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Kagome sat on well-house stairs, unable to sleep, her mind adrift in thought. A cold breeze caused her to shiver slightly, and she began to wish Inuyasha was there. A small smile played across her face as she recalled the few moments he occasionally allowed her to lean into him, his broad body shielding her from the chill of night, his inhuman heat seeping through her clothes. Leaning back against the upper step, Kagome sighed. So many of her memories with Inuyasha were like that: warm, safe, loving. But... a large chunk of those memories were also crappy and uncomfortable to think about. A frown tugged at the corners of her lips.

"Why is this so difficult!" she burst into a groan, flinging herself upright to stand and pace. "Why can he just-just..." shoulders slumping in defeat, Kagome silently admitted to herself that Inuyasha might not change the way he treats her, at least not anytime soon. The callousness, the disregard of her feelings were probably there to stay. "He's getting better, though," she sighed again, remembering when he dropped to her feet and poured out his soul, asking for her forgiveness. "Oh, you idiot, Inuyasha! It was going so well!" She groaned again, bracing herself on her palms against the well's edge. "And then you just had to bring up Kikyo! You couldn't keep it to yourself," she grumbled, but Kagome knew she would hate it if he lied to her.

Now that that unsavory bit of information(okay, no sugar coating; it's nauseating.) was out in the open, they could finally restart with a clean slate. No more secrets, no more lies, no more outburst; the last bit was for her, as she knew she had the tendency of blowing up rather than talking. Kagome was trying to reign in her emotions, she really was, but it was difficult. And honestly, she thought petulantly, Inuyasha is not helping. But neither am I, ugh. "Alright!" She said out loud to the empty well-house, straightening her stance, "I've decided!"

Before Kagome could second guess herself, she swung herself over and into the well, dropping into the familiar space with ease. "No more fighting, no more fighting," her chant was whispered, lost in the swirling energy of the well's walls. She landed softly, and the sound of night poured from the opening above. After taking a moment to watch the stars and gather her courage from below, Kagome prepared to climb. Inuyasha would have sensed her arrival by now, and was most likely rushing to the well clearing. However, before she even began reaching for the sturdy vines, she heard a rustle from above, and looked up to find the surprised face of Inuyasha.

"Kagome? What're you doin?" his tone was perplexed, and Kagome suddenly felt sheepish about her impulsiveness. Clearing her throat rather than answering, she began climbing. I need to get straight to it, she noted mentally, I can't get sidetracked in small talk. Inuyasha clicked his tongue, and the noise echoed around her before she felt herself being scooped into a pair of strong arms. She squeaked as the two of them launched up into the cool night to land near a tree. "You coulda just asked for help," he murmured gently as he helped her to her feet.

"Inuyasha," she was quiet, gazing into his sad face; jeez he looked so dang sad. "I- oh, fuck it," Inuyasha's bright, golden eyes widened as Kagome tugged his sideburns to pull him into her. She slanted her lips against his, both groaning at the contact. She pulled back, watching his beautiful face fill with astonishment, longing, lust, and love all at once. "I'm tired of talking. You messed up, bad," he flinched, and she kissed him again before pulling back once more, "but you're obviously beating yourself up about it, so let's just stop, Inuyasha." Her tone was earnest, she just wanted to let it all go. He watched her, eyes still wide, mouth open, soft, and vulnerable. Kagome did her best to pour all of her love though her gaze "Just, take this as a lesson. I will too. But, I do have one condition," He perked up.

"Anything," his larger hands came up to grasp hers, "Anything, Kagome." she searched his face, and saw nothing but honestly in his eyes. She wondered how he would react to what she had to say.

"No more seeing Kikyo on your own," his eyes widened even more, "and that's that." voice firm, she gripped his hands tightly. "You can see her, but I will being going with you each time. And I'm not saying this because I'm jealous, Inuyasha, I've always known that cared for her," she sighed, seeing an unfamiliar emotion cross his features, keeping her tone steady and serious. "But she's dangerous, Inuyasha. You might go to her one day, and never come back, and I wouldn't know what happened to you!" And, okay, she was also jealous and just a little grossed out, but Kagome was genuine in her concern for his safety. "Just, can you compromise on this one thing for me, please? I will drop everything else, I won't hang it over your head or dwell on it. We can move forward together, and learn from this together, and let history be history. But, this is my one condition, and I know before I said I wouldn't make you choose between us, but I am not willing to budge." With that, Kagome released his hands, and took a step back.

She gripped tightly at her sides as she hugged herself, restraining the urge to reach out and hold him. However, searching his face, the miko was almost shocked to see no conflict, no anger at her demand. Inuyasha closed the space she had made between them, and gently held her arms, rubbing her slowly with his thumbs. And with one word, a world of pressure lifted from Kagome's shoulders.

