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Bella Swan was recruited to The Cullen Firm as the new Managing Director of Global Relations. Unbeknownst to her, she never remembered applying for the position. Yet, luck was on her side, and the offer was too great to pass up. Through one strange encounter and a series of events, Bella realizes that luck had nothing to do with it. Drama/Romance/Angst/Lemons/mild BDSM.


Hello everyone! First, I want to thank Karen Cullen for planting an idea about writing a possesiveward type of character(Knowing that my plate was already overflowing with RL commitments) that I couldn't stop plotting *Stares*. Secondly, hugs and love to Redtini's FB group for letting me test out this fic on them. They are a great group, and I love how you can all be yourselves. Total respect and you all rock! Thirdly, to you who are about to read this for being patient, open-minded because this too will be different from others I have written, and for trusting me. Even when you may want to choke me.

I'm going to play around with the characters we so love, and mix things up a bit. Couples, personalities, quirks, everything I can. I'm making this up as I go along, and because this is all for fun, who knows what else.

There will be warnings, and the big ones I will make sure to note the top of the chapter. But some of the, I'm not sure this is a warning, here it is just in case I forget.


****Language. Lemons. Adult situations. Strong Lemons. Did I say hard limits? Kinky Lemons, and a few more as we go along****

Going Down

"It's been how long Bella?" Jessica Stanley, Director of Finance, asked from across the conference table.

"It seems like longer but I've been here for about six months."

"You truly have been a great asset." Eric chimed in next to me.

"Thanks, but you're not getting a raise." The table had chuckled before the meeting started.

"Shall we get started?" Rosalie glared at me.

It didn't matter how hard I worked or the number of clients I brought to the firm; nothing I did seemed to satisfy Rosalie Cullen. Why I was still employed at The Cullen Marketing Firm with her as my boss was beyond me. How I had been hired was still a mystery. I didn't even remember applying for the job when the firm's recruiter called me. I was happy where I was, until they offered to triple my salary and make me Managing Director over Global Relations. It was an offer I couldn't refuse; yet Rosalie has shown me nothing but animosity since I arrived.


After the meeting, I tried to rush off before he could stop me; yet, I was too slow.

"Bella, do you want to go out for drinks later?" Mike asked me—again. He walked with me to my office, until we stopped at my door.

"Sorry, my boyfriend and I have plans for tonight." He grinned; a bit surprised, yet walked off. Mike Newton seemed to be a nice guy. Brilliant at what he did, yet the fact that I'm in a committed relationship didn't seem to deter him. I had a rule about dating anyone I worked with, so he never had a chance. Even if he is a Vice President. I thought that's why he kept asking. He seemed to have this way about him as if I was supposed to drop Jake for him.

I looked over to my assistant who seemed amused by the scene presented in front of her. "I see he won't give up?" Angela said, shaking her head as she walked into my office behind me.

"What is with the people here?" I asked sitting behind my desk as I opened the files she handed to me.

"Do you have a few hours? Because that's how long it will take me to begin with the A's."

I laughed. Angela Weber was a godsend and apparently the most talented and wanted assistant in the firm. I didn't find out until recently that she was the COO's second in command. Eric let that spill out. When I first learned of this, I wasn't surprised that they gave me the reject that they wanted to get rid of. But soon realized that was far from the case. Angela was about to be promoted to first assistant before she was reassigned to a "special project." Eric's words exactly. When I inquired what the hell that was supposed to mean? He stated that they were all told that one of the Cullen's hand-picked me and wanted me to learn the ropes as fast as possible. Apparently, I was in the fast track program for a Vice President position. When I did ask the recruiter who had originally contacted me was this true, he seemed miffed that I didn't remember him telling me. That's something I would have remembered. Another mystery that I was still on the case about.

Angela was the one who explained that it was common for the firm to recruit the competitions' best and brightest. Her explanation satisfied my curiosity somewhat, yet there was still something that was missing in this puzzle.


"Good night, Bella." I waved to the security guard as I entered the elevator.

Before the doors could close, I saw his hand first stopping them from closing, then the most piercing emerald eyes I had ever seen. They just stared at me. Locking me into place, until the movement of his lips as they curled up released me.

"Hello." Was all he said, and his voice...I couldn't explain; it could be the fact that we were face-to-face and uncomfortably close.

It had taken a moment before I remembered to say, "Good evening."

"Going down?" He asked.

I didn't even realize that the elevator wasn't moving. I hadn't pressed the down button. "Please." I panted out.

What the hell? I thought.

There was something in his eyes. It could have been the fact that I sounded like a whore at a frat party. It didn't go unbeknown to me that he never stepped out of my personal space. But again, neither did I.

