Hi you guys. I know I haven't updated in a long time and I just wanted to apologize. I've been thinking lately, what am I writing? What's the purpose? I lost my inspiration a long time ago for writing this story and ever since then I've been looking for a new inspiration. But I just cant find it. I feel like this is a story missing a plot. Or in other words, its not going anywhere. It just doesn't have a reason or a message. If you look hard enough, almost all stories have another story hidden inside them that they're are trying to tell you. This story doesn't though. I cant find my purpose for writing this or continuing it. I really am sorry. Maybe one day though. after I find some new inspiration I can come back to this story and... I don't know, rewrite it I guess. Until then I'm going to be searching. I'm going to find a new inspiration so next time I wont let you guys down. I cant promise that the rewrite will be within the next year. I cant even promise its going to be within the next five years. But I know that one day, ill come back and fix it. Just hold out hope for me. I want to also thank you all for being such amazing fans. I love you guys and with every comment you left or every new follower I got, it made my day so much better. Every single one of your reviews were amazing. Thank you for everything. You guys are amazing.