"Okay," She whimpered, not realizing how afraid she had been at the possibility of him choosing the dead miko until that word left his lips. He pulled her into an embrace, and she felt the dam break. A sob bubbled into her throat, and all Kagome could do was ride it out as Inuyasha rubbed her back. All of the hurt, all of the despair that she had locked away from the start of their travels was pouring from her eyes and mouth. Her small hands clutched desperately at his chest, as though her body was unable to recognize that he was staying with her. With her. Inuyasha had chosen her, finally, after all this time. A fresh round of pitiful whimpers left her, and despite her volume, she could hear Inuyasha shushing her sweetly and telling her that it was alright.

The young couple stood there for nearly half an hour as Kagome struggled to calm down. By the end of it, she was bone tired and dead on her feet. The boy felt his love sag in his arms, could smell the fatigue in her sweat, and decided that it was time for her to go home and rest. This could continue later, she was exhausted, and quite honestly, so was he. Scooping up his tired miko bridal style into his arms, Inuyasha carefully made his way to the well.

Her voice was drowsy and thick from the tears, "Where're we goin," he smiled privately at the sweetness of her face, tear-streaked but lovely.

"I'm takin you home, you're tired." he had already swung over the rim of the well, perched and ready to jump. Inuyasha watched as her face pinched in displeasure, and he was momentarily confused.

"Nooo," she whined, voice slurring and sleepy. "We were supposed to have sex!" Inuyasha choked, going into a coughing fit but maintaining his grip on the girl. She chuckled slightly, "You okay?"

Taking a much needed gulp of air, Inuyasha jumped instead of answering. She was planning on sleeping with him? After everything that had happened, and before she even knew his answer? The hanyo watched the magical glow reflect off of Kagome's lightly tanned face. Her eyes were closed and slightly puffy, but nothing could mar her beauty to him. As they landed, he did his best not to jostle her too much while he launched out of the well into the well-house. The short journey to her home and bedroom was quick, and he laid her on the bed. She had been wearing her pajamas already, so all he had to do was remove her shoes and tuck her into bed.

Her breathing was steady and slow, and he thought she might be sleeping, so he sat by her side to watch. Inuyasha was statue still for what seemed like hours, though only moments passed. His emotions were still reeling from the events of the last few days, but the boy did not think he could have the same out pour as Kagome did early to cleanse his heart. His thoughts were pushed to the side as Kagome stirred slightly. An unattractive grunt left her, and her eyes fluttered open before focusing on him.

"Come 'ere, take off your clothes." she threw the blanket off, opening her arms wide, soft expression not changing as Inuyasha snorted in surprise, almost having another coughing fit on the floor. "We don't have to have sex, I just want to hold you." her smile was gentle and loving, how could Inuyasha say no? Standing, Inuyasha didn't remove everything, but placed his sword by her desk, and sat bare chested next to her on the bed. "Come here," she urged him down with a tug on his bare arm, to which he immediately relented.

Kagome snuggled into his chest, and soon they became a tangle of limbs, wrapped around each other like a sleepy pair of puppies. One of her hands lovingly caressed his ear, as the other drew circles into his chest. His hands had been smoothing up and down the soft fabric of her pjs, occasionally feeling a strip of warm skin. Inuyasha breathed in her scent, and felt totally at peace for the first time in, well, ever. "Kagome," he breathed out, her name a sigh on his lips. His doggy nose pressed into her hair, wanting to have that sweet scent permanently embedded in his nostrils. His palms starting to grip every so often at the softness of her curves, not outright sexual, but he could feel himself hardening quite quickly.

Kagome's scent took a slight turn, and he groaned out loud as he realized she was becoming aroused. "Kagome," voice low, rumbling, and deep, Inuyasha brought his hand up from her side to tip her face to his. Her beautiful eyes were hooded, lips parted with want, little puffs of her warm breath hitting his face. "Kagome," he whispered, meeting her for a tender kiss. Slowly their lips moved against each other, soft and sweet. The miko's warm tongue flicked out, and with a moan Inuyasha returned the favor with his own long tongue.

The laid there kissing on their sides for a handful of minutes before the hanyo growled, flipping their position. Kagome gasped as he nestled his hips between her thighs, feeling the pulsing hardness of his cock against her center. A surge of heat pooled to her groin, and she had enough. "Alright, get naked, now." She sat up, catching his mouth in a hurried kiss as he scrambled to remove his bottom layer of clothing. Immediately after Inuyasha reached for the pajamas, helping her out of her top, and moving to let her shimmy out of her bottoms. When both of them were naked, he pounced, slamming her mouth with his own. His cock slid through the slickness of her pussy, causing them both to hiss in pleasure. "I'm tired of waiting," her breath was labored, voice anticipatory. He felt the smoothness of her leg as she hooked her calf around his muscled hip. "Please, Inuyasha."

Their eyes locked, and he could not wait any longer. Pulling back slightly, Inuyasha gripped his length to guide it to her entrance. A frustrated whimper left his woman as he stroked the head of his cock along her entrance, trying to lubricate himself before penetrating her. One hand held his cock, and the other took her locked calf to carry it aloft, opening her further to him. The heady, salty-sweet scent of her cunt was nearly overwhelming, causing him to momentarily forget that he should be inside her, not just rubbing against her. A throaty moan as he grazed her clit broke him out of the trance. "Are you sure, Kagome." it took everything in him to ask her that important question rather than slam into her in one stroke. His human mind warred with his demon instinct, but he found himself stuck in the middle.

