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Truth Be Told

By Witchmaster


Lily Evans was nearly singing with happiness. The day was bright, she was taking a well-deserved vacation from the strenuous job of working as an Auror, and she had just found out she was pregnant. With the child of Severus Snape, her long time friend and lover, no less! The thought of his expression when she told him was enough to make her burst out laughing in this state of euphoria. She expected he'd be working in the dungeons at Hogwarts, even though it was the middle of summer. That man and his potions!

"Sev?" she poked her head around the door of the potions classroom. No, not there. Ok then, maybe his private rooms. "Severus?" yes, there he was, slaving over some potion or another, as usual. She decided to… ah… alert him of her presence. She crept up behind him and slowly took out her wand. When she was a few feet away, she whispered a charm and a large, gold firecracker shot out from the end of her wand and exploded above his head with a loud, crackling noise.

Lily could have sworn Severus jumped about six feet into the air. He cursed as a vial he was holding dropped from his hand and tried vainly to catch it. When it was inches off the floor, Lily waved her wand at it and shouted " Accio!" The small vial flew into her waiting palm.

Severus spun around angrily. Lily shook the vial at him and grinned impishly, extremely pleased with herself. Maybe she had spent too much time around the marauders in her youth.

" Lily!" her grin faded at the sound of his voice, full of deadly, cold anger, and so unlike the man she had been living with for two years. Wordlessly, she handed the vial to him.

" What are you doing here?" his voice still had that dangerous tone to it and he was glaring at her as if she were James Potter and not his long-time friend.

" Just came to say hello," she said quietly. Now didn't seem like the time to tell him the real reason she'd come. Instead, she queried, " What are you working on?"

" Nothing," he responded shortly.

She bit back the urge to say 'It doesn't look like nothing,' and pointed to the book lying next to the smoking cauldron. For some reason, that book made her uneasy. " Can I see that?"


All right then. We'll do this the hard way, she thought. For the second time in a few minutes, she used the summoning spell "Accio!" The black book flew into her hands.

Lily flipped the book over and looked at the cover. The Darkest Potions by Kraft Jeger1. She frowned slightly. Kraft Jeger was a dark wizard famed for his poisons two hundred years ago. She quickly flipped to the page the potion Severus had been working on and took in a sharp breath when she saw the name of the potion. The Ardor2 Poison, one on the deadliest and most painful poisons known to wizard kind. She shot him a half questioning, half alarmed glance, "Severus?"

 He glared at her. "Give that to me, you filthy Mudblood," he said, his voice colder than ice.

Her jaw dropped in shock and she stared at him. "Wha…" Was he still mad about the firecracker? She'd done that before and he hadn't acted like this!

" Give it to me," Severus commanded, holding out his left hand. As he did, his sleeve fell away. If Lily had been horrified or shocked before, it was nothing compared to how she felt upon seeing the Dark Mark burned onto her lover's, the father of her unborn child, arm. Sickened, she flung the book to the side and backed away.

" You… you," she stammered, unable to speak. " Oh, God…" She tightened her grip on her wand, once she realized she was still clutching it. Her opponent drew his own.

"Stupefy!" Lily cried.

 At the same time he shouted "Crucio!"

Both spells ricocheted off each other and Severus had to duck as both curses shot over his head. Lily took the opportunity to duck out the door. There was one place in the castle where she could Disapparate… but she had to get away… had to get there…

"Crucio!" the spell hit her in the back and she fell over screaming with an agony that moved through her like fire. She thought she was going to black out when the curse was lifted. She lay there panting as Severus stood over her. Just as he lifted his wand again, she pointed her own at him and shouted the first spell that came to mind.

" IMPEDIMENTA!" As quickly as she could on her shaking limbs, she clambered to her feet and ran off. She had about a minute before the spell wore off. But she was almost there… yes; there was the statue of a phoenix, with its wings curved forward. Not that the students knew it, but there was this one place were a person could Disapparate. She stepped between the wings as Severus barreled around the corner.

" Avada Kedavra!" But she had already Disapparated.


It was ironic, really. James had inherited a fortune from his parents, yet he still preferred a modest house. Lily slowly walked up the path towards the front door, still suffering from the after affects of the Cruciatus Curse. She had Apperated to several points before appearing at Godric's Hollow. She honestly didn't want Severus to be able to track her. Glancing around, she knocked on the door, praying James was home.

