Kagome was nervous, extremely nervous. Even while she walked to her next class, she couldn't help the slight trembling as she clutched her textbooks to her chest; her heart was pounding, and she began to sweat slightly. This class would either enlighten or humiliate her, but the young miko needed the answers to her embarrassing questions. As she forced her feet to walk, Kagome let her mind drift to the night before last.

"Inuyasha, I'm not sure..." her voice lilted gently as she gazed into the hanyou's hazy, golden eyes. They were lying on the soft moss of a clearing Inuyasha had stumbled upon the night before. A small, burbling stream cut through the silence, and the thick foliage blocked them from any curious eyes. He caged her nude body with his own, and she couldn't help but moan when their hot flesh touched as he leaned down onto her. A large, calloused hand was cupping her slick sex, fingers gently prodding and exploring. His sensual ministrations was slightly embarrassing at first, but Kagome let shyness fade to lust. He slipped a digit into her hot passage. Kagome quietly panted as his finger made soft thrusts into her, and let out a groan as he added another finger, stretching her slightly. She wasn't very sure how they had even ended up this way, but they touched and teased each other for over an hour.

"Kagome," his normally gruff voice was thick and husky, erasing her every doubt with a simple murmur. "I'll be gentle, Kagome." He whispered as he kissed and nipped her ear and jaw. She mewled as he ran a long, hot tongue over her throat. "It's going to hurt, but I'll make sure to go slow, okay?" That was what made Kagome unsure. She had heard from friends, television shows, and even read in books about "deflowering". All of them had her blushing and cringing at the idea of him ripping through her innocence, spilling her virgin blood. But even when she thought she might be ready for it, it scared her. Seeming to smell her apprehension, Inuyasha brought his lips to kiss hers, melting her with every flick of his tongue, causing her to moisten further. "You're so wet, Kagome," he groaned as they broke the kiss, and without warning she felt his heated tip nudge at her entrance.

"I-Inuyasha," she gasped, bracing herself for the pain; her companion was a far cry from small, but his size didn't alarm her when she first glanced at the hard flesh. Surprise rippled through her small frame as he thrust into her, pumping into her quickly, and causing her to gasp at the pleasurable feeling of his fullness. But surprise was filled with worry as he stilled immediately after he was sheathed deep inside her body. Kagome could feel the small tremors of her sex as she squeezed him. "Are you okay?" she whispered, unsure of his sudden quiet, voice still heady. As he turned his face towards hers, the anger she saw shocked Kagome so much that she nearly kicked him off of her. "What's wrong?" her voice louder now.

"You lied to me," Inuyasha's voice vicious and cold. Kagome cried out as he quickly pulled out of her, confused at his anger as he jumped up and began redressing.

"What are you talking about?!" She cried out, confused, but as he continued to dress confusion turned into anger. "Inuyasha, what did I lie to you about?! Listen to me!" She yelled, noticing how his ears flattened at the pitch. Everything had been going perfect, he felt amazing for the brief minutes they were connected. Kagome couldn't think of anything that could have angered him.

"Really, Kagome," He spat her name out, "you're going to sit there, lying straight to my face and act as if you don't know what I'm talking about." Her face must have shown the confusion and anger she felt, because he continued to explain. "You're no virgin. You had no maidens head, no virgins blood, nothing." he grunted in disgust as she still looked confused, "Tell me, did you feel any pain?"

"N-no," Kagome realized that it hadn't hurt at all, it felt strange, but nice. "but I am a virgin, Inuyasha!" she shouted, hurt and upset that he would even be upset about something that ridiculous. He was angry because she didn't bleed? Because he didn't hurt her? Kagome stood to dress, not even bothering to look his way, "You're horrible, Inuyasha." She said quietly, but firmly. "How can you even stand there and treat me like this," Her eyes began to fill with tears. "Take me home," she said louder, and when she saw he was about to argue, Kagome screamed at the top of her lungs, "NOW!"