Watching her face, a growl escaped him when she unexpectedly tipped her hips forward, allowing the very tip of his cock to nudge inside her entrance. "Please," she whimpered, so he let go of his concerns and thrust into her entirely. "Oh!" Kagome squealed, before slapping a hand over her mouth and gripping his forearm with the other. For a moment he wondered if he had hurt her, but she let out a quiet, but demanding "move!" before concern could take over. Nearly pulling all the way out, Inuyasha slammed back inside her, causing her to slide up the mattress.

The feeling of her stretching and clenching around his cock almost had the hanyo howling in pleasure. This was incredible, how the fuck did he stop the first time? He kept a brutal pace, keeping her leg in the air, and holding her hip, while minding his sharp claws, to pull her into his thrusts. His tongue slicked over his teeth at the sight of her breasts bouncing with every lunge, felt his balls tighten at the sight of her face contorted with pleasure under her hand. His eyes ran down her beautiful body to watch her pussy cling and stretch around him, his cock wet with the juices that poured from her. The room was filled with the sounds of his low growls, her muffled moans, and the slapping of skin. "Fuck, Kagome. Kagome," he moaned, head thrown back as the sight of her was bringing him close to coming too quickly.

Kagome was doing everything to stifle her cries, not wanting to wake her family. Inuyasha moved with the speed and stamina only a demon could have; all Kagome could do was feel him rearrange her insides and let him pound her into the bed. It was as though her cunt became a pinpoint of sensation, all other feeling muted as she focused on his cock stretching her walls. His extraordinary girth had him hitting every delicious spot inside of her, and not even 5 minutes of being punished with his jackhammer thrusts did Kagome feel herself building to a climax. It was different than the one he brought her to before.

It started with a sweet ache, building higher and higher with every pass of his cock. For a single moment a single thought passed through Kagome's brain. "I feel like a bell," and that had to be the best way to described her arriving climax. With every thrust of his cock, Kagome felt the pleasure bloom throughout her body like the resonating ring of a clanging bell. It got stronger, and stronger, before... "Ffffuuuuuuuck," her hand flew from her mouth to grip something, anything as her body shook apart. Pleasure pulsed through her, and it took everything in Kagome to not scream aloud. Her thighs trembled uncontrollably, her vision blurred.

Inuyasha did not relent, ramming through the clenching of her walls as they desperately tried to milk him of his seed. He had felt the signs of her orgasm, and watched as she broke beneath him; it had him in awe. In awe of the power radiating from her body, in awe of her beauty, in awe of her compassion. Tears poured from her eyes as she came hard around him, shaking, so deliciously shattered. A fresh wave of fluid gushed from inside her, clear and slick, leaking into the puddle below them. The noise coming from their connected bodies had to be considered music. As her orgasm passed, Inuyasha began to feel the telltale tension in his back. He was close, so very close.

"I-Inuyasha," fuck, her voice was full of satisfaction and longing, "Inuyasha, please c-come inside me."

"FUCK!" the curse left him in a near shout. He abruptly pulled her legs up together to rest on her chest, bracing his hands on each side above her head, and began pummeling her mercilessly. "Fuck, Kagome. Kagome, shit." she let out a grunting moan, "You feel so fucking good Kagome. I love you. I fucking love you, and I l-love being deep inside your cunt. Kagome," a booming growl escaped him, "you feel so fucking good, wench."

"A-ah!" her face was flushed, and she could feel another climax building. "Inuyashhhhha," all she could was hiss out his name as the waves of orgasm flowed through her again.

"Uuuuh," at the sight of her climax slackened face, Inuyasha erupted. His hips beat against her erratically and out of sync as rope after rope of thick, hot cum shot inside her. The rhythmic clenching of her walls milked every single spurt from him, her orgasm seemingly prolonging his own. Eyes and teeth clenched shut, the hanyo did not see the incredibly aroused expression on Kagome's face as she watched him fill her to the brim. At the last spurt, he pressed as deeply inside of her as he could, holding her close and listening to her mewling protest at him being so deep so soon after she came.

The couple lay there for a while, spent, sticky, and sated. Kagome's legs had fallen apart as soon as Inuyasha finished ejaculating inside of her, and now she bore the burden of his full weight as he laid boneless on her body. But she didn't care how heavy he was. No, at that moment, Kagome had the biggest smile on her face. She could not move her arms, and her legs felt like they could float away at any moment, but she was positively beaming. With every heavy, slow breath her beloved took, that smile would stretch. Her cheeks began to hurt, but Kagome did not know she could be so happy. Eventually, though, exaustion overtook the girl, her lids heavily, but slowly falling shut. Before sleep took her, one last thought popped in her mind.

"I'm really glad I took that class."


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