A/N: I just saw the freaking beautiful tragic movie again. The feels are stronger than ever. Here, in deep contrast, is some fluff.

"How're we supposed to find the door?"

Fili shrugs, shifting his pack. "Thorin said we'd know it."

"Nice town, this," Kili observes, after a long moment. He has been watching the Halflings and their doings with an eager, curious gaze—and more than likely, Fili thinks, announcing to all who meet them that this is their first venture so far from home.

Fili is studying the doors, searching for something to identify the burglar's abode. But Thorin had only said, "secret mark" in a hushed tone which begged no questions, and so now Fili must manage his brother and find a door—and why are these Halflings so strange in their ways? None of them are wearing shoes, and their doors are round as plates.

And where has Kili gone?

Fili turns back, and his brother is leaning over a gate, being all dashing and ridiculous with some blushing maiden of shapely form and curly hair. Fili nods and smiles to her in a show of politeness—can't call too much attention to themselves—and nearly drags his brother away by the hood.

Kili shoves him off. "What was that for?"

"We can't be late," Fili reminds him gruffly, in his best imitation of Thorin. It has little effect on Kili, who is smiling blissfully at his boots. "It's a shame," he murmurs, "A real shame we can't stay longer."

Thorin isn't here. Fili permits himself a smile. "I have seen a few pretty lasses. Pity they've no beards."

Kili muses over this. "I think I could have gotten somewhere back there." He elbows his brother with a rueful look. "If you'd let me."

Fili gives him a superior glance in return. "Please, brother. She would have kicked you aside when she saw me."

They almost come to blows in the street, but then Kili's eyebrows draw together. "Funny. Look at that rune. It's glowing."

They stare at it for what feels like an age. It's quite the accent on the round green door. Then Fili realizes he's being an idiot, and slaps the back of his brother's head. "It's the mark! The mark Thorin spoke of!"

Kili's smile lights up his whole face, and they go forward together.

"D'you think he's a warrior, this Halfling?" Kili asks, and Fili looks doubtful.

"More of a gardener, I think," he says, and then he rings the bell.