So here she was now, walking to the optional Sexual Education class she had signed up for as soon as she heard it was being offered. Talking to her mother about it had been easier than Kagome had thought, and her mother thought it was a good idea for her to go. So all day she had avoided her friends, and Hojo, and now she stood in front of the door, willing herself to move. You can do this, she thought to herself, the anger for Inuyasha fueling her determination. The bastard, she growled inwardly, who the hell does he think he is. Though Kagome's anger was waning, and was turning into a dull, pulsing sadness.

She knew Inuyasha overreacted to things, and that his inability to properly communicate wasn't really his fault, but that did not justify the way he treated her, dammit! Sighing, she glared hard at the door. Kagome made sure to come early to this class, hearing from other classmates that it might be full of people, and she wanted a seat in the back. Sliding open the door, she let out a relieved sigh to see that no students she knew were there. Only a handful of what she assumed were freshmen sat scattered at the desks, all avoiding eye contact, and seemingly more interested in their textbooks. Taking a seat at the rear, near the windows, the young miko took the quiet as a chance to glance around. Sex ed. textbooks sat on top the otherwise empty teachers desk with the exception of a large, glass bowl, and a stack of memo pads; Kagome counted 14 books. Posters of the human body, though none of actual sexual organs, lined the wall. She decided to guess this was a borrowed classroom.

The teacher was nowhere to be seen, but she had arrived fairly early. Leaning back into her chair, and nibbling on the inside of her cheek, Kagome's thoughts drifted to Inuyasha. He probably feels bad for blowing up, she frowed, but I don't care. I'm gonna get answers. Students eventually started to trickle in, one by one, each looking shy, and each very quiet. When Kagome got to 14, she and the other students jumped as an elderly woman stomped into the room, and slammed the door. A mischievous, but understanding sparkle lit her eyes, and her impish smile gave her a charming expression. All of the teens eyed her warily, taking note of the traditional kimono, and disheveled white hair held up by a single wooden pick. Kagome held her breath without realizing it when the woman's eyes scanned the students and caught her own; sympathy and wisdom shone from her.

"Well now, look at you lovely bunch." Her voice was surprisingly gentle, and smooth, more like a younger woman than someone who nearly looked 80. "I am glad that you bunch have come to further educate yourselves on your anatomy." She paused, and looked over the crowd again, "Being my age, I have lived to see the oppression of knowledge of our sexual urges, and the way our bodies work, all simply because people thought it indecent. Well," she exclaimed with a clap of her withered hands, "I am most likely the most indecent, educated, and sexual old woman you will ever meet." She swiveled her hips a bit, causing the tension in the room to lessen, and the students, including Kagome, to giggle. "However, we will not only discuss sexual education, but also the social taboos that seem to follow sexuality, virginity, and relationships. My name is Takahara Rei, and I will be your Sexual Education teacher for the next two hours."

Takahara-sensei grabbed a few of the books before making her way down the first row of desks. "Now, this is how it's going to work," she explained clearly for everyone to hear, "you do not need to state your name, all questions will be written, and then shuffled to keep anonymity, and I will answer all of your questions. And remember," she paused as she started on the second row, "no question, is a stupid question in this room. Do not hold back, no matter how ridiculous it may seem to you, no matter how embarrassed you are, it does not matter. Your questions are valid, important, and need to be answered." Finishing on the third row, she made her way back to her desk. "The textbooks I have passed out to you are homework," Takahara-sensei began bringing out pencils, and fussing over the note pads. "You will not need to turn in anything to me, only the books when you are done with them. You will need to read at least one chapter, though I know many of you will probably tear through the whole thing in one go." The class chuckled nervously as she smiled.

