So this isn't an update so sorry.

Just been busy for the past few months/year? I've had a lot of work in order to pay for college, in order to PASS college, and hanging out with friends and doing some cross country biking. (Went to Germany so if anyone reading this is from Germany I just want to say Oktoberfest was the best shit to be ever created and I woke up naked in a park, long story, I love you people.)

{SPOLIERS} ALSO when reading the manga I was getting pissed off at what Hiro Mashima was doing with the characters. I've been reading berserk and stuff like that so if you are going to kill off a character then keep them dead. After the 5th time they come back I'm completely done with caring about any of it cause I know they all make it out alive.

Anyways I just looked back to my profile for the first time in the past few months and I just want to say thank you all for the support and all the reviews/follows/favorites/and PMs. I tried to respond to most of them so If I didn't respond to yours just send me another lol.

Also I plan on starting to update the stories again so I'm sorry if it takes a while for me to do so.

And finally, to the people who think my story is cliché or unoriginal. Yeah man I agree my story is not original and is very cliché. Like that was the plan, to make a lot of these unoriginal and cliché stories that have a hundred stories about the same plot line and throwing them together in funny ways. Like I was going to have Natsu turn into a cat and ever girl was going to be like "I don't know why but I want to take a bath with it." To which everyone in the room would all be like "WHY THE HELL WOULD TO EVER BRING A CAT IN A BATH." Cause in what world would you ever take a cat into a bath besides in a fanfic story? And the reason was to take that cliché storylines and make a lighthearted joke about it. I made a potion that I explained doesn't make sense. Im writing a cheesy comedy in my spare time, I'm not trying to get on the new York times best seller list lol. My whole story is just a cliché for a harem that instead of having every girl in the series suddenly just realize the like Natsu there is a potion that just makes things happen.

All in all whether you hate it or love it all I really care is that someone out there has a laugh, or giggle, or that weird thing where you just blow air out of your nose to show minimal amusement. And I don't want to half ass it, I want feedback, I want you guys to give me ideas that you'd like to see, I want to make something that for the next few moments while you just sit there while taking a dump, or pretending to work/study, or just laying in bed. You sit there thinking 'man that was pretty funny'. You can forget about it 5 minutes later for all I care. But for that little amount of time where what I write is getting your attention from the rest of the world, I just don't want you guys to think "man I wished I read another story." This might be something I do rarely and only in my spare time, but I want it to be good.

Which is all ironic cause I just trolled everyone that is following this story because they all thought it was a new chapter…. To all 859…. HOLY SHIT 859! LAST TIME I CHECK I ONLY HAD LIKE 420!...I'm so sorry I'll get that next chapter up soon.