So I know it has been awhile since I have added anything to my other stories. It is not that I have given up on them, but that I have the attention span the size of a gnat. My brain won't stop working on things even if I tell it I want to work on something else. Volturi Mistress is still in the works, and I am hoping to have the next chapter out for Christmas. This story is just ONE of the many that I have started since VM that I finally think I am ready to share with the world.

I own nothing of importance but the many errors that I am sure are in this.

Demetri gave a deep sigh as he paced again in front of the library that held the office of the second leader of the Volturi; the same leader that happened to be Demetri's Sire. Marcus Volturi during a nature walk with his Mate Didyme when they came upon the dying Demetri, who had been attacked by the same animal that he was tracking. Using his gift to see the bonds of those around him, Marcus could see the tie that had already started to form between him and young man; Marcus could not let him die and turned him. Once the burn of the change was done, Demetri quickly became the son that both Marcus, and his Mate, had always wanted.

Demetri took another lap in the hall as the door from the library opened, revealing his Sire in the doorway. "What has you so burdened, my son," asked Marcus reaching out and stopping the pacing vampire with his arm. "I cannot continue on with my work knowing that there is something bothering you."

"I apologize," Demetri said bowing his head and looking to the ground, "I didn't mean to bother you."

Marcus shook his head, "It is no bother and you know it," he said gesturing for the guard member to step into the room. "Now," he stared again once be had shut the door behind them and he was started for his desk, "tell me what is on your mind."

It was clear by the tone that Marcus expected an answer. "I have come to find myself lonely even though I am surrounded by people."

Marcus just nodded, he knew the feeling; he had been feeling the same way since his mate was killed. He also knew that if it wasn't for the man standing in front of his desk, Marcus would have done something to join his wife in the afterlife. Knowing the answer to his next question could sadden him, Marcus asked it anyway.

"Are you thinking of leaving? Maybe stepping away from the guard for a while to travel the world?"

"No, Father," Demetri answered quickly with a shake of his head. "Volterra is my home."

"It will alway be your home, my son," Marcus cut in just as quickly.

"My place is with you," Demetri replied back. "You, the other leaders, and the guard, are my family and I would not want to be anywhere else. Not to mention being in the guard does provide me the ability to see the world; I see more of it then your average Vampire."

Marcus studied his son for a moment, watching to see if there was any deception in his face. Marcus gave a relieved sigh when he saw none. It would have pained him if Demetri wanted to leave; Marcus would have let him go, if it truly was the right thing for him. Marcus studied his son for a minute longer, he knew there was something that was still bothering Demetri; but before he could breach the issue there was a knock on the door.

Without a word, Demetri spun around and went to the door. "What," he barked as he whipped the door open.

"I... You..." stuttered a member of the guard with his hand still raised as if to knock again on the door

"Spit it out Felix, I don't have all day," he said with a sigh as he crossed his arm in front of his chest.

"I was sent to find you," Felix blurted quickly surprised at his friend's attitude. Demetri cocked an eyebrow and said nothing; the proverb 'and' was clear in his stance. "Yeah, sorry. Lord Aro requests that we shadow the Cullen boy until he leaves for the states."

Marcus cleared his throat from his spot at his desk, alerting Demetri to move. "Aro still think the boy may do something foolish," he asked as soon as Demetri moved from the doorway.

Felix nodded once as he took one step into the room; he would not go further in until invited to do so. "Yes, Sir. It was clear that he did not like the decision the three of you made; to refuse his request for death."

"The festival would make a great stage, with ample audience, if he wished to force our hands," Demetri said with a deep sigh.

"From what I've gathered from Aro when he read the boy, he is prone to the dramatic. Aro says he left his human in the forest when he broke up with her. If the things he said to her weren't bad enough, the way he used her own fears and self esteem issue against her; the fact that he stayed hidden from her and watched as she stumbled after him then cried herself into a coma was," Marcus said with a sad shake of his head.