"Today, we will be hitting your important questions, so put your books away." As the Kagome put her book into her bag, she smiled gently when she realized she wasn't nervous for this anymore. As she sat up straight, Takahara-sensei placed a piece of paper and a pencil onto her desk, and moved on to the next student. "You will write your questions on this strip of paper, when you are done, put your head down, and when the whole class is finished, I will pick them up, and shuffled them into the bowl." As she finished, she lifted the glass bowl, and gently shook it. "This way, no one will know whose question it is. And don't worry if you cannot fit all of what you want to know onto the paper, that is what the textbook is for, and you can ask during the next class as well." Placing the bowl back onto the desk, and taking a shaky seat, Takahara-sensei announced for them to begin.

Kagome chewed on her lip. She wasn't exactly sure how to word it without sounding really weird. She glanced at Takahara-sensei, who was busy reading an extra textbook, and decided she would just write what happened. When she was finished, she respectfully did not glance around the room, put her head down, and took that time of relaxation to think things out. I really hope she can help me. I feel like such a freak. As time passed, Kagome felt herself dozing off, and nearly feel asleep until she heard her teachers footsteps, and the crinkling of her paper being picked up. After a minute or two, Takahara-sensei told them to lift their heads.

"It makes me very happy to see full pages," She cooed affectionately, "shows the want for knowledge." Chuckling as she mixed the folded questions, the miko could feel her heart pounding when she fished out the first paper. Clearing her throat as she unfolded it, she read it out loud, "Takahara-sensei, I feel very insecure because of a boy in one of my classes. He will openly talk about sex, pornography, and always compares me and the other girl students to his magazine idols. I do not look like them, and I know that everyone is different, but once I was curious, and took one of my older brothers nude photo magazines, that they seem so perfect! But, what really bothers me is that their lower regions seem so pink and neat. I have a darker skin down there, and I don't have a nice shape, my inner 'lips' stick out more, and are big. It makes me ashamed, and I don't know what my future husband will think of me! Is it normal to have these worries?" The old woman put the paper into her lap, and took a moment to collect her thoughts before speaking. Kagome couldn't help by feel for the girl who asked the question. Even though she never really thought about how her vagina looked, she could understand why it would make someone insecure.

"Now, I will start off with saying that it is normal for any young woman to worry about the way her vagina looks, especially if she is raised not to acknowledge it." Pausing again, she stood and made her way to the chalkboard, and began to draw. "When looking at the vagina, whether in a photograph, in a mirror, from above, you must realize that every vagina is different in appearance, and it is nothing to be ashamed of at all. Those with vulvas typically have two sets of labia: the outer labia,or labia majora, which form the bottom of the vulva's 'triangle' when standing or sitting," Takahara-sensei explained as she drew the diagram, and wrote majora, "and the inner labia, or labia minora, inside the outer labia, which begin at the clitoral hood, are tethered from there and at the base of the outer labia and which extend downwards to below the vaginal opening. Which, my dear, is what you are concerned about."

The purposes of the inner labia- the labia people seem to be most concerned with in queries like these- are to keep bacteria outside of the vestibule for vaginal health, and in terms of sex, to provide additional genital sensation and lubrication during sexual activities, and additionally an extra "grip" on anything inserted in the vagina. On average, inner labia are around 3/4s of an inch long to over two inches long at the longest point. Inner labia also vary wildly when it comes to color and texture: sexual health and OB/GYN references make clear that just as many labia are visible outside the labia majora as those which are not. The inner labia will change in appearance or predominance during the course of puberty and then may also change less noticeably during the rest of life, primarily due to age and hormonal changes." She turned, still pointing. "In other words, do not let images of edited models make you insecure, and know that your vagina is unique, beautiful, and you should not be ashamed of it."

Kagome's eyes were wide with surprise; she never knew any of this! And it was about her body, and seemed incredibly important! She had been writing notes, but she couldn't help but feel worried that she knew so little about herself. Perhaps she wasn't a freak after all, maybe Takahara-sensei will have an answer. Letting her eyes take quick glances around the room, she could see the boys of the class wide eyed, and completely absorbed into the subject. They may have seen a vagina in pornography, hentai, magazines, etc, but she would bet they had even less knowledge than she did. "Feel free to draw down this diagram, though there will be multiple examples in your textbooks." As she chatted away, she ripped up the question into very small pieces and threw it away. Reaching into the bowl, she plucked out another paper, cleared her throat to get the classes attention and began to read.

