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That was what she was drawing, a girl who held her head up high while she clutched her heart. Broken and alone in this world, where she faced her own demons, where there was no happily ever after.

That was what Clary Morgenstern felt like.

She was broken and alone, but at the same time she had friends and family that surrounds her with love.

She was so focused on perfecting the girl's eyes that she didn't realize Thomas, her butler, was standing outside the room while he had a letter in his hand. Thin strands of her hair were falling from the sides.

"Ms. Morgenstern?" He called her attention, but she didn't turn.

"Ms. Morgenstern." He called again, this time she turned.

"Thomas, how long have you been standing there?" She smiled.

"A while," He answered, "I have a letter for you."

"Who's it from?" She answered, and then placed her paintbrush down.

"I believe it is from Ms. Maia Roberts" He said and went to her, handing her the letter she took it carefully.

"An invitation," She gasped, then opened the letter, "They're getting married!" She smiled; she always knew Maia and Jordan were meant for each other.

"Congratulations are in order," Thomas said, "Shall I send some bouquet for Ms. Roberts, Ms. Morgenstern?"

"Yes, do send some flowers for her." She smiled.

"Very well." He said then left.

She was still standing there, staring down at the letter, "I have to tell Magnus" she told herself then went to her room, picking up her phone she dialed Magnus' number.

After the third ring, he picked up "Clare, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

"We're invited to a wedding!" She said.

"Wedding? Who's the couple?"

"Maia and Jordan!" She answered, "They're expecting us."

"Fantastic!, I was just planning on visiting them." He said, "When do we leave?"

"I haven't gotten our tickets yet, but the sooner the better." She said.

"You go arrange the tickets while I organize your itineraries for this week." He said, she nodded even though he couldn't see.

"Okay, thanks." She smiled.

"Sure thing, biscuit" He said, "Talk to you later, ciao!"

"Mmm-hmm." She last said then ended the call, she should better start packing. She placed her phone down and was about to go outside her room when she passed by her life-size mirror, she stopped and stared at her reflection.

A lot has changed, She wasn't the old Clary Morgenstern who was an art freak, sure she loved painting, but now people actually knew her. She was far from the younger version of herself, she was now a sophisticated woman, she thought, she smiled to herself. She had paint across her left cheek, but that wasn't a bother to her.

After a long look from the mirror, she finally went outside and proceeded downstairs, she turned around the corner where the kitchen was when she almost bumped into Joana, one of their maids.

"Ms. Morgenstern!" She said in surprise.

"Joana!" She said, "I was just about to look for you."

"Do you need help in anything, Ms. Morgenstern?" She asked.

"Actually, yes." She said, "could you bring my luggage to my room?"

"Yes, Ms. Morgenstern." She answered, "Anything else?"

"Yes, could you also bring down Magnus and Alec's suitcases?"

"Of course, Ms. Morgenstern."

"Thanks, that will be all" She said then left Joana to do the things the said.

Her phone rang inside her pocket and she fished it out, looking at the caller ID it was Ricky, their travel agent.

"Ricky, I was thinking about calling you" Ricky was also just like Magnus, a free will, flamboyant bisexual. Magnus and Ricky were best friends back in high school, she knew because Magnus tends to tell her his life stories.

"Magnus called me, he said something about plane tickets to LA."

"Oh, yes that." She said, "We're travelling to LA this-" She looked at the mini calendar that hung on the wall of their kitchen. Today was Monday, "-Wednesday"

"Good, I'll have you booked Wednesday night." He said.

"Thank you!" Clary said, walking to the foyer.

"Are you staying at a friend's or do I need to book a hotel?"

"Oh," She said, she hasn't figured where they'll stay yet, "Can I ask a friend of mine, first?"

"Sure thing, call me back when your friend agrees." He said then the dial tone went dead.

"Clary?" She looked up to the owner of that voice and saw Rose, their cook and Clary's old nanny. She was the only person who was working for them that called her Clary or called Magnus and Alec by their name.

"What're you doing standing there in the middle of the foyer?" She asked, "Come here, supper is ready." Rose was almost like their mother, whenever the trio comes back home after a party and were drunk Rose was their to scold them.

"Sorry, I was thinking." She sheepishly said then followed her to their dining room.

"You should stop thinking for a while, you're going fry your brain cells if you continue that." She joked.

"So what's this I heard going to Los Angeles?" She asked while serving food to Clary.

"Oh, Maia and Jordan are getting married." She said and picked up her spoon and begun to dig in.

"How wonderful!" She said, she knew Clary, Alec and Magnus' friends, they sometimes drop by to spend some time with them in the summer, "I always knew they'd end up getting married" She knew Maia and Jordan before the others did.

When Clary was still a toddler and she lived with her parents back in Los Angeles their neighbors were the Roberts' and the Kyle's. Maia, Clary and Jordan were the best of friends back then, but their circle of friends grew big. Now it consisted of Simon Lewis, The Lightwoods siblings, Magnus Bane and Jace Wayland and the three of them. She also knew what happened between Clary and Jace; she was there when they broke up, she was there when Clary needed someone, she was there when her mother wasn't.

"Yeah." That was what Clary only said then returned to her supper.

"Do you think Clare would like this?" Magnus asked, holding up some paintbrushes and paint.

"She loves anything that involves painting." Alec said then took the items from Magnus' hands and went to the cashier.

"You're right," Magnus said, "Why don't we get her a pet?"

Alec chuckled, "Magnus, I think we already have enough pets for Clary"

"But she's so lonely, Alexander" He pouted, "We promised we won't make her feel alone"

"She's not alone, Magnus." Alec replied, "This is Clary we're talking about, she needs her alone time at least thrice a month"

"You're right, I'm worrying about her again." He said.

"You always are" Alec said then pecked his cheeks.

After supper, Clary went to her room to pack her stuff. It was very quiet so she decided to turn the TV on, but then she heard the reporter mention a familiar name to her that made her stop what she was doing and watch.

"Jace Wayland was spotted with another lady friend of his at the a bar near Los Angeles"

Then a photo appeared, it was Jace and a girl, this girl was very familiar to her also, she has seen her in some magazines that she read a month back. Jace's right hand was on her waist while the girl wore a very short and tight dress that could almost make her look like a hooker. She then recalled the night of their break up that made her eyes water. No she wasn't going to think about that, she reminded herself. She was still affected by it, every time she did an interview the hosts would always bring up the Jackass' name. They know her as "The Girl Jace Wayland Broke Up With" but not this time, she thought. This time she's going to have the upper hand, this time she's the one who's going to break his heart.

This time, she'll her have Sweet Revenge.

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