There Is Enough To Go Around

"Stef, did you remember the sunscreen?" Lena called from the kitchen, hoping to reach her wife's ears from upstairs.

"Yes Lena-Mila don't touch that, go help the big girls-is there anything else you want me to remember to grab for the millionth time?" Lena rolled her eyes at the blonde's response. She loved that woman more than anything, but sometimes her attitude was as bad as the kids.

"Mama! Mila keeps bugging us!" Mariana called whining, and Lena sighed. For once she would like the kids to not fight and concentrate on getting their things ready before the actual camping day. You would think two soon-to-be high school graduates and upcoming two seniors would be better prepared by now. Jude was the only child who was ready the day before, and was helping packing up the cooler. Of course Mila was ready too, but only because she wasn't old enough to pack her own things. Maybe it was because it was maybe going to be the last camping as a whole family before the big kids went to college and it was Mila's first camping trip, but Lena just wanted it to be perfect. Things were moving so fast these days with the kids graduating and getting older, they had to stay together as long as possible.

Mila trudged down the stairs, her lip formed into a pout.

"No one will let me help, Mama."

Lena smiled and opened her arms to her preschool graduate, whom the little girl gladly accepted and jumped into her mother's arms to be carried.

"You can help us baby. They are just jealous that they aren't ready like we are." Lena explained, giving a side wink to her youngest son, who smiled brightly at the praise. Lena sat her on the counter, and instructed she put the following items Lena handed her into the cooler.

"Can you believe she is going to start kindergarten this fall?" Jude said, his eyes still focused on making sandwiches for the car trip. Lena smiled, stealing a quick glance at her two youngest.

"It feels like yesterday she was just the shy, two and half year old. Now she is four and going to kindergarten. " Jude continued, looking up this time at his little sister, and poked her in her sides. The blue-eyed beauty popped her head up to glance at her tickler, and "booped" his nose with her finger.

"Boop." She said as she giggled. When Jude did it back, she jumped into his arms.

"Time passes so fast. Not only that, but you are going to be a high school student. My baby isn't a baby anymore." Lena answered, suddenly feeling a little emotional as she ruffled his hair and kissed his forehead.

"Lots of things are going to change Mama. Brandon and Callie will most likely be moving away for college, and Jesus and Mariana will be prepping for it." Jude explained sadly, as he averted his eyes from his Mama. He tried to be strong for his family, but it was hard knowing that things wouldn't be the same and the family he dreamed practically his whole life, would be all be gone. Lena stopped what she was doing to get closer to her son, and grab his face with both hands.

"You know Jude, we all have to grow up at some point. That's life. But you know what is so great about family? No matter how far away we are from each other, we are still with each others in our hearts. No matter how cheesy that is, it is true. Just because they won't be living here, they will still visit and call. You never have to worry about being alone ever again baby. Besides, you still have a little sister who is going to need you for guidance and love." Lena finished her speech with another kiss on his forehead and wink at the girl still in his arms. Mila followed suit in kissing his cheek.

"I need you Judeeeee." Mila said with big-wide eyes.

"I am not leaving anytime soon." he smiled.

"God, it is so hot out here! Can we just sit in the car where I am not boiling?" Mariana whined, not five inches from the car.

"We live in California Mari, of course it is hot." Callie commented, rolling her eyes as she helped Mila out of the car.

"Don't be a diva." Jesus said, stepping out the car next. Mariana stuck out her tongue, but progressively made her way to one of the picnic table.

"Can I take Mila to the lake, Mom?" Jude asked, as he edged toward the water. Mila, who had switched hands to Stef, was straining to go stand by her brother.

"Not right now Bud. We need help setting up tents and the campsite. You may keep this little Munchkin entertained if you want." Stef answered, as she struggled holding the wiggling girl and supplies in her other hand.

"Okay. Can I show her around?"

