Hunted Hunted
by Kitsune Ishida

JK Rowling owns Harry Potter, blah, blah, blah. I own this poem. It was originally about anyone but I changed it to fit Harry.

That's how I feel now.
My days are filled with fear,
Always worrying if I'll be captured.

I've felt hunted for a while now.
For a few months.
Since that fatal night,
When he came back by usage of my blood.

But I've always felt hunted,
Threatened by him.
Now the feeling's stronger than before,
And threatens to overwhelm me.

You could call me paranoid I guess,
And I am, it's the truth.
I'm constantly worrying,
Looking over my shoulder.

I'm looking in the shadows,
For them,
For him,
I'm waiting.

I'm waiting,
For the hunt
To draw to it's climax,
To it's final peak.

Because I know,
Until then,
I'll always feel