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List of Story Arcs

Hunter Exam Arc: : 1. Prologue: A New Beginning - 11. Passing the Exam

Zoldyck Arc: 12. The Zoldyck Estate

Inoue Clan (Original) Arc: 13. Meeting the Side Clan - 15. Clan of Lies

Dojo Training (Original) Arc: 16. Facing New Challenges - 20. Departure

Yorkshin City Arc: 21. Reunion - 31. Goodbye Yorkshin

Otaka (Original) Arc: 32. Hometown I - 33. Hometown III

Shinatobe (Original) Arc: 35. Return to Dojo - 41. Shinatsuhiko

Chimera Ant Arc: 42. To NGL - 64. Checkmate

Election Arc: 65. Untold - 67. Finale: Goodbyes

Hunter x Hime: Prologue

A New Beginning


Himeko was anxiously waiting to board the ship which would take her to the site of the 287th Hunter exam. She managed to arrive at Whale island a few hours ago after missing the previous ship because she took a 'couple' of wrong turns here and there. No worries though, she did manage to arrive at the harbour just in time for the ship with some time to spare. Although she arrived a few hours early, she just remained at the harbour, her eyes fixed on the ship just in case it left without her.

While waiting, she examined all the other candidates that were boarding the ship along with her. Most of them- no all of them were middle-aged men, but that didn't surprise her at all. Hunters needed strength and stamina, so the exam was a lot more popular among men than women; well, at least that was what she heard somewhere. Looking at the crowd, she just knew that she wouldn't be able to get along with anyone. None of the men looked exactly friendly, and judging by their expressions, they were just waiting to throw the weaker men off the ship when they get the chance. But then again, she usually didn't talk to strangers unless it benefited her in the end. Whether it was to ask for directions or get information out of someone, she hated to rely on people and preferred to do things by herself. It didn't bother her though; there was no one to tell her where to go, or how to live her life. To be perfectly honest, she liked to be alone. She lived her life for herself and no one else. No people meant no drama. In any case, the Hunter exam was going to be something she had to do on her own. It was going to be all men; or in this, case all men and girls for themselves.

When it was finally her turn, she made her way up onto the ship much to everyone's surprise. While she was waiting around, she didn't seem to surprise anyone. People assumed that she must've been someone's daughter sending them off. Seeing her walk up made people take another look, wondering whether she got lost, or didn't want her father to leave for the exam. After all, you wouldn't be able to see a twelve year old girl on a ship full of middle-aged men everyday, right? But her expression said otherwise. She was a lot more serious, and concentrating more than most of the people around her. That perfectly symmetrical frown left people awestruck for a moment, but they couldn't take her too serious after remembering that she was just a child.

There was nothing out of the ordinary about her looks as she looked just like any other girl. She had a petite build, as expected for her age. Her skin was pale which contrasted with her straight black hair which reached up to her shoulders, and her forehead was covered with her straight bangs. Her eyes were deep blue, almost like a gem; a sapphire to be precise. She also wore a pair of earrings with a little gem, which seemed to be the same colour as her eyes; a sapphire. Another distinctive feature was the small beauty mark she had underneath her mouth.

"Hey, little girl, aren't you a bit too young for the Hunter exam? You should go home and play with your dollhouse or something," One of the many men on the ship commented, seeing her on the ship. A couple of the men around him snickered at his comment, much to her displeasure. However, she didn't even spare them a glance, neither did she waste her own energy to raise her brow at his comment.

"All muscles and talk, but no brains. How did I guess?" She mumbled to herself, not surprised by it all. They were a waste of space, food, air and water; she'd rather have them kick each other off the ship in a couple hours than get involved with them. They were acting all chummy now, but it wouldn't take too long for them to show their true faces and try to get rid of as many competitors as possible. She needn't waste her energy on them, so she preoccupied herself by finding a space for her to sit down. "Besides, I don't even like dolls. They are creepy as hell!"

Then again, she couldn't blame them and their stupid stereotypical views. She was a kid that just turned twelve a few months back. You needed to be twelve in order to get a Hunter's license and she applied on the day of her birthday as she didn't want to waste time. Although you could apply for the exam once you're twelve, it didn't change the fact that children rarely participated. Come on, which ordinary kid would be allowed to take a brutal exam while battling against death just for a piece of plastic?

"I'm no ordinary kid," that was just Himeko's opinion, whether it held some truth to it or not. The fact that they belittled her angered her, but she quickly managed to cool her head again. "They probably don't have enough brains to look past my looks and appreciate my superior intellectual abilities compared to theirs," said the twelve year old out of all possible people on the ship.