When I felt the liquid heat as I watched his tongue peak out to moisten his lips, my chest heaved as I tried to get control.

Get a grip, Bella! Some guy steps in an elevator and you want to do things that would make you the whore you're not? Yet, for a moment, I didn't care.

"After you," he said stretching out his arm.

When did the doors open?

It could have been while you were eye-fucking the stranger, my subconscious reminded me.

I stepped out, and when I did, I could have sworn I felt his hand slightly brush against the small of my back. There was a chill that shot up my spine at that moment. I stopped in my tracks, and all I could feel was the warmth off the stranger's body behind me. I then inhaled the most hedonistic aroma as my wetness continued to flow. The only sound was our breaths, and the heat penetrating off him saturated my bare neck.

I had to fight the urge to lean back, and willed my legs to move. It was when I turned to say goodnight that I wished I hadn't. The intensity from his eyes became hypnotic. For the first time I was very aware that I was alone, with a total stranger in a garage, with no one else around. This man could be a serial killer for all I knew.

I quickly came to my senses, murmuring out a "Good night," as I hurried to my car.

It was when I opened my door and heard, "Have a pleasant evening, Ms. Swan." I paused and looked back at the stranger.

I took a closer look and knew if I had seen him before I would have remembered. I was still somewhat new and didn't know everyone in the firm yet. I smiled at him as I hurried inside before driving off. At the stop sign, I placed my head on the steering wheel and breathed out what seemed to be the breath that I was holding since I stepped into that elevator.

Fuck, what was that?


"Where are you? You're late for dinner?" I asked Jake as I plated the food with one hand as I held up the phone with the other.

"Were you worried I wouldn't show up?" He smiled walking into the kitchen as he sat down his cell. He grabbed a hold of me planting a very passionate kiss on my lips.

"Mmmm, that still doesn't make up for you being late."

He laughed. "Funny coming from the queen of lateness."

I slapped his shoulder then pushed him off me. "Whatever. Sit, dinner will get cold."

Jake and I had known each other for three years and dated for around two of them. I worked in his department, and soon realized that dating a co-worker wasn't always the best thing. Jake was a great guy, but we had a bad spell for a while that caused tension and issues in our work life. That's when I started looking for another position. It seemed as if we weren't going to make it, but after I had left the company, the distance seemed to help our relationship. We actually dated again, something we lost seeing each other every day consistently. The courtship of it all seemed to have been lost, and we found it when we were separated.

Now, everything seemed to be clicking between us. Jake was starting to become a perfect fit for me, and everything seemed to be coming into place.

Then why did you eye-fuck the stranger?

That thought kept going through my mind as Jake spoke about his day. I didn't know why? It wasn't like our sex life was lacking or that we didn't have great conversation. We had a lot in common, and things worked for us.

Yet...I couldn't explain it.

I chalked it off on hormones. It was close to that time of the month, and I usually became a bit more needy than normal.

After dinner, Jake and I watched a couple of TV shows and then went to bed. As I lay there sleepless, I swore I could still smell the stranger. I did everything I could to try to get him out of my head. Read, sent emails, listened to music, yet sleep never came. Every time I closed my eyes all I could see were emeralds.


When I returned to work the next day, I inquired about the stranger in the elevator. Angela offered to contact corporate security regarding the incident. I told her that wouldn't be necessary and dropped the subject.

All day I looked for him, but it became futile. By late afternoon, I had given up the search. After I had gone down to the cafeteria, several times, I scolded myself for wasting the time. I loved Jake. We had been better than ever, and we had fallen into our own routine. There was no reason to even look in the direction of another man.


"Mrs. Cullen would like to see you in her office Bella," Angela said over the phone.

"Please let Rosalie know I'm on my way."

"Bella, it's Esme, not Rosalie."

I sat up. "Did she state why?"

"I'm sorry, but no."

"Okay, I'm on my way." I sat back taking a few deep breaths before standing and examining myself in the mirror. When the CEO summons you to the office that cannot be good.


I rode up the elevator to the thirty-first floor getting off at the executive suite level where all the corporate executives offices were. The interior was stunning, and even though I wasn't one for expensive gold tapestry and fabrics, everything looked modern and the richness still held a light and airy feel to it surprisingly. I had heard how beautiful this floor was, but the rumors did not do it justice.

When I stepped up to the receptionist, she directed me down the hall to Mrs. Cullen's office and instructed me to take a seat.

I looked around nonchalantly trying to cover the nerves erupting inside my gut; when I heard a voice coming into the distance and startled by his tone.

