" She explained which earned a surprised looks from the redhead. "We planned it two months ago though; I heard your principal suddenly exclaimed the trip on the last minutes, isn't it?"

Erza sighed as she recalled the time, "Yes, it's a pleasant surprise…" She answered in monotone way. Too tired to explain it, she decided to change the topic as she's sure Sherry would ask for the details. "You have a fiancée, right? Congratulations, by the way." The redhead smiled as she congratulate the berry pink haired girl who smiled. "Now mind telling me about the lucky guy?"

Erza blinked at the sudden rant from the girl about her boyfriend. It's not like she minded about it much, but she was just surprised. As she took another bite of her strawberry cheesecake, she heard the girl called her name. "What about you, Erza?"

Erza looked at the girl to see her smiling. Damn it, she wasn't listening to the last part. "Sorry, what was it, again?" She asked as she gave a sheepish smile, knowing how rude she just act although they're just catching up right now.

Sherry gave a chuckle at the redhead, "Jeez, you still love cakes, don't you? I was asking if you had a boyfriend." She explained as she waved a hand to one of the waitress, ordering a lemon tea. "So, have you?" She asked. Erza shook her head, looking at the berry pink haired girl who frowned at her, "Why not? You're so popular!"

Erza gave a chuckle, "Nah, I'm not really." She answered, "And anyway, I wanted to focus on my studies. I dropped my grades pretty badly before entered the S Class." She explained and the girl in front of her just gaped at the fact, "You moved to the S Class?!"

"Uh… Yeah, I guess." Erza smiled as she answered. "A guy from the S Class was ordered from the principal to teach me, so I kind of raised my grades quite high…" She explained and Sherry looked- or rather, as if staring as intimidating as possible to the redhead. She was as if deep in thought, and Erza just couldn't help but being bothered by it. After a couple of minutes of silence, Erza just felt too awkward that she couldn't bear it anymore. "…What?"

"Is he handsome?" She asked so suddenly, which caught Erza to back off a little bit, "W-What?"

"I'm asking if he's handsome."

Erza's expression was showing that she was asking for an explanation, but she decided to let it go for now. She recalled the face of a certain blue haired, is he handsome? "Yes… I guess?" She answered with a little doubt. Not that she doubted how Jellal is handsome, but she was doubting either her answer was right to be said or not.

There was a silence…

"Erza, you're in love with him, aren't you?" She asked with full of pride, which had taken aback the redhead for the second time.

Erza looked at her with a confused looks, "Is it wrong if I say he's handsome?" She asked while her eyebrows knitted together, her face flushed a bit at the comment. How could she be so sure when they just met like, half an hour ago?

Sherry leaned her back to the sofa she was sitting at, "First, you're brightened up when you bought the guy that 'tutored' you at first." She started, knowing this would be easier to be explained rather than giving some story-telling or waiting for her to realize it herself. "Second, you're Titania forsake! You were famous of not interested in boy, and now you weren't giving any unnecessary comment and answered directly that the guy was handsome?" She asked and as Erza was about to open her mouth, explaining everything, Sherry didn't give the time. "Third and the last, your cheeks were red when I asked about your feelings!" She finished proudly. "I must see the guy! You don't know how many hundreds of guys cried in Lamia because you rejected them via e-mail, and now you found a guy you love? This is a scandal!"

"Sherry, calm down." Erza sighed as she tried to loosen the girl up, "I'm not in love with him or anything."

"Is he a gentleman?"

"Well, yes but-"

"What was his name?"

"Jellal- Wait, NO!"

"Jellal, I see… S Class in Fairy High! Got it! I'm searching for his room number!"

"W-Wait, Sherry!"

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