p class="p1"span class="s1"Dear Charlie,/span/p
p class="p2" /p
p class="p1"span class="s1" I've gotten your letters. I understand and I am sorry. I am not only sorry for what you've been through, but I'm sorry that I'll be no help to you. You probably wouldn't want the help of screwed up girl who can't even defend herself against a male./span/p
p class="p1"span class="s1" I have also had problems this past year. I'm getting over mine like I feel you're getting over yours: not so well. I'm barely able to wake up in the mornings. I feel like I'm drowning whenever I inhale too deeply and feel like I'm suffocating when I don't breathe deep enough. I haven't even talked to my friends since the thing; they didn't seem to want to talk to me anyway. So please excuse me for correcting your loose use of the term 'friend'. I'm not a very good one./span/p
p class="p1"span class="s1" You have told me a whole year of your life and I realize I am being very cryptic while talking about the past 365 days of my own and I do also realize that that's not every fair. I'll tell you what happened to me if you promise me one thing. If you promise to actually listen- or read, I guess. Promise to actually think about this as if I am an actual person and not just an object, like everyone else does. If you do that, I promise to be totally and completely honest with you. It'll take effort both ways- I know. /span/p
p class="p1"span class="s1" I have to go now. I'm in court over my... thing that happened. Write me back and tell me what you want./span/p
p class="p2" /p
p class="p1"span class="s1"Yours truly, Melinda Sordino./span/p