Part 2

"Well, hello mother! What brings you here on this fine evening?" asked Hiccup letting her in.

"Oh, can't a mother come a visit her only son?" she joked.

"Uh yeah she can. Have a seat anywhere you like. Sorry about the mess. I have been so busy with the village with Snoggeltog coming up." Apologized Hiccup while he tried to clean up the mess.

"Don't worry about the mess, I understand. Now come seat. You must be exhausted." Valka told him pointing to a chair.

"You have no idea how tired I am." Replied Hiccup collapsing into the chair.

"I have a busy enough day without having to worry about possibly ruining the holiday." Said Hiccup going on to explain his crazy day.

Valka was able to then look at him from the glow of the fire. His hair was more of a mess that usual. A few more burn marks on his clothes along with a few scratch marks on his face and neck. His left thumb had a bruise. Big bangs were under his eyes, but alias that wasn't' the worst of it. They had a red glow about them like he had been crying before she came. Some dried tearstains were on the side of his face. She could tell he had tried to hide it from her, but a mother can always tell.

After he was done telling her of his day, she asked, "how have you been doing? Besides the crazy days and what not."

"What do you mean by that? I have been good besides the fact the holidays and wedding planning make my days harder." He said defensively.

"How are you holding up? Holding up without your father around?" she asked gently.

"Oh, that." he said with a coughed to clear his throat.

Looking everywhere but her, he replied, "Well, I been good. Holding up nicely. Just good."

Valka looked at him not believing a word he said. This was the first Snoggletog he spent without his father. She knew he was hurting. She only wished she knew exactly how to help him; Maybe coming here was a mistake. Gobber would be better at this then she was. He knew Hiccup better than she did. Even Astrid, Hiccup's fiancée, would be better than her. But she was going to try. If she messed up, those two can help her fix this mistake.

"I know you are lying to me. It's ok that you did. It hurts too much to admit it. I should know. I lived quite a few Snoggletog's without you or your father. The pain becomes more bearable as time goes by, but it never leaves you. It just hurts less till it barely hurts. You never forget your loved ones, but new loves come along and those help with your pain. Now, there is a story I have been meaning to ask you about. What is the full story behind Toothless and your missing leg?" Valka asked while giving Hiccup a gentle smile.

"Yea, that's kind of a funny story." Said Hiccup nervously.

"I am all ears and afterwards, I will tell you a story or two." Said Valka.

"Ok, then. It started five years ago. This was before there was peace between the dragons and us. One early morning, during a dragon raid, I sneaked away to make myself popular, to fit in. I made a contraption that would shoot down a Night fury. It worked, but no one believed me. So, I went into the forest and tracked down the dragon. I was about to kill it when it looked at me. I looked into its eyes and saw myself. He was as scared as I was." Hiccup paused glancing over to me.

I smiled at him in understanding before he continued.

"I used the knife and cut him free instead. He roared at me and flew away. When I went home later, dad told me I had dragon training the next day. He wouldn't listen to me when I tried to tell him I couldn't kill a dragon. You know how he was. Anyway, the following day I was almost killed by Meatlug. Gobber saved me and told me a dragon always go for the kill. It got me wondering about the Night fury. Why didn't it kill me? So, I went looking for it. I was just about to give up when I found him in a glade. I became more and more interested in him. Soon I gained his trust and realized he couldn't fly away because of his tail. I went to work on building him a new tail and we worked on flying together. I learned so much from him; I used all of the tricks I learned from him in the arena. I started getting more and more popular as the days went on. Dad was on a quest to find the dragon's nest and had left the day I started training. He was so proud when he came back. Then I was chosen to kill Hookfang. My plans to show them dragons were not as they seemed failed. Failed horribly. Toothless somehow got out of the glade and saved me, but at a cost. He was caught and put with the other dragons."

He paused to finish gathering his thoughts.