"Lily? What're you doing here?" Even though it was past noon, James looked as though he'd just woken up.

" I need your help," she said bluntly. Apparently he understood her urgency, for he quickly motioned her inside and shut the door.

" What happened? I seriously doubt this is a social call." Trust James to make a joke. Lily put a finger to her lips and cast several sound- proofing charms. Then, she spilt her story. By the end, she was nearly in tears.

" Oh, Lily…" James muttered.

" What am I going to do? He can't know we have a child!" She bit her lip in frustration. Suddenly she realized he was staring at her  rather oddly. " What?"

" I do have an idea. Mind you, it's farfetched. And no one could know the truth except us," he seemed to be talking more to himself than her. For some reason, she found this annoying.

" Well?" The word came out in almost a growl.

James grinned wryly at her and took a deep breath. " Lily? Will you marry me?"


:: 1 month and a half later ::

You know, Lily thought on the day of the wedding, this really wasn't a bad idea at all. No one would ever know what had really happened. And marrying James certainly wasn't a bad idea. They had been friends since first year, after all, and had worked together for several more years. She liked and trusted him. As he lifted the veil from her face, she wondered if like could turn into love.

" You may kiss the bride." As their lips touched, a wild cheering went through the crowd of friends and family. With all the joyous celebration, no one noticed the dark figure standing in the shadows.


:: 9 months later ::

" Well, I guess we should do this." The flickering light from the fireplace made James's face look grimmer, older.

Lily looked down at the little boy curled up in her arms. They had put off doing the spells as long as they could, but the features that looked like Severus were beginning to show. Slowly, she nodded and raised her wand and pointed it at her child. Next to her, James did the same.

" Celare Imago Snape!!"3 they both cried at the same time. Immediately, the child's hair disappeared and many other features blurred. Lily turned to James.

" All we need is a hair of yours or something that belongs to you." She told him. James reached up and plucked out a hair. Then, he pointed his wand at it and said the levitation charm. Slowly, he let the hair float until it was in front of Lily's wand tip.

"Monstrare Imago Potter!"4 The charm moved through the hair and when the light from it had dulled enough for them to look down, they saw a baby that looked very much like a child from James and Lily.

 " When will the charms wear off?" James asked as he peered down at the infant.

" Around Harry's fifteenth birth. By then, he'll be old enough to understand and hopefully this thing with Voldemort will have died down a bit." She slowly began to rock her son in her arms.

" And if we're dead before then?" James asked softly. They both knew Voldemort was looking for them.

" I've already taken care of that."


:: about a year later ::

" Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off-" James shouted, near- panicked.

He watched as Lily ran from the room towards their- no, her son. Amazing how much Harry had come to seem like his son…and now, because of his own stupidity, that child and his wife might die. He was furious with himself for trusting Wormtail instead of his good friend Padfoot. Then the door burst open and he had no time for any other thoughts than that of the horror gliding through his front door.

Lily ran down the hall towards Harry's room. As she flung the door open, she heard the cry of " Avada Kadavra!"  come from the front room. For a second she stood frozen with shock. James was dead. She had come to love him and he had done so much for her. Now he was dead. Then she snapped out of her trance and, with tears streaming down her cheeks, slammed the door shut and murmured several locking charms. Not that they would do any good against the most powerful dark lord in centuries. Her worst fears became reality as the door sprung open and she was tossed to the side from the force of the spell.

When she managed to spring back onto her feet, she realized Voldemort's wand was pointed, not at herself, but her son. She sprang between the wand and her son with a strangled cry.

" Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!" She realized she was begging, but didn't care.

" Stand aside, you silly girl, stand aside now."

" Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead-" Her plea was cut off as the Dark Lord interrupted her.

" Move, you foolish girl." He tried to step around her, but she stepped in his path.

" Not Harry! Please have mercy… have mercy!" She was nearly on her knees begging.

Lord Voldemort began laughing. " Mercy? I have no mercy," he said. The laughter stopped abruptly, and he hissed the last words Lily would ever hear, " Avada Kedavra!"




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1  Means power hunter in Norwegian

2  Means flame in Latin

3  Celare means hide in Latin. Imago means image.

4 Monstare means show in Latin.