A Fool For Love

Adaar sighed in frustration, slamming the quill down on the desk.

Vivienne kept her gaze calm while he fumed. "I don't understand it," he said, his cheeks turning a darker purple in either frustration or embarrassment. Perhaps even both.

"My dear, it is not something that is simply taught to someone of your year. Why, if I may ask, darling, were you not taught as a child and why the sudden interest?" Vivienne asked, trying to keep her voice light.

Adaar shrugged his massive shoulders, resting his exhausted face in the palm of his hand. "My parents left the Qun before I was born, but neither had 'jobs' that required the skill of reading and writing. Mother was a baker, father was a soldier. They were farmers after they fled Par Vollen, but father took mercenary work occasionally." He sat back with another heavy sigh, rubbing at the tight muscles in his neck.

"I was good with a sword, so when I was of age I joined a mercenary company in the Free Marches. It just never became the priority." Vivienne nodded in understanding.

"And the reason why it has become the priority now?" She questioned, trying to surpress the smile gracing her lips.

She had suspected why, but it wasn't a clear enough answer. Adaar coughed nervously, glancing to the door of the library and back. "The Inquisitor should be able to write his own reports and read them, right?" He tried, a shy smile covering the lie.

Vivienne laughed, "Very true, my dear. But that is one reason why lady Montilyet is here. I suspect that is not your main objective. You clearly have a distaste for learning, yet you're very adamant. You can tell me, darling." She gave him a knowing smile, shaking her head slightly when he began to fidget in his chair. How many times did she have to tell him to sit still and straight?

He rubbed at his neck again, clearly uncomfortable with the subject. "I… It's, um." He groaned, hiding his face in his large hands. "It's for Cassandra." He mumbled into his hand. Vivienne smiled, "I'm sorry, my dear, I didn't quite get that."

She leaned toward him to hear him better. He groaned once more, dropping his hands. "It's for Cassandra. She likes men who read poetry and I can't read, but I need to learn so I can be that man." He spat out faster than lightning.

Vivienne giggled at his discomfort, "Relax, my dear. Your secret is safe with me." She patted the back of his hand reassuringly, standing to scan the shelves of books. "Now, let's start with something simple and work our way up, shall we?" Adaar flashed a bright smile, standing to join Madame de Fer by the shelves. "She likes things of passion, romance." Adaar said lovingly, looking at the shelves for something the Seeker would like.

Vivienne watched him browse, proud of the man he was and growing to be. "Of course, darling, of course."