"That is no excuse! I've heard it before."

As the voice came around the corner, my breath skipped as our eyes met.

"You had a deadline that wasn't met. Why the hell does that matter? I've heard enough. You're fired." The stranger said as he dropped the cell from his ear. But it was the smile...or what seemed to be a smile of some sort that caused my body to release unexpectedly again.

As he continued to gaze at me, I found it difficult to control all of my senses. Until, she stepped out of her office and asked. "Who did you just fire?"

"No one important," the stranger said as his smile fell. He hadn't taken his eyes off me.

"By the look on Isabella's face, I thought it was the poor girl." She reached her hand out towards me. Isabella..."

I shook her hand. "Mrs. Cullen. Please call me, Bella."

"And Bella, Esme will be fine." She looked over her shoulder at him. "Please excuse my son, Edward. Have you two met?"

"Yes." "No." We both said at the same time. Apparently, I wasn't aware that we had met.

His eyes narrowed as he said. "We met...last night."

My eyes widened at the tone he used. If I weren't there, I would have assumed more occurred. Definitely by the way he was staring at me. I immediately started to fidget under his gaze. Obviously, I was missing something. Had we met before? Cause it sure as hell felt as if he knew me.

"Bella, shall we?" Esme directed me towards her office as Edward stood...smirking at me. That was it! He had this cynical looking grin thing that said I want to fuck you. I moistened my lips, at the thought...damn! Get a grip, Bella!

I needed to focus, and I was meeting with his mother and thinking about fuc—I love Jake! I chanted in my head a few times. Before closing my eyes and breathing out whatever spell the man cast over me.

Esme sat down at her desk as I took the seat in front of hers. "Now Bella, shall we get started?"


The meeting with Mrs. Cullen went well. As a nominee for a future VP position, she likes to meet with candidates weekly to get to know them as well as go over their portfolio. She had already familiarized herself with mine. I just needed to go over it in detail, as she asked questions in-between.

Mrs. Cullen had been the CEO at the firm for over fifteen years. Her father started the business as an advertising company first; then expanded it into a Marketing Firm and left it to his two daughters. When Esme's younger sister died, she inherited the rest of the shares. Her sister had no children but was survived by her husband. Esme was well respected in the field, and the firm was one of the top firms in the country, and expanding internationally. Not only was she successful in business, but her reputation rivaled one of a saint. And in our business, that was virtually impossible to do.


When I returned back into my office, all the stress that I was holding in hit me all at once. The stranger was Edward Cullen! I had no time to process it until I returned, away from prying eyes.

Of course, I knew of him. He won several advertising awards and altered the way the industry used social media for advertisers. I also read that he threatened to start his own firm, yet the family came to some sort of agreement. The man was well-known for being brilliant in the field, as well as being a royal asshole. He had a temper. Apparent from the call I had overheard. Yet, he was one of the most desirable bachelors in Chicago. I heard he dated movie stars, musicians, models, the list went on.

There was no doubt that the man was gorgeous, charismatic and had awe about him. My subconscious must have known who he was from a picture or article I must have read. I admired the man's work. That must have been why I reacted to him so much.

It had to be.


The next day, I spent half the time on location of a photo shot. The photographer and I weren't seeing eye to eye, which made a long and drama filled morning. Because of that I found myself working late again that evening, but this time Jake had cooked and was waiting for me to come home.

I had just dialed him as I stepped into the elevator, and was immediately captured by the familiar emerald jewels. I flashed Edward a timid smile as I turned my back towards him as Jake answered. "Bells, are you almost home?"

That's when I took a breath and Edward's intoxicating scent flooded my senses. "Ummm, I am just leaving the office. I should be home soon."

"Great! I have some news I want to share with you."

I swore I could feel the heat radiating from Edward's body, and when I turned my head to look, he was directly behind me. I didn't hear him move. Yet all I could hear was my heart beating out of my chest. "I have to go, but I'll be there soon."

I thought I heard Jake say something before hanging up, but the air surrounding us in the tiny box was thinning. I felt light-headed and embarrassingly strange. First, afraid to turn around to look at him, I chastised myself for being rude. When I did, I noticed a different man that night. His jaw line was tight, and his eyes seemed cold, even though they were staring directly at me.

"Mr. Cullen," I said softer then I had attended too.

He just stared at me. I wasn't sure if I should have turned back around or waited. I gave him a slight grin, which seemed to bring him back.

"Ms. Swan."

The elevator doors opened, and I said, "Have a good night." As we stared at each other, myself for too long, I started fumbling around my purse before finding my car keys.

