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"Incoming trauma, 26-year-old police officer, female, shot in the chest, she's lost a lot of blood," a paramedic shouted as they rushed through the hospital entrance pushing Constable Emma Swan on a gurney, doctors started to rush around the gurney where the blonde lay barely awake but still alive… for now.

"Someone page Dr Mills, now!" Dr Kathryn Nolan shouted across the ER as she took complete control of the gurney and quickly made her way to the OR followed by a bunch of residents eager to learn and even more eager to work alongside Dr Regina Mills; after all she was the best surgeon around.

Regina had instantly received the page, she ran out of her office and made her way to the OR as quickly as her legs and elevators would allow. A cop shooting always got to her in a way no other patient did. Regina quickly scrubbed in and made her way into the operating room and started getting to work. She had a team of amazing surgeons and residents working alongside her, but everyone knew if she had too she could save Emma single-handed.

The bullet was lodged in Emma's chest, centimeters from her heart and one of her main arteries. She was lucky, very lucky. Regina removed the bullet, but before she managed to close Emma's chest, her chest cavity started filling up quickly with blood, one of the scrub nurses started removing the blood so Regina could see clearly but the cavity was filling up with blood way quicker than the bright red substance was leaving, and another scrub nurse started removing the blood through a tube. Whilst another nurse started a line in Emma's arm that soon started pumping as much blood as possible back into the blonde's body; she couldn't afford to lose any more blood at all or it would be fatal. Regina managed to see where the tear was coming from and with one perfectly skilled and neat stitch; she miraculously managed to stop the bleeding. She sighed the biggest sigh of relief when the cavity stopped filling but she knew Emma was far from fine, in fact she was a marathon away from being fine; the next twenty-four hours were going to be crucial.

Once the surgery was over, Emma was taken up to recovery. Regina went to scrub out and clean herself up before heading up to the recovery ward to take Emma's STATs and make sure she was still alive.

Regina reached the recovery ward where she bumped into her long time best friend and fellow surgeon Dr Kathryn Nolan. "Have you called her parents or family?" Regina asked as she stopped next to Kathryn.

"She doesn't have any." Kathryn replied with a sympathetic look appearing across her face as she handed Regina a folder with all of Emma's details and medical records in.

"She doesn't have anyone?" Regina asked looking at Kathryn whose face said everything she needed to know. "Everyone needs someone." Regina said before turning and walking away and heading to Emma's private room.

As she walked in, Emma was lying asleep looking so peaceful. The only way to tell she was actually alive was the machine beeping at the side of her bed. Regina took her STATs and checked her over before heading to her office.

Once, Regina got to her office, she cancelled all the surgeries she had scheduled for the rest of the day. She grabbed paperwork that urgently needed filled in before making her way back up to Emma's room. When she got there she noticed a load of people surrounding her bed, when she noticed the crash cart, she felt a sense of pain shoot through her body.

She ran into the room and dropped all the paperwork before heading to Kathryn's side. "Why did no one page me?!" She shouted angrily. She took the paddles of Kathryn. "Charge to 200, CLEAR!" She shocked Emma causing her body to rise of the bed. Still nothing. "Shit, charge to 300, CLEAR, come on, Emma." She shocked her again, causing her to rise once more, still nothing. She decided to do it the old fashioned way by pressing her body weight up and down on Emma's heart multiple times and fast. "Come on, come on, YES!" She said as she stopped pressing and Emma came back to them. Regina watched as the machine next to her started beeping to a perfect rhythm.

"Well done." Kathryn said as she put her hand on Regina's shoulder, she then walked out behind the crash team. Regina sighed before putting a tube down Emma's throat that would help her breathe until she woke up and could breathe by herself.

As soon as Regina had done the tiny procedure, she went over to the door and picked her paperwork up, she then shut the door behind all the doctors and nurses. Once, she had done so, she walked over to the chair beside Emma's bed and sat down. She grabbed her pen and started making her way through the load of paperwork sitting on her lap.

Seven hours had passed and every half an hour on the dot, not a minute late or a minute early, Regina had taken Emma's STATs, made sure she was completely comfortable and most importantly she prayed that she would wake up and soon.

Another hour passed and suddenly Emma slowly opened her eyes, she was dazzled and dazed. Regina jumped up and started to remove the tube. "Hey, welcome back!" Regina said.