"We got in a fight afterwards. He was so mad at me. I have never seen him so angry before that day. In our fight, I accidently told him about the nest. You see Astrid caught Toothless and me the night before. In order to change her mind, we went flying on Toothless. It worked, but we flew too close to the nest and were taken in. We saw the queen who was named Red Death before escaping. I told him only a dragon could find the island. I tried to tell him of the danger, but he wouldn't listen. He told me before he left since I side with the dragons I wasn't his son. He left soon after with almost the whole village. Astrid talked to me and I came up with an insane plan. I used want I learned from Toothless and helped the other dragon riders tame their dragons. We flew out there and made it just in time. I tried to save Toothless while the others fought Red Death. I nearly drowned, but that is when dad came back. He pulled me to shore before diving back in for Toothless. He told me before I left to fight Red Death that he was proud to call me his son. The rest is a blur. All I remember after that it a tail knocking me off of Toothless into Red Death's explosive death. I remember waking up on Berk with Toothless in the house. I was so worried about dad and Toothless breaking things that I didn't realize I had no left leg."

He smiled then and said, "Toothless helped me get my balance and I walked outside to see dragons and Vikings at peace with each other. I was so happy. Now, I believe it is your turn."

"Well, indeed it is. Where should I start?" asked Valka.

"Oh, yea. I think I will tell you…."

To be continued...

(Just kidding)

"Oh yea. I think I will tell you about the time your father asked me to marry him." Said Valka "Unless you don't want to hear this story."

"I would very much like to hear this story." Replied Hiccup moving closer to hear her better.

"You hopefully already know that me and your father grew up together. Anyway, I was not romantically interested in him for the longest time. He told me later on when we got married that he had always loved me. But it was different for me. I thought he had a bad temper, smelled, big, tough, and fearless. I had no love interests thou and I didn't plan on marrying anytime soon. I wanted to see the world. He still pursued me romantically. He gave me flowers and axes. Even killed a few dragons for my love. You can probably see how that one turned out. Then one day, I was climbing up a steep peak and lost my footing. I wanted to see the island the way dragons and birds got to. Anyway, unknown to me; your father followed me. It was a good thing he did because he caught me before I hit the ground. He fussed so much over me I realized then that I was just being stubborn. I had fallen in love with him long ago and it took this moment for me to realize it. I told him to shut up and after he did I told him I would go out with him. I made him the happiest man alive that day." Valka paused to look back on memories then.

She then continued her story when Hiccup gave a cough.

"A few months later, your father had this date planed out. It was a surprise so I had no clue about it. He had spent the last few days before hiking around the island, trying to find the perfect spot. He set up the picnic before hand. Gobber watched over the spot so nothing could ruin it before we got there. He put a blindfold on me and guided me through the forest to the picnic spot. Boy was I a nervous wreck before we got there. When he finally took the blindfold off, I saw Berk in a new light. The ocean went as far as I could see and the island was breath taking. Of course, flying on the back of a dragon and seeing the island is breath taking. But this was something special. I then turned around to see your father on his knee. He asked in a stutter for my hand in marriage. I said yes. We celebrated with that song we danced to in the cave. We also danced to that song on our wedding day." Valka said with a few tears in her eyes.

"That was a wonderful story, mom." Said Hiccup.

"Would you like to hear some more?" asked Valka.

"I would love that," said Hiccup with a huge smile on his face.

"Alright then, how about the one…" started Valka.

This is how Astrid and Toothless found the two. Telling stories of past adventures. (Astrid was helping Hiccup by flying Toothless that night since he was so busy and didn't know when he could go flying that night.) Astrid didn't stay long, just long enough to let Toothless inside. She knew that the son and mother needed this alone time. They didn't even realize she was there.

Before Valka left that evening Hiccup had to ask her why she came.

"Well, I have been missing your father lately and Gobber sensed it. He told me what I needed was to come visit you. It worked. I don't feel so bad anymore." Said Valka.

"Me too. I am glad you came. I am happy you stayed. But what I am most thankful for is that you are my mom. Now I get a chance to get to know you and for you to get to know me. I love you mom." Said Hiccup giving her a hug.

"I am so happy to hear you say that. And I love you too, son." Said Valka.

"See you tomorrow for Snoggletog." Said Hiccup "And don't be a stranger around here. You are my mom after all."

"Thank-you. See you tomorrow. Good-bye Toothless." Said Valka waving before walking back to the village.

'I will have to thank Goober when I see him next. He knew the right thing for us.' She thought walking into her house and saying goodnight to Cloudjumper.

'I am so glad I listened to him.'

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