"Poor little Rich Girl".

That's what the others all called her, in whispers, standing in tight groups around each other.

In the hallways, the cafeteria, at the movies- everywhere she went, the whispers followed.

She had it all- money, popularity, nice things. But her parents were always traveling, not necessarily together, and never had anytime for her. They bought her love, sure, but they didn't pay much attention to her, and that only made her seek it more.

She wasn't dumb, but she was terrible in school. Her elementary school teachers described the phenomenon as learned helplessness- she didn't do anything unless she was assured and reassured that it was correct and she was doing it right. If she saw one student get help or special attention, she wanted it too. It drove those teachers crazy and drove them away- nobody wants to help the girl that follows you around the classroom, smiling desperately and whining incessantly.

There was one boy, though, who was different.

Lucas had a mom who loved him and a best friend who was more like a sister. He was bright and engaging and kind. He liked her, without her doing all those things that she usually had to do to get a boys attention.

To him, she wasn't "Poor little Rich Girl", she was his Pretty Girl. But his attention strayed.

Just like everyone else's.

Every. Damn. Time.