Emma gagged slightly as Regina carefully and slowly removed the tube, once it was fully out; she turned to look at Regina who was standing to her right-hand side. "What… happened?" Emma asked.

"I'm Dr Mills, you were shot on duty, and I removed the bullet but it was touch and go for a while, you're a fighter." Regina smiled as she began jotting down more STATs and details in Emma's folder.

"Oh," was all Emma managed to say, she was processing what had happened and she was still in shock. She tried to move before wincing in pain.

"Don't move, honestly, it'll hurt." Regina said; looking down on Emma as she flipped her folder closed.

"Now, you tell me," Emma said before she attempted to laugh before realizing that also hurt like a bitch.

"Don't do that either, rest, you need to rest." Regina said, she picked her paperwork up and looked at Emma, "Is there anyone at all I can call?" She asked.

Emma simply shook her head. Regina looked at Emma with a sympathetic look before speaking, "Okay, well you get some rest and I'll be back soon, okay?" Regina said.

"Okay," Emma said, a part of Regina was hoping Emma would ask her to stay, but why would she? She had no reason for Regina to stay at all; Regina didn't even know why she wanted to stay by a stranger's bed side.

Regina headed out of the room and began to walk down the corridor. "Regina, you need sleep!" Regina heard being shouted down the corridor by an overly familiar voice.

"I'm going for sleep now, Kathryn!" Regina shouted without turning around, she was far too tired for a lecture. She hadn't slept in over twenty four hours. Regina was well and truly knackered.

A couple of hours had passed and Regina woke up in an on call room, she had no idea what time it was until she pulled her iPhone out of her pocket. It was half past midnight. Regina jumped out of bed and headed straight for Emma's recovery room. In Regina's mind it had been too long since she had personally checked her STATs; not that she didn't trust her colleagues, she just trusted her own instinct more.

Once she reached the recovery ward, she went to reception for Emma's folder, she flipped it open and began reading her statistics, and it all looked fairly good. She made her way to Emma's room where she pushed the door open slowly, if Emma was asleep Regina didn't want to disturb her, she needed all the rest she could possibly get. Regina noticed Emma was sound asleep; she attempted to be as quiet as she could. She walked over to her monitor and checked everything, it was all looking positive. Regina smiled as she looked on at the numbers beeping on the screen. She had saved another life; this is when she felt the happiest.

Just as she was about to leave she heard Emma begin to wake up, she turned around and waited to see if she would fully wake up, which she didn't. After a few seconds Regina turned around to leave, she went to get more paperwork so she could go back and sit with Emma, even though everything looked good, it could all change at any moment.

She grabbed her paperwork and headed back to Emma's room; she sat and she got through about seven pages of paperwork before her pager went off, 911. She had to rush out of Emma's room and straight down to the OR. She had to perform open heart surgery which could take a good few hours.

Once she had scrubbed in Regina made her way into theater. "Can you phone recovery every half an hour and get me updates on Emma Swan; I'm still not fully convinced she is fine. Make sure they come from Dr Nolan personally and no one else." Regina said to a nurse who was standing at the other side of the room.

"Yes, Dr Mills." Came the reply. Regina could ask anything of any of her staff and no one would question her or even dare to disobey her, they respected her so much, it sometimes overwhelmed Regina.

Regina began the surgery.

Every half an hour she was getting updates from Kathryn, with each update Emma was going from strength to strength. By the end of the surgery, which was three hours later, Regina's mind was finally at rest and she accepted the fact Emma was going to fully recover after all.

Once her patient had made it to recovery, Regina made sure she was comfortable and recovering well. Regina then made her way straight to Emma's room, she was still asleep and her STATs were constantly improving until they were almost normal again. For the next few hours Regina bounced between her two patients rooms. Regina was one of the rare surgeons who knew how good they were yet still cared for her patients from the moment they are on her table to the minute she witnessed them leave the hospital. She always gives her patients 100% and that's one of the main reasons she is so well respected and one of the main reasons patients come from all over the globe just so she can operate on them.

Six o'clock that morning, whilst Regina was finishing her bundle of paperwork, Emma began to wake up, Regina jumped slightly when Emma spoke as she hadn't heard a peep out of her for the last ten hours. "Hey," Emma said.

"Hi, how are you feeling?" Regina asked as she stood and made her way round the side of Emma's bed to check her monitor once again.