"Yes. But don't go too far and not too close to the water. Got that Munchkin?" Stef first said to Jude, then turned to the younger girl. Mila nodded excitedly, before the mother let go of her hand and she raced to Jude.

"Okay sis, this is the best place to skip rocks…"

After spending the better half of the afternoon swimming, while Brandon and Callie helped Mila learn the basics of swimming, the family were wrapped up in their warmest pajamas around the campfire, while Stef and Brandon were busy with cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs. Callie had broken out her old guitar and the family were deciding on some songs they all knew and could sing.

"Sing 'Wheels on da bus'!" Mila shouted, as Lena was finishing brushing out her damp hair.

"Please, not again." Jesus begged. He had only home a couple of days from boarding school for spring break, and he had heard Mila sing that annoying song from her preschool enough times to make him want to pull out his hair.

"How about one of Brandon's songs? And he can sing it?" Callie suggested, as she gained a death glare from where he was standing by the grill.

"Little busy Cals. And we have to do songs we all know. So we all can sing?" Brandon called, and Callie responded with her tongue at him.

"Alright babies! Stuff is done, better come quick before the flies get them!" Stef called to them, already helping herself.

"That is so gross. No thanks." Mariana said, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

"Okay Love, but don't come crying when you are hungry in the middle of the night. This is what we are offering until breakfast." Lena replied.

Mariana sighed. Mila raced to her and grabbed her hand. "C'mon Mari! Before da boys get all the good stuff!"

Mila was determined to stay up with the big kids, but she ended up crashing on Callie's lap around ten at night. The rest of the kids ended up retreating to their tents, the mothers and the oldest and youngest daughter still by the campfire.

"She seems to be doing know...with everything." Callie finally broke the silence, everyone entranced by the sleeping beauty.

"She really is. I doubt she will ever be "normal" after experiencing something like that but...she is a fighter. Her doctor said she has been making great strides in her recovery the past year." Lena answered, as she wrapped her arms around her wife.

"She reminds me of another girl has been through a lot, but has made great strides." Stef said, her eyes locked onto Callie. Callie looked up, and with the gleam of the fire going, she was blushing.

"You have been a great mentor Callie. Everywhere you go, you always help those in need. We are so proud for the great big sister and the wonderful woman you have become." Lena replied, offering her teenage daughter a sincere smile.

"Thanks Mama...I am so lucky to have found you. Both me and Jude...and this Munch right here." Callie responded, giving the girl a kiss on her forehead. Mila only stirred slightly, before snuggling closer to her big sister.

"We are so lucky to have six wonderful children. We love you so much Bug. Don't forget to stay connected once you graduate and go to college." Stef said next, which Callie responded with an eye roll. It was still a weird concept to her to finally graduate from all the academic hurdles she faced, and to be looking at colleges. Though she was excited to start that chapter of her life, it was still a sore topic to think about. She really had only been adopted a year, and now she would be moving away? That didn't seem fair.

While the young woman was entranced with her thoughts, both mothers edged towards her, sitting on the chairs by her, on each side of her. Lena took her free hand, while Stef settled to place hers on Callie's shoulder.

"Just like I told your brother this morning, no matter how far away you are, we will always be your family." Lena said, squeezing her hand.

"Trust me, you won't get rid of us that easy." Stef said, cuddling close to Callie's face.

"Even with two more high school graduates, a entering high schooler, and a kindergartner?" Callie teased, though she had an edge of insecurity and questioning in her tone.

Stef smiled, and playfully pinched her cheek.

"There is always enough to go around."

So, that is the end of this story. Thank you all so much for all your support and kind reviews. I wouldn't have finished this story that merely was just a fantasy in my head, without you guys. Unfortunately, no sequel will be made for this story, BUT I will be making another story that has the same dynamic as this for Pitch Perfect. If anybody loves Bechloe and want to see them face marriage and adopting, that story will be starting soon. Again, thank you guys so much and thank you for reading. :)