Silver moonlight poured in from the hole in the top of the cavern, lighting the large area and revealing a black she-cat sitting in the center of seven rocks, each of a different size and shape. Her green eyes flickered between the stones and the cave entrance, and her ears twitching, straining to hear something inaudible. Her black tail sat neatly around her paws. Suddenly, like the moon had vanished, the cave was engulfed in darkness, and the black she-cat felt herself pinned to a wall, with claws against her throat.

"Hello, my dearest Element"

The black she-cat gasped. "Famine! You have been banished from this territory! Leave, or you shall feel the wrath of the Clans!" Famine chuckled, and Element could feel his breath ruffle her fur.

"Oh, do you really believe those incompetent mouse-brains will even know what has happened? If anything, they'll be glad!"

Element snarled, and brought her back claws up and ran them into Famine's skin. He yowled in pain, and, keeping one paw on her throat, dug his claws into her flank, and dragged them through, tearing apart skin. Element pulled away, sprinting over to the stone once more. Moonlight filled the cave again as the cloud that passed over the moon blew away. Element saw Famine was blowing on the large, white stone next to the smooth amber and jagged black one. Element gasped as blood was seeping from her wound. Famine walking forward pushing her farther into the snow outside. Element felt the ground slip beneath her paws, and she yowled as she fell down into a chasm. Famine gleamed as his ginger, brown, white and black fur splayed out behind him in the wind. He watched as the black speck that was Element vanished into a swirling white tundra.

Turning back to the stones, Famine pushed with full force on all but the white stone near the snow. With the jagged black one, he pushed it forward until it fell down into the hole in the snow that Element made. Chuckling, Famine muttered, "Let's see those fools survive now."

This is some work I had posted on wattpad while I was away. Check out the rough draft there! My user is Linnabear23. I'm transferring my work from there to here.

This story is set about 36 moons after the Last Hope.
Bramblestar has died, etc. New generations, etc. yeah.

God. This is short.

So. Time for the 7 Stones to start leaf-bare!