My name is Nobuyuki Haruka. My parents were Nobuyuki Ryouichi and Natsumi. I was born on August 10th at Konoha Hospital, three years before the start of the Third Shinobi World War. My parents looked after me carefully since I was their first child together. They were both very sweet and I reveled in the attention and care they gave me as I grew up.

In my other life, I hadn't received that kind of focus as a child.

Oh, right. This isn't my first time living.

I try not thinking about it too much, but I was...reincarnated? No, reincarnate doesn't seem like the right word for it. Rebirth? Resurrection? Transmigration? Metempsychosis? All of those words put in the assumption that it's an original being born again as the same person. But I'm not the same person as my previous life. I found that I had a really hard time coming up with a reasonable explanation for my existence. Was I meant to do something? Isn't my birth a mistake? The question I dreaded most is what if I'm actually just in possession of this body that's not mine? I hated the thought of unintentionally stealing a life.

I struggled with these worries as I grew up and kept all of these thoughts in silence. Instead of babbling I nodded my head for yes and shook for no because I didn't trust myself with words. My parents were often worried about my quiet disposition as a baby and toddler, but they took it astride. I didn't move around much since I'd constantly question my existence every moment of the day and night while sitting frozen-stiff. I cried on nights when the overflowing feelings of confusion suffocated me. At some point as a toddler I grew to full-heartedly love Nobuyuki Ryouichi and Natsumi like real parents when it became clear they loved me unconditionally.

By the time I was about two years old, I resolved to simply 'go with the flow'. I couldn't change anything about this 'rebirth'. If anything, I'll just use this life to an even better extent. In my past life, I didn't make it past seventeen years. I was a Korean-American and had just graduated from high school when I died. I really did not expect my death at all. It was a complete accident. I knew that life would be full of surprises, but really? Really? Seventeen isn't the ideal age for death.

And so for some reason the universe has decided to use me as a joke and I got a second chance at life. Maybe the universe was bored..yeah, that was probably it. The universe was bored and wanted to use me as a reality show.