Continuation of the bar scene in 4x11 . First half is basically kind of what happened. Then obviously the rest is fanfic. Enjoy XD

Regina let out a sigh, staring down into her now cold cup of coffee. Her chest hurt but she was over crying. She was done, tired of it all. True love, fairy dust, happy endings. Was it ever even worth it? She felt miserable.

Another person fell into the empty seat beside and she just knew who it was without having to look. Who else dared to involve themselves in her business but Emma Swan. Still she cast a sideways glance towards her through a fallen bang and just sunk back into her thoughts. For some reason she felt oddly self conscious. She sat up straighter, just a little, and pushed away her coffee. It was a blatant reminder of her lack of will to do anything, even drink a cup of coffee. She rested her head on top of her elbow still to defeated to even hold that up.

"I'm not in the mood for a hope speech Emma..." She absentmindedly fiddled with the coffee cup, needing something to distract her from the blonde.

"Your mistaking me for my mother... " Emma paused for a millisecond, and looked her over. "Besides, you don't need a speech. You need a drinking buddy." That grabbed her attention. Emma was offering to drink with her? Now that she mentioned it, it did sound a lot better than the cold coffee in front of her.

"Shots?" She asked

She turned to meet green eyes, lifting her head and more alert now. Emma's face regarded her with kindness, it was soft and almost amiable. No pity there.

"Sure. Why not?" She lifted her head off her hand and Emma motioned for two shots from the bar tender. They both sat there in silence waiting for the drinks to be made. Emma fiddled with her hands on the counter and suddenly felt the need to fill the silence.

"You know you did the right thing today." Emma's eyes regarded her with a smirk as she said it.

Of course she'd say that. The savior always felt the need to pass judgement on her character, to rain moral rightness on her otherwise sunny day!

"And there it is a hope speech!" She let out an exasperated sigh and gently let her hand fall on the table. "I thought we were drinking?"

Emma almost rolled her eyes, but settled for tossing her head briefly to the side in equal exasperation.

"It's not a hope speech its a compliment." Was it? A part of her was touched that she was getting praise from Emma, so she eased up a little on her hostility.

"Well I don't need your validation. I know I did the right thing." She breathed. "I know because I'm miserable...again." Emma didn't say anything to that. How could she? That was pretty dark even for her.

Their shots finally came and Emma used it to help form a reply. She pulled her shot over to her.

"Well if it makes you feel any better... So is Gold." Aha! The little imp's words were empty. She turned to back to Emma regarding her with a mix of curiosity and surprise. How did she know that bit of information was exactly what she needed to hear? She held her gaze, still trying to fully calculate who this woman actually was.

"It does." She replied. They clinked their shots together and a brief smile fell on Emma's lips. It was actually quite a beautiful one to. She tossed the shot down her throat as if it were water and Emma quickly followed suit. God it was Tequila she hated Tequila. She grimaced and regretted downing the drink at all. Emma's face twisted too but neither said anything about the taste.

Emma raised a brow at her and she knew that was an invitation to a challenge. Ok Miss Swan. I'll play your little game.

"Two!" Regina said. The corner of Emma's mouth continued to turn upwards. The shots were brought over faster this time and the bartender stayed near their end of the bar.

She quickly got it over with, her taste buds protested but her mind silently cheered. Emma hated the drink too she could see it. As long as she could beat her this would be worth it. Right?

"Two!" Emma said this time. There was a gleam in her eye she hadn't noticed before. One of excitement and amusement.

"Fuck Marian!" Emma said. Tossing down the next shot. The words had been unexpected but she found herself agreeing, even joining in on her childish outbursts.

"Yeah and to hell with men." Emma watched her keenly as she passed down the third shot. Oh was she feeling a little buzz now. Tequila was much stronger than her cider.

"Two." She said, though with less enthusiasm. She wasn't going to let Emma be the last to order their shots.

"He never deserved you." Emma said, unaware of just how profound that statement was to her. Emma slammed her empty shot down on the table and she realized she was just staring at Emma. Quickly she downed her own shot, trying to shake off Emma's previous statement. Why had she found that statement so appealing?

They had resorted to just tapping the counter now, and the bartender was looking a little torn. They were getting wasted, it was her job to supply them but how much was too much?

Regina nearly growled at her and she figured it was their own funeral.

"I can't fucking believe..." Emma slurred. "That you even liked Robin to begin with... I mean he's such a tool."

"And your dirty pirates any better?"

"Nope!" Emma drank her shot. "I can't stand hook." Emma leaned in closer to her. Her own head was swirling hazily, and Emma's proximity was only adding to the mess inside her head. This was a bad idea. "He's a horrible kisser and...I don't want him. I want..." Emma snapped backwards, pulling herself away realizing what she had been about to say.

"I think...we've had enough." She said. Emma nodded and reached inside her jacket to pay the tab. "No. Em. Let me..." God she was too drunk to realize she had called her Em. But it hadn't gone unnoticed by Emma. The blonde was smiling lazily back at her and the hand she had placed on Emma's arm. She turned to the bartender. "Put it on my tab." The woman nodded and went back to cleaning up for the night.

