TITLE:  Cats


PAIRING:  M/A UST/implied sex

DISCLAIMER:  Gee, I'm going to make heaps of money out of that DA memorabilia auction!

A/N:  Just an idea that came to me at eleven o'clock at night.  Thought I would make good on it, took me ten minutes but it only takes you one or two to review!  (or flame, whichever you prefer).  AU of the pool match in Borrowed Time.

Max could feel his eyes on her as she turned to order another beer.  He had been watching her all night, although it wasn't obvious to the casual observer.  He knew she wanted him, and she knew he wanted her, she was just to stubborn to admit it, So when he ran out of pool playing partners, and ended up challenging Logan to a game of pool, she just had to make a small bet with herself.

Whoever wins, get's the girl.

Unfortunately for Logan, this was a lose-lose situation.  He loses the game, Max goes home with Alec, He wins, he can't touch her anyway.

The way that Alec prowled around the pool table, sinking four consecutive shots turned her on to no end, and she briefly wondered if she was in heat.  She knew she was just fishing for excuses though, and when Alec stuffed up his fifth shot, she snapped back to reality, instead watching Logan proceed to clean the pool table of the non-striped balls.  For some reason he just didn't do it for her.  She knew they were both trying to impress her.  It was like two male lions fighting over the lioness, and they both knew that the future of their relationship with said lioness was hanging in the balance.

Alec watched as Logan lined up a particularly difficult shot, for his final ball before going for the eight.  He knew he was trying to impress Max, he could have easily used the ball in front to knock it into the pocket, but instead, like the concieted idiot he was, Logan chose to flick the ball over the top.  It didn't work.  He mishit the cue ball, causing it to ricochet off the ball in the middle, sinking the eight ball in the process.

Alec had won.

Max never backed out on a bet.