The Lego Movie

As seen by the figures

(Hi everyone this is my first post on Fanfiction I hope I do a good job. Oh and I don't own Warner Bros, Village Roadshow. Or the Lego Movie I just have a DVD of it)

It was another awesome day in Bricksburg as The Special. Emmet Brickowski and his friends were walking down the street. Emmet gave a content sigh before turning to his friends

Emmet: Sure is a great day huh?

All the others agreed but they hear a commotion coming from the city's park

Unikitty: What's that?

They all come around the corner to find a massive screen and all the people from their adventure (Shaq, Superman, Green Lantern to name a few) milling around. They see that on the screen is a picture of all of them running towards the camera with President Business in the background.

Emmet: What is all this?

Vitruvius: I think this is our story


President Business comes out from behind the screen in his Lord Business attire. Everybody begins to fidget nervously

Business: Chill everybody I'm not here to Kragelise you, I was deep inside my Office Tower when I came across a little disc and this is what is on it.

At which he gestures to the screen

Business: I watched it and it chronicles the story… *he looks at Emmet* of the most extraordinary person in the universe so everyone take a seat and let's get started!

Everybody files into their seats. Emmet and friends sit in the front row.

*The screen opens on a blue background as the Warner Bros. logo drops in it spins around to show another logo Warner Animation Group, we zoom in past it to a black background at which point another logo comes in. Village Roadshow. It pulls up as the camera zooms to the ground heaps of tiny circular studs line the ground all having the word "LEGO" imprinted on them the camera then pans up and goes through a dangerous looking lava filled canyon*

Vitruvius recognises this and smiles at he's about to have his big moment.

*The camera pans along a walkway and into a temple where a man spins a staff and gets into an attack stance*

Emmet gasps. "That's you Vitruvius!"

Vitruvius: He is coming… *dramatic chord, the camera goes to a tight shot of his face* cover your butt.

*Two Knights are guarding the door*

Knight 1: Cover the what!?

*A force blows the door wide open sending the two knights flying, a mass explosion of dust blows out as a massive figure steps through laughing evilly*

? : Ahh-ha-ha *the figures visor rises* Virtuvius!

Vitruvius: Lord Business!

Business: You've hidden the Kragle well old man…

*a group of robots come up from behind Business* Robots destroy him!

Robots: Yes Lord Business

*Vitruvius starts to magic bricks around*

Vitruvius: Your robots are no match for a Masterbuilder, for I see everything!

*the robots shoot a laser pointer catching Vitruvius flush in the face*

Vitruvius: My eyes! Ow

*Emmet looks sadly at Vitruvius*

Vitruvius: Don't feel bad Emmet I'm okay

*the robots push a ruler across the gap to form a bridge for Business to step over*

Business: The Kragle. The most powerful super weapon is mine.

*he opens the chest to reveal a tube of KRAft GLuE*

Business: OH THE KRAGLE!

*He laughs evilly as flames shoot out of his helmet*

Business: Now my evil power will be unlimited, Can you feel me!?

*The robots close the chest and pick it up ready to take it away*

Robot 1: I Can feel you

*they begin to walk away*

Business: WOO! Nothing's gonna stop me now!

Vitruvius: Wait. There was a prophecy.

*Emmet stands up as if to recite the pledge of allegiance

Business: *rolls eyes, turns around* Ugh now there's a prophecy.

Vitruvius: About the piece of resistance.

Business: Oh yes the supposed missing piece of resistance, that can somehow magically disarm the Kargle. Give me a break!

*Vitruvius turns around, eyes shining a brilliant white, Business recoils*


One day a talented lass or fellow.

a special one with face of yellow.

Will make the Piece of Resistance found

from it's hiding refuge underground

and with a noble army at the helm

this Masterbuilder will thwart the kragle and save the realm

And be the greatest most interesting person of all the times.

All of this is true because it rhymes

*Bricksburg bursts into applause at that word for word recital for Emmet, who sits down blushing madly, Lucy and the rest send elbow nudges and winks his way*

*Close up on Business*

Business: Oh wow. That is a great and inspiring legend that you made up.

*he kicks Vitruvius off the ledge*


Business: A Special One? What a bunch of Hippy, Dippy, Baloney.