"Like I've been shot," Emma wittedly replied. "Have you been here the whole time?" Emma asked curiously as her head followed Regina's movement.

"I can imagine, dear. No, not the whole time." Regina replied; she didn't want to admit she hardly left Emma's side. "You're going to fully recover, you're STATs keep improving and you're doing well, but we'll be keeping you in for a week or so at least to make sure you're good."

"Okay, thanks for everything, Dr Mills." Emma smiled at Regina.

"You're welcome." Regina said as she returned the smile. She grabbed her paperwork and made her way out of Emma's room where she instantly bumped into Kathryn who looked like she had almost been patiently waiting on Regina leaving the room.

"You need sleep," Kathryn said almost like Regina's mother.

"I slept earlier." Regina replied almost sounding like a child avoiding bedtime, she stopped and stood next to Kathryn.

"For two hours, Regina, you need more sleep than two hours." Kathryn replied, Regina gave up the argument before it even began, she was sick of having this conversation with Kathryn at least four times a week.

"I'm going home now," Regina replied.

"Did you stay by her bed the whole time?" Kathryn asked curiously.

"Not the whole time." Regina defensively replied.

"You were only away for nothing more than five hours," Kathryn replied, gaining a groan from Regina.

"What's your point?" Regina said, raising an eyebrow.

Kathryn smiled her cheekiest smile. "No point, Dr Mills. Now, go sleep and give Henry a HUUGE cuddle from me!" Kathryn said as she hugged Regina which Regina absolutely hated but Kathryn always insisted on giving her a hug every day.

"Okay…" Regina said in an almost whisper as Kathryn began to walk away. Regina walked in the opposite way, heading towards her office to drop her paperwork off before she headed to her mom's to see her son.

"MOM!" was the first thing Regina heard as she walked into her mom's huge mansion. It was Regina's childhood house and possibly her favorite house in the world.

"Hey, little man!" Regina replied as she leaned down to Henry's height. He was only three and getting taller every day.

"I missed you," Henry said in his tiny little voice, nothing warmed Regina's heart more than Henry speaking about her so dearly and with so much love.

"I missed you way more." Regina said as she picked him up and bounced him on her hip, she walked into the kitchen where Cora was finishing off Regina's breakfast, Regina had texted her just before she was leaving the hospital.

"Hi, dear." Cora said as she leaned in and gave Regina a peck on the cheek.

"Hi mother," Regina said as she walked across the kitchen to put Henry in his high chair, so he could have his breakfast too.

"How was work?" Cora said before quickly adding, "You haven't been gone that long in ages."

"It was good, I saved a cop who was shot on duty, she got to me in a way no one has before," Regina said as she starred into space, before continuing to talk. "She was different, I sat by her bed the whole time until I made sure she was okay, apart from when I had to perform open heart surgery." Regina said.

Cora startled Regina as she brought her back to earth. "You performed open heart surgery yet the highlight of your last twenty-four hours was removing a bullet?" Cora said as she watched every movement on Regina's face.

"Yes, I told you, this was different." Regina added as she pulled out the chair next to Henry before sitting down.

"What kind of different, dear?" Cora asked curiously.

"I don't know, just different." Regina smiled at Cora before changing the subject. "How was Henry?"

"I good, mama!" Henry piped up from the chair next to Regina.

"You were good, Henry." Cora corrected, at the same time as answering Regina's question.

"Yay," Henry said excitedly as he bopped up and down on his chair waiting not-so-patiently on his breakfast.

"That's my little man," Regina smiled as she ruffled Henry's hair.

Cora began putting pancakes on to three separate plates, just one for Henry as they were huge pancakes, and three for Regina and three for herself. She couldn't stop thinking about Regina and how her patient got to her. Cora hadn't seen Regina this way about a patient before; in fact she hadn't seen Regina this hung up on any other human being before.

Cora brought the plates over to the table giving Henry his first, then Regina's before sitting across from her daughter. "So this patient, the police officer who was shot, tell me about her." Cora said.

"Why, mother?" Regina asked as she raised a perfectly arched eyebrow.

"I would like to know more about her." Cora said as she took a bite of her pancake.

"Like what?" Regina asked; she had no idea why her mother wanted to know, she had never asked about a patient she didn't know before.

"Anything you want to tell me," Cora replied.