"I started having my time of the month last year, and it all went fine until two months ago. Last month it was so heavy, and my cramps hurt so bad. I never had it like that before, and I got scared that I was dying. I tried to tell my mom, but she kept shushing me since I have 3 brothers and they're always around. And this month it hasn't come at all! I'm a virgin, but when my mother noticed that I hadn't used any of my pads, she accused me of being pregnant! I'm not even interested in sex, but what if she's right? I haven't gotten my period yet, and even though I'm a virgin, I still feel like I could be pregnant. I'm so scared, I just want my mother to leave me alone." Takahara-sensei let out a sad sigh as she finished reading. "Oh child, my mother was the very same way when I was younger. I grew up in a traditional house full of boys and men, and I was the only daughter. My own mother was very superstitious, and distrustful. For a long time I feared my monthly bleeding, as she would watch me like a hawk. I also missed a period in my earlier years of starting it, and she accused me of seducing one of my brothers to get pregnant. I will tell you this now: you are not pregnant. It takes a sperm, and an egg to become pregnant, and with no sperm comes no pregnancy."

When you first start your menstruation, it is very normal for it to be irregular at first, and may take a few years before you can actually track it using a calendar." She turned back to the board and began drawing another diagram, and Kagome made sure she was writing every thing down. "What comes out during your period is the blood and tissue that build up as the lining of your uterus each month. Your period flow can be light, heavy, or in between. Sometimes, menstrual blood also will be different shades of red, from light to dark. You may see some dark clumps or clots of blood, which is normal. Your period may be heavy the first day or so each time and then decrease on later days. Periods usually last between three and five days. It is normal to have periods that are shorter or longer, up to seven days. It is also normal if your periods are not the same number of days each month, especially in the first years."

Natural body chemicals, or hormones, cause your ovaries to release one egg about once a month. Most months, the egg and the lining of your uterus come out of your vagina as your period. This is part of your menstrual cycle. This cycle is what makes it possible for a woman to have a baby. During sexual intercourse, the egg can get fertilized by a male's sperm and then attach to the lining of the uterus and grow into a baby." She drew little squiggles to represent sperm, "Menstrual cycles take place over about one month, around 21 to 34 days, but each woman's cycle is different. Many women have a cycle that lasts 28 days. The cycle includes not just your period, but the rise and fall of hormones and other body changes that take place over the month. Remember, your periods may not be regular at first. You may have two in one month, or have a month without a period at all. Periods will become more regular in time." Jotting down the finishing notes, Kagome remembered her mother telling her something similar after her first missed period. Poor girl, to have such a harsh mother. Before she could muse further into her thoughts, the old woman tore up the paper, threw it away, and picked up another question.

"Now then," She announced, "Hello, I had a question about sex." Kagome felt the air rush out of her, and her heart stopped. This was her question, she was going to know what was wrong with her, if anything. The girl could feel her palms start to sweat, and she tried hard to keep her expression blank despite the panic she felt. "My boyfriend and I recently had sex, but it didn't last long before something went wrong. It seemed to be going great, we were both really enjoying it. We touched intimately for a long time, and as embarrassing as this is, he used his fingers on me most of the time. I felt very ready, and I knew I wanted it. When he went into me, it felt strange, but it also felt good. The only problem was is that he stopped! Why? Because he said I wasn't a virgin! I was, and I never even looked at another guy before my boyfriend. He said I wasn't a virgin because I didn't bleed, and it didn't hurt me. He yelled at me, accused me of lying. I was so mad when he told me that, but I realized that I always heard from friends and stuff that the first time hurt because they're tearing through the hymen. Am I freak because I wasn't hurt, or my 'cherry' didn't pop? He's not small, so if I am supposed to have one, why didn't I bleed? I'm really sad that he blew up at me like that because of it, but I'm mostly very confused because it felt so good until he stopped, I wasn't uncomfortable at all. When Kagome finally allowed herself to breath, she looked at Takahara-sensei only to stifle a gasp. The old woman looked so angry. Was her question really that bad? Was she a freak? Kagome could feel dread clawing up her throat as the teacher began to speak.