Himeko took off her peach coloured rucksack before settling down and continuing to examine the other examinees. She didn't know what to expect during the exam, so for now, everyone on this ship was her rival. But of course, she had to pick out the ones she specifically had to look out for. To her, they didn't look like much anyway. Although most of them were double, if not, triple her size; but they seemed like they relied more on their strength. In her opinion, a healthy brain would also be needed to become a Hunter. Common sense told her that the word 'exam' itself meant that they had to use at least some of their brain.

She sighed as she opened her rucksack and looked through it. All she brought with her were spare change of clothes, which consisted of a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, just in case her cream coloured one piece dress got dirty. Her dress reached her knees and it was fairly simple and plain, with no extra designs or embroidery on it. She never exactly understood fashion, therefore she avoided heavy accessorising and always went with something that couldn't go wrong. She also had a towel with her, along with a toothbrush, some toothpaste, a hair brush and all those little essentials. After a while, she finally found the book she was looking for. It was quite a big one and looked a bit too advanced for a child of her age. Nonetheless, she started reading from where she had left off while ignoring the constant fighting and bickering in the background, going into her own world.

A while later, the ship had become a lot quieter. Some couldn't bear the ship rocking back and forth and became sea sick, others just sat around waiting for the ship to arrive at the examination site.

"You are all pathetic, yet you want to become Hunters and you can't even take a small boat ride?" The Captain of the ship complained as he passed by some of the seasick candidates. He was right; if they couldn't take a little boat ride how were they meant to take the Hunter exam? How were they meant to venture out to unknown lands for adventures, if they couldn't even handle the venturing?

A couple of hours later, the sound of the seagulls interrupted her thoughts on the book. She looked up and they were all flying towards the direction they just came from, as if they were afraid of what was ahead. The sky was still clear ahead but if that was the case, why would the seagulls flee? The deck of the ship was almost deserted and she also thought it wouldn't be safe to stay on deck anymore, so she made her way inside just incase something were to happen.

She opened the door and found a mass of men lying sick on the floor. "Is this for real? Are you trying to tell me that all of them got sea sick?" She thought to herself. The fact that nearly every candidate, if not all were lying sick on the floor astonished her. However her thoughts were interrupted by the voice of a young boy who was running back and forth.

"Here mister, try chewing on this herb. It will help you with your seasickness." The young, black haired boy in green offered one of the sick men a medicinal herb, along with a cup of water. But he wasn't the only one who was still in the game. She looked around to see a blond boy with blue eyes, probably in his mid-teens, quietly reading a book while resting on a hammock. Another, much older looking man, with black hair, was sitting against the wall, snacking on a green apple before cringing at its sourness. He was wearing a suit and tie and wore sunglasses, so she couldn't make out his eye colour.

She stepped into the room, closed the door behind her and walked over to a little corner that was unoccupied by anyone. She watched the little boy run around, helping the sick men in the room. It gave her mixed emotions to see someone around her age on the ship, but after analysing his face, she thought that the boy wouldn't be able to make it past the first stage. To her, he seemed too naive and kind at first glance; he wouldn't hesitate to help out his competition just like he did right now, which in the end could be his own disadvantage. How could he separate good from evil? However, Himeko somehow found herself intrigued by him. The last person she would have expected to see on the ship was someone like him. His motives for taking the exam, his attitude; he seemed so much different from all the people she's seen before. He genuinely cared about everyone, whether they were strangers or not. Most of these men must have ridiculed him too when he first entered the ship, yet he long forgot about all that just to help them recover. It was something she would never do, she'd only cared about people that genuinely cared for her. But as of now, there were none. She learnt to approach people with an ulterior motive, so after she got what she wanted she would cut ties. Of course, she'd have no one that cared about her except maybe herself. But if it wasn't for the Hunter exam, she might have actually wanted to talk to this strange boy, even if it were to satisfy her own curiosity.

Finally realising what she had just thought, she frantically shook her head. "Concentrate on the Hunter's license. I don't need companions! I can do it myself, just like how I always did."

Her gaze eventually shifted to the teen and the older man minding their own business, not paying any attention to what was happening around them. It seemed like they were quite confident with their abilities for them to be this chill, which worried her a little. That was when she finally knew; these three were the people who would make it to the Hunter exam. For now, these three were the ones she had to look out for if she wanted to pass.

A little while later, the door opened once again. It was the Captain, who looked around the room with a disgusted expression.

"So, only four people have what it takes to become a Hunter!"