Edward Cullen stayed a few steps behind me as I walked to my car. When I turned around, it looked as if he wanted to say something but instead just nodded. I got into my car and drove past him as I waved.

That was the second time he unofficially walked me to my car. I wondered if he intended to or was just that kind of man.


Dinner with Jake was like every other night except he announced he received a promotion. In Los Angeles.

"Jake, I can't move! I love my job, and now I'm up for advancement."

"You hate your boss."

"I don't hate her. I've learned a lot from her. She doesn't particularly seem to care for me, but..."

"With the experience you have and your promotion into the firm, I'm sure you could get another job in Los Angeles."

Was the man serious? I loved Chicago. My family and friends are here, and I reminded him of that fact. He also reminded me that the Cullen's had a branch in California. I knew that, but for some reason blew that off.

"Jake, my job is here. I can't ask to be transferred after being put up for this promotion. I was hand-picked—"

"By whom? That's still a mystery. You said a Cullen, but—"

"I was told it was and you know this. Why are you acting as if that's a normal thing? Being noticed by any of them is an achievement!"

The Cullen's made careers, as well as could break them. Evident by Edward today. The thought of him made my stomach flip.

"What's wrong?" He asked, looking disheartened from across the table.

I shook my head. "I need to think about it."

He got up and kneeled down beside me. "Bella, it would be perfect. We could have a house by the water. Have that beach wedding we always talked about..."

My eyes grew large. "Are you fucking kidding me?" He stood up. "You bring that up now? After countless hints, now you're considering marriage?"

"You said we could wait."

"I said that because every time it came up you would become...weird and distant."

"I'm not using this as my ace in the hole if that's what you're thinking. I truly have thought about our future."

I stared into his eyes, which looked sincere enough. "The timing seems odd."

"Like your job offer, this came out of the blue. When they said, I would need to be there the end of next week—"

"You said yes, already?"

He looked down. "I had too. The offer was too good to be true."

"I see. Are our bags packed?" I stood up now furious. "Or were you expecting the little woman to do that for you?"


By the next morning, my head was spinning. The lack of sleep wasn't helping as well. Jake and I had gone back and forth all night and most of the following day.

As I was walking to my meeting, I heard his ringtone. I stepped into the empty boardroom and answered my cell. "Jake, I don't want to discuss this here. I'm about to go into a meeting."

"We need to talk about this more."

"I said everything I had to say last night. The fact that you assumed I would just pick up everything and move with you—"

"What's wrong with that? I love you. I would think that you would support me on this."

I breathed out heavily as I sat down, "I do support you!" I couldn't get upset, not now, and not here. "We can talk about this more tonight. Hey, I am happy for you."

"Then why does it sound like the end?"

I said nothing at first. We had been through so much already and survived. "We'll talk, okay. Come over, and I'll make your favorite tonight and we can sit and discuss all of our options regarding the move."

The moment I hung up, there was a lump in my throat. Jake wasn't going to rescind the offer, and I wasn't going to leave. I just wanted it to all work out somehow. We spoke about having a long distance relationship, flying out on weekends and stuff like that. But in my heart, I knew that relationships like those are hard to keep up. Then I heard something behind me and was startled out of my thoughts as I was made aware that he was standing by me.

"I didn't mean to scare you." His green eyes seemed concerned.

I stood. "You didn't. I was just—"

"It sounded pretty intense."

Looking down at my feet I said, "I'm sorry. I thought I was alone, and it couldn't wait."

"Ms. Swan, no apologies are necessary." He then took a step closer. "Is there anything that I can do?"

I looked up, and his eyes showed sincerity, mixed in with something else that I couldn't place. "Thank you, but..." I shook my head.

"Boyfriend troubles?" He asked with one brow arched.

I took in a deep breath. "That obvious?"

"Again, I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but it seems like you're planning on leaving us, and so soon?"

"No!" My eyes widened. "No, I am very happy here."

"That's good to hear." He did that smirk thing with his lips.

I bit mine trying to think of what to say next. Then looked back into his eyes, though they seemed to now be staring at my mouth. Something about that caused me to tighten my thighs, and I felt my nipples pushing harder against the fabric of my bra.

"Mr. Cullen—"

"Please, call me Edward."

Normally, I would have said call me Bella, but hearing him say his name had this weird effect on me. Warm liquid now heated up internally, and I was embarrassed by how my body was reacting to him. When I finally came back to the present, I indeed asked him to call me Bella and then tried to explain.

"My boyfriend was offered a job out-of-state. Of course, he wants me to go with him."

He sat down on top of the table, crossing his arms. "Well...that is a dilemma."

