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Chapter 1

POV: Helga

" Hey Helga!" said Adam, my first best friend in this collage. He's always nice to me, and he makes me laugh when I'm down. Adam has dark brown hair, and brown eyes. He's taller then me by 2 inches, he's 5.9 and I'm only 5.7, and he is a football player.

" Hey, what's up?" I asked, smiling, oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I have become much nicer since junior high school. And I have plucked that one eyebrow, and have 2 nice, skinny and plucked eyebrows, a lot of boys have asked me out, but I said no. I didn't love them, like I do with Arnold, I know! I know! It's weird that I still love him, but I think I can't ever get over him!

" Oh nothing, what about you?" he asked, with a smile, and walked with me to the PE.

" Well nothing now, but I think I might go to the game." I said with a bright smile, it's been a long time since I have seen one, plus I wanted to see Adam play.

" Cool! So you want to see me play, and win?" Adam said, then laughed.

" Haha. I'm going because I want to see the game, and I'm free that day." I lied, but I don't want him to think that he's right.

" Yeah...Right!" he said, and added, " Gotta go! See ya at the game!"

" OK! BYE!" I said right before he ran off. ' Sheesh, he always wants me to think he's right all the time! YEAH RIGHT!'

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The rest of the day went pretty the same, as like the other days. Classes, launch, some more classes, and go to my dorm, then do my homework and study.

(I think they do homework in collage. I don't know I don't go! *You laugh* Haha, yeah, yeah!)

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