"First I will say this: drop that bum like a bag of dead cats, because he is emotionally abusive." Kagome nearly fell out of her desk when she heard that. She's mad at Inuyasha for his reaction, not at me. She couldn't help but feel completely relieved that her teachers wrath was not aimed at her. "Dear, there is not 'tearing/popping/breaking' of the 'hymen'. It is not something that needs to be punctured by a penis, and it certainly does not close off the vagina. If it did, how would your menstrual blood escape from your vagina? The hymen is an elastic membrane at the entrance of the vagina," Chalk in hand, Takahara drew with a vengeance. "In very rare cases does it completely cover the opening of the vagina, and in those cases it needs to be removed surgically, not torn through. The hymen can range in size and thickness, since every vagina is unique. It is not located inside of the vagina, and sexual intercourse should not be uncomfortable. You mentioned in your question that you were intimate for a long period of time, and that he used his fingers. This foreplay most likely helped you become aroused, lubricated, and his fingers would have gently stretched your entrance. You were ready for intercourse, so your body was ready. The reasons for pain or bleeding, are if you are not aroused, not prepared, do not want it, your partner is too rough, or your partner is way too large. The bleeding and pain stem from small tears in the hymen."

If your boyfriend had just thrust into you without any preparation before hand, yes, it would hurt. But, no, that is not normal. I personally find the idea that women must bleed and suffer through something she should enjoy absolutely barbaric." She waved her hand in disgust. "Deflowering, maidenhead, first blood; I swear on my fathers grave those were made by men who forced themselves on women, and needed to explain why they would bleed. You, my dear, are no freak. You are a young woman who, in this world, is constantly told that her sexuality should either be painful, or something to be ashamed of." Kagome stared at the chalkboard diagram intensely. She never realized how actually messed up the idea of having to bleed during sex was. She always just accepted it as a part of being a girl. For the rest of the class, Kagome zoned out, wondering how she would explain anatomy to a male from 500 years in the past. The bitter, cynical part of her mind chimed, He's not going to believe you anyway, Kagome! Plus, how did he even know about the bleeding anyway? He even said he knew it was going to hurt you! Maybe he did the same thing to Kikiyo, and she went along with it, since she's the pure miko.

Tears stung her deep brown eyes, and she realized that the little voice was probably right. She tested her power after returning home, and she still had it. So the whole idea of a miko having to be a virgin was false. Kagome found the answer she was looking for, and the darkness in her heart from Inuyasha's reaction, was replaced by her own imagination.


Alright people, here it is. I decided to write this little educational fic when I stumbled on an amazing story. Amazing that is, until the female lead character had sex for the first time, and it was so painful she could barely breath, despite the hour of foreplay beforehand with the man she loved. I'm just going to out and say it: I'm sick and tired of people hurting our female characters. It is not hard to do a little research. Why must they go through pain, and blood, and tears, and not enjoy it? STOP. MAKING. HYMENS. TEAR. It is a myth, a huge one, and I am not faulting anyone that doesn't know, because female anatomy seems like such a huge taboo. I know girls that thought the hymen was all the way inside the body, and only broke when a man with a large penis had sex with them. As ridiculous as it sounds, there are probably stories like that too.

Stop putting our ladies through pain. Please. Also, you can think of the ending if you want. I don't plan on making Kagome confront Inuyasha. This is supposed to be a bit cut and dry, because she's just learned some pretty heavy things.

*All of the bold text is referenced from medical websites.