"Yes, it is. My family and friends are all here. Not to mention my job. Leaving now isn't an option."

"You do know we have an office in LA?"

"Yes, sir—" a groan rumbled out of him that surprised us both.

"I haven't eaten lunch." He stated matter of fact.

Yet, I noticed him shift on the table along with a very prominent form that I hadn't seen before. It looked as if Mr. Cullen—Edward, was a very thic—fuck! What was I thinking and why was I staring at his cock? I immediately looked up and now he was smiling at me again, which caused the warm liquid to slowly seep out and I would have to go buy a new pair of underwear shortly if he kept looking at me like—then I thought, "Did I mention California?"

His brows had furrowed, before he said, "I must have overheard."

"Oh. Yes."

He then stated. "They say distance makes the heart grow fonder." He spoke as if he knew that personally.

"I'm sure we will work this out." Just then, people started filing into the boardroom for our meeting. Edward lingered at my face a bit longer and then took his seat at the end while I took mine at the opposite end.

Esme walked in and made a few announcements. One being that Edward had returned from Europe and will be back in the office permanently. The reason I had never seen him was that he had been overseeing projects in Paris and Italy. She also mentioned that he would be overseeing future projects in New York.

Esme finished up her agenda and gave the floor to Edward. The moment he stood, the atmosphere of the room seemed to change. I looked over towards Eric, and he sat up from his normal slouched position. My team was fairly laid back. I wasn't one to micromanage. Being a more creative department, I tried to not hinder their creativity. Eric and his team oversaw advertising and the effects it had overseas. Every single one of us was trained to observe our surroundings and the effects it caused. It didn't take a professional to see that I had been missing something. Of course, I noticed that when people would walk pass Edward they wouldn't make eye contact. Or the fact that I seemed to be the only one allowed to call Edward, Edward other than Angela.

At first, Edward seemed calm and spoke about the financial impact of current events and how it was affecting our clients' bottom line. The year was heading towards a positive end, and the numbers were very impressive. I, for one, was thrilled with this. But I seemed to be in the minority. I soon found out why when he suddenly addressed a merger rumor.

This was the first I had heard of it, or more so paid any attention to it. He then flatly stated that each department would be reviewed. This received my full attention, even though I felt confident in my numbers. I had just discussed this with Esme, and we had a five-year growth plan laid out. Focusing on the global market as a whole benefited everyone. The potential for our clients hadn't been fully tapped into, and that made me feel confident about my departments value.

After the meeting was over, it seemed as if I were the only one that felt confident as we all headed back to our offices. By the end of the day, I was mentally exhausted and not in the mood to continue arguing with Jake. I said my good nights to Angela and headed out.


"Going down?" he asked. Eyes bright and smiling. Edward was apparently in a great mood.

"We really need to stop meeting like this." I joked and then caught myself. "I'm sorry, I meant—"

"It's alright, Isabella."

That was another thing. I told him he could call me Bella, yet he has chosen my given name.

He stepped closer, and I moved to his side. My hands started to tingle, and I played with my nails as I watched the numbers descend.

"I hope everything works out for you." He said.

I turned towards him. Shocked and realized that everything that I heard about him may night be all true. "Thank you. Thank you for listening."

"Anytime. My door is always open."

I laughed to myself. I could see myself, chatting about my love life to Mr. COO while he listened anxiously at my every word.


The rest of the way down, we made elevator small talk. Mostly about the weather until stepping into the garage. As usual, he walked behind me until I reached my car. I fidgeted for my keys and started to turn around, when I was suddenly pushed up against said car. His hands holding both sides of my face as his body pressed hard into mine. I stared in shock into the burning emerald eyes that locked me into place. I said nothing, due to the fact that I must have fallen asleep at my desk, and this was all a dream. But when he said, "If it were me, I would never let you go." I realized this wasn't a dream.

He inched closer to me as my lips automatically parted while my heart was scratching to get out of my chest. His lips hovered over mine, and I could hear the whimper that escaped my breath before he turned and whispered into my ear. "I can already taste you…"

The emerald eyes that shined liked gems were now dark green.

His lips brushed the side of my face as I felt and heard him inhale a deep breath.

He held me still, as he took another breath and said, "If only I could feel how wet you are." He emphasized as two fingers slid slowly in-between my breasts, trailing down my quivering stomach until they reached my hemline.

"Think about that while you're making your decision, Isabella."


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I forgot to mention, this will be a HEA. No specific scheduled posting as of now. This wasn't planned, so it's going to be in-between work and RL drama ;)

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Two Blue Lines By: Payton79

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