With the size of the house, four people should be able to get ready in the morning without being in each others way. But the Cullen household can't seem to run that way.

While Emmett is just setting at the table, his big frame causes his chair to stick our farther than it should. He shovels warm oatmeal into his mouth, also spilling a small amount onto the table. He flips through his History text book to quickly read the chapter that he forgot to read the night before. As Carlisle prepares his briefcase and lunch bag for the day, he answers and asks questions to his family. Edward rages through the house in search of his left gym shoe. Esme tries to clean up after the three males, but she knows the moment she cleans up one mess, they have already made another.

"When's the new kids coming?" Emmett asks with a mouthful of food.

"About noon. Finish your homework." Carlisle responds, then calls out to Edward in the other room. "Did you get your room rearranged for the spare bed?"

"Yes!" Edward snaps and feels under the living room couch for the shoe. "I need my gym shoe!"

"How did you lose only one shoe?" Esme sighs.

"I don't know!"

"Emmett, did you get your room clean?" Carlisle asks his oldest boy.

"I forgot." Emmett says with a shrug.

"How can you forget? It's a disaster!"

"You'll be cleaning it this afternoon, won't you, Emmett?" Esme says, jumping in to avoid a quarrel between the two of them.

"But the new kids will be here this afternoon!" Emmett protests. "It'd be rude if I stayed in my room during their first day here."

"Then this weekend you can stay home and clean it, then."

Emmett groans, but a stern look form Carlisle shuts him up. Edward shouts from the other room that he still can't find his shoe.

"I swear, this home is a mad house." Carlisle chuckles quietly to Esme. She smiles back and kisses his cheek.

"And just think, we're adding two more people to this mess."

"Come on, Jasper, stop pouting!" Rosalie huffs and shoves her little brother's shoulder. "I'm sure this place will be nice."

"It was nice at Maria's." Jasper mumbles, staring out the car window without giving Rosalie any more attention.

"This place will be better. The father is an orthopedic surgeon. I looked it up. That's a six figure income." She says with a smile. The corners of Jasper's mouth tug upwards.

"Dad made a six figure income too," He says.

"If you counted the decimal." Both say at the same time, quoting their biological father. They laugh for a moment, but Jasper quickly goes back to sulking.

"I wish we could have stayed with Maria. I don't even know what went wrong."

Rosalie sighs. Maria is no good for them. Specifically, she's no good for Jasper. Rose knows that, but Jasper doesn't. She doesn't like seeing him so distressed, but what's a sister to do? She's just looking out for him. He'll thank her one day.

For the remaining twenty minutes of the drive, Jasper ignores his sister. She tries to continue conversation, but Jasper refuses to say anything. So Rosalie just rolls her eyes, pulls a magazine from the bag at her feet and tries to read, but her mind keeps racing. How will this new family be? Are they strict? What will they do when she turns 18 in just a few weeks? But her biggest worry is of the mother. Jasper and Maria had a bond that was far from appropriate, and Rosalie worried that maybe this mother will be like Maria. She couldn't stand to see that again.

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