"Come on...Emma. Lets go." Emma slid off the stool and they stumbled towards the door.

"We can't drive..." Emma mumbled. "and my legs feel like jelly." She thought she couldn't hold her alcohol but Emma was far worse than she was. Maybe it had been that extra shot she had.

She pulled Emma into her, nearly falling over from the difficulty of keeping her and Emma on their feet.

"I'll poof us..." Emma sighed into her and they were gone in the blink of an eye. They landed in Regina's bedroom. It had been the only place she could, fully recall in her drunken state of mind. She released Emma's arm and the blonde somehow managed to bring them both off their feet and onto her bed.

"Emma." she huffed. Her body was on top of hers, smothering her and Emma's squirming was creating an all too familiar heat into her stomach. When Emma finally managed to prop herself up the air flowing in and out of her lungs decided to stop, for just a second. Emma's cheeks where a rosy pink, her hair was a tangled mess but she had never looked more beautiful to her. Emma was still on top of her looking down on her body like she had just discovered the answer to all of life's questions. Her eyes moved to Emma's lips, when she wasn't talking they actually looked kissable. She dragged her eyes back up to Emma's. An unending supply of heat and desire stared back at her the moment she found the orbs.

That's when Regina realized Emma intended on kissing her and that she didn't mind at all. Later she'd blame it on the alcohol but right now, she wanted to forget and lose herself in the intoxicating feel of Emma Swan, because if she was getting turned on by just the feel of her, she wanted to know what it felt like to be kissed and touched.

Her lips parted slightly in anticipation and for Emma that seemed enough of an invitation to carry through. She moaned into the kiss, lapping in the sensation of soft lips, and even softer curves full being pressed against her. Emma Swan was kissing her and she was kissing her back.

Emma's hand ran through her hair, pushing back brunette strands and gently raking against her scalp. She tasted of tequila, and instead of turning her off by the taste it oddly heightened the state of arousal she was in. Her stomach was doing somersaults, and there was wetness between her thighs that she hadn't even felt with Robin. God she wanted Emma to touch her...

She grabbed Emma's free hand and pulled it down to her the band of her skirt. Emma's body seemed to jerk to life at the simple gesture and suddenly their clothing was disappearing one article at a time. Emma leaned back, straddling her waist to remove her own shirt and bra. Emma's breasts met the rooms air and she felt compelled to touch them. She groped each one, almost lovingly and Emma pulled her back into a kiss.

"lift your arms.." Emma mumbled. She did so and Emma removed it from her body. Delicate fingers unhooked her bra and now they were both topless, but that's not wanted she wanted gone. No Emma needed to finish the task of undressing her.

Emma fumbled with the clasp on her black miniskirt, and it shred a light of reason onto their situation. They were both drunk. This was the alcohol speaking they were supposed to hate each other. She might have stopped then and there if Emma hadn't succeeded in unhooking it.

She let her head fall back onto the bed while Emma momentarily hopped off her. She slid off the skirt, and brought down the black pantyhose with it. A gasp left her lips when Emma finally removed her underwear. She was completely exposed and naked, just waiting for Emma to do the same. Emma removed her own jeans and straddled her once more.

"God...Regina." Emma groaned. She clashed their lips together, subtly rubbing her hips against her thigh. She could feel Emma's own wetness and it was driving her crazy.

"Emma." She gasped. "Just get on with it..." A chuckle met her ear but Emma was quick to oblige. The relief wasn't immediate, no Emma made sure to tease her by just ghosting her fingers across her clit. She gasped at the contact and thankfully Emma didn't stop there. Emma moved her hand up and down between their kisses, sending chills of pleasure through her body. Her pace increased and she could feel the pressure building. More. She needed more.

She stuck her tongue into Emma's mouth, gripping desperately at the back of Emma's head. It drew out a deep throaty moan and suddenly Emma's fingers were working magic. Her orgasm hit hard, shocking her muscles and causing her body to jerk up into Emma's hand. She cried out, and she was never so vocal. It didn't even sound like her.

The cry that left her mouth wasn't as surprising as the look of pure carnal desire that met her eyes as she came. Emma forced her eyes shut and let out a shudder. She could only imagine what kind of torture the blonde was in from not being offered the same kind of release. When her high was over Emma was back to kissing and nipping at the skin of her neck. It was helping her slowly to recover and her hand moved to Emma's core.

She wasn't gentle with her. Emma didn't seem like the type of girl that liked it slow so she roughly inserted several fingers inside of her because she knew she was wet enough. Emma jerked but a grin spread across her mouth.

"I'm going to fuck you now." She hissed into Emma's ear. Emma was like putty in her hands. She moaned and moved back into Regina's hand as she forcefully started pumping into her.

Watching Emma ride against her hand had her own thighs clenching with need. Every little pant, and moan was a torturous tease. She brought her other hand down to Emma's clit, it was difficult to do in her current position but she managed and the results were well worth it. Emma's brow twisted in pleasure, she moaned and threw her head back.

"Yes...fuck that's so...good." She drank in Emma's naked body and when the blonde finally came, she collapsed on top of her. A moment passed before Emma finally said.

"You should be my drinking buddy more often."

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