Demetri felt something in him stir in his chest, something he hadn't felt before; his hand automatically coming up to rub at a spot in the center of his chest. How a man who was supposed to love someone, treat them so poorly; even if she was just human. To Demetri, and apparently to the Leaders as well, what Edward Cullen did to the girl was nothing more than evil of the worst kind; even for a vampire.

Yes, Vampires were the epitome of evil in nightmares and horror stories because of the need for blood. The Volturi do nothing to sway the mind away from this. They need blood, and they get blood; killing in the process. They, however, do not play with their food and they do not honor the practice of keeping human pets to feed on, nor do they sanction others to do as well.

Having human pets broke the main rule of Vampires; that they remain in secret. That being said, there was always a loophole that could be found. One such loophole was if a Vampire's Mate was human when found, they were permitted to be in the know; seeing as no Vampire would refuse to turn their Mate when the time came. There were many Vampires that would hold off changing their Mates, wishing to have them be closer in age or past some aspect of life. The Volturi were not as barbaric to keep Mates apart, knowing that a Mate was Fate's blessing in their world.

"We are to intervene if we think Cullen is going to do something stupid," Felix said from his spot. "It is the wish of Lord Aro for us to bring him in if something should arise; though Lord Caius wishes for him to force our hand and we kill him outright."

"Caius isn't happy unless he has bloodshed, or screams of agony of some kind, on a weekly basis," Demetri replied with a smirk. "It doesn't help that Caius has a distaste for Carlisle and his different ways, and is always looking to dig at him one way or another," he finished with a shrug.

"Injuring Carlisle's golden son would fit right up there," Marcus said with a chuckle and a shake of his head. "You two better get going, before that boy does something to make Caius' day."

"Of course, Lord Marcus," Felix said with a bow then stepped backwards into the hall.

Demetri made the same bow and started for the door, but Marcus stopped him. "A moment before you leave, Demetri, if you please."

Demetri nodded quickly before calling out to Felix who was waiting, "Go on ahead, I will find you. Why don't you start near the hotel Cullen has reserved, I will start closer to the center of town." Without waiting for an answer from the lesser member of the guard he closed the door and turned back to his father. "I do apologize for interrupting your work," he said with a sigh.

"Spending any time with you is no interruption," Marcus said in a soft tone. "I'm just sorry that we were not able to talk longer; maybe figure a way to make you happy again."

"I am happy," Demetri countered quickly. "I just find myself.." he trailed off not knowing really how to finish.

"You're lonely," Marcus supplied easily. "Our existence is a long one, even with companions to help fill the time, we all become lonely at some point. It might sound selfish, but I am happy that you are here with me. My Mate is dead, without you there would be no true reason to still survive; you know this already. So while it saddens me to know that you are upset by something, I would not change anything."

"I'm not saying you should, I do not want anything different."

"That being said," Marcus said studying Demetri again, "I don't know when it will happen, but you will not always be alone. There will be a time when your Mate will come, and the pain you feel now will be worth it. Then again, you already know this as well."

"I do," Demetri said with a nod, "but it doesn't make the waiting any easier."

"No it doesn't, I'm afraid," Marcus said with a shake of his head and a low chuckle. "Now begone with you," he said with a flick of his wrist. "I need to get back to work and you need to keep Felix from going too far with the Cullen boy."

"As you wish, my Lord," he said with a flippant two finger salute as he turned and left the room.

As he walked through the halls Demetri thought on what his father had said. It wasn't that he begrudged anyone their Mate, but still he was tired of waiting; and watching. He could not help but be jealous of those around him. How he longed to have someone to hold in his arms, to know that they were made just for him and him alone. To have someone to love him for him, and not his connections with the royal family.

It was the one thing that Demetri was impatient to happen, and felt that it could not happen soon enough. With every reassurance that was given, it did not stop that hole that was missing in his chest. Even now, as he continued to pine, his chest ached for his missing Mate; today's thoughts made it hurt worse than it ever had before. But his pain could not and would not stop him from the job given to him and Felix. Even with his mind elsewhere, he made his way to join Felix in search of the bratty Cullen. He never thought it would change his life.

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