"Well, she was shot on duty, I don't know how, but the bullet just missed her heart she almost died, but I saved her." Regina smiled, proudly.

"You save people every day Regina, why does this one feel different?" Cora questioned.

"It just feels different, I saved a police officer who protects people, who protects me and you, who protects my son, we need more people like that and we nearly lost one today and I saved her," Regina replied as she began tucking into her pancake, she was starving.

"Ok, Regina." Cora smiled without saying anything more about Emma.

After a few hours' sleep Regina woke up about midday, it was her day off. She woke up to Henry bouncing on her bed attempting to wake her up, which obviously it worked. "Wake up, mom!" Henry said loudly.

"I'm awake, I'm awake!" Regina said as she grabbed him and pulled him in for a long hug. He didn't know what his mom did for a living but his Grandma told him every day she was a superhero, which in a way she most definitely was.

"We take Oddball to the beach?" Henry asked over excited, he loved taking their family dog to the beach. Oddball was Regina's Dalmatian but she stayed with Cora whilst Regina worked. She was called Oddball because she was the only Dalmatian anyone around knew that had no spots what-so-ever. She was pure white yet 100% Dalmatian. Plus, the best thing about living in LA was the beaches.

"Sure, but I need to have a shower and get ready first, okay?" Regina asked to which Henry nodded over excitedly. Regina jumped out of bed before picking Henry up and taking him back downstairs.

Back at the hospital, Emma was improving and improving with every passing minute, she was awake and talking with absolutely no problem, the pain meds were kicking in and easing the pain by a lot; she felt great. Earlier on that afternoon she had gotten a visit from a few of the officers from her work which made her heart happy, for the first time in her life she had people who genuinely cared wither she lived or died.

Once the police officers had left, Kathryn popped back in to make sure Emma was doing okay and everything was great. "Hey, where's Dr Mills?" Emma asked.

"It's her day off," Kathryn smiled.

"Oh," Emma replied, she was a bit disappointed she wasn't getting to see the hot brunette again that day.

"She's asked about you about ten times today already." Kathryn replied as she watched the smile spread upon Emma's face, Kathryn's mind began going into overdrive.

"Really?" Emma replied, attempting to hide her smile but she knew it wasn't happening no matter how hard she tried.

"Yeah, she hardly left your bedside from the moment you left surgery until you were awake. The only time she left was for a few hours sleep and a surgery, apart from that she didn't leave you." Kathryn said, adding fuel to the fire, she knew Regina liked Emma not that she would ever admit it and it was becoming clear Emma liked her too.

"Is she like that with everyone?" Emma asked, not knowing if she should take the gesture personally or not.

"Just the special ones," Kathryn smiled as she walked out the door leaving Emma to think.

Kathryn's phone began to ring when she saw Regina's name pop up on the screen, she knew exactly why she was calling, she knew it was for the exact same reason Regina had called ten times previously that day.

"She asked about you." Kathryn said as soon she answered the phone.

"She did? What did she say?" Regina asked through the phone trying to keep her cool.

"She asked where you were, and I told her you didn't leave her side the whole time she was asleep." Kathryn smiled, luckily Regina couldn't see.

"Oh, you told her that?" Regina asked, feeling slightly embarrassed.

"Yeah, I did. You should have seen how happy it made her." Kathryn replied; her suspicions all relied on Regina's next answer.

"It did?" Regina said, with an obvious smile, confirming all Kathryn's suspicions.

"Yep, now go enjoy your day off, I'll phone you if there are any problems, you phone me and I won't answer, bye babe." Kathryn said as she hung up the phone and pressed it against her chin.

"Who was that, dear?" Cora asked Regina as she hung up the phone and smiled dearly.

"Kathryn." Regina simply replied as she threw a ball across the beach for Oddball to chase. Henry was holding Cora's hand.

"You smile like that when Kathryn calls you?" Cora asked, teasing Regina completely. "Or do you smile like that when you talk about your patient?" Cora asked.

"I smile like that when I save a life." Regina quickly replied, hiding the real reason.

"Yeah, Regina, okay then," Cora said as she rolled her eyes and laughed slightly. "Mama's lying to us, Henry." Cora said in her best baby voice.

"Mom, lying bad!" Henry quickly piped up and scolded Regina.

"Oh, mother." Regina replied and laughed slightly as she picked up the ball